What gear do you use?

The name says it all! Discuss Steve's studios, your studios and gear set-ups, amps and effects here. This is not for discussing guitars (Steve's or otherwise).
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I use a kramer pacer to a morley bad horsie wah to digitech whammy to a pod pro xt with a eventide d/sx 3000 harmonizer( the one with the vai presets) in the effects loop to a bbe sonic maximizer out in stereo to 2 mesa boogie 50 call half stacks. man,this rig totally rips!!! After reading about everyone's gear I'm surprized more people dont have eventide gear.
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I've had a tough time getting gear but over the last 8 or 9 months, I've vastly increased my arsenal....primarily with guitars.

Double Fat Squire Strat (every bit as good as the Americans)
Rogue Super Strat - Ibanez clone that was produced for Gibson
Johnson Strat - stock pickups in these beauties are EMG's
Johnson Delta Rose - VERY beautiful hollow body Les Paul
Squire Showmaster Neck Thru
Johnson Catalyst - Ibanez and Jackson have a bastard child that kicks ass!
Fender body & headstock/Carvin neck 100% custom (My lifes work!)

Kona Signature series mini jumbo acoustic- VERY beautiful Hawaian made
Cort Acoustic from the very early 80's or late 70's
Stella acoutstic....cheesy vintage guitar ppl collect

Several of those mentioned are in the process of being restored. I also have a Kramer Strat that I'm not sure is even worth the time or money but hey, could always throw it in the trunk of my car.

Behriger V Amp run through a JVC amp into high end speakers I pieced together.Actually VERY natural sounding when run through full range speakers. Sounds like a guitar cab :headbang

Crate GX1200H that has about 6 electronical mods to date. Who says Crate sux??
I run mine through a jumbo custom built cab made by yours truly through 2 Carvin Brittish series and 2 Carvin Bass speakers.
Behringer DSP2024 and Digitech RP-80 on the loop.
......yeah yeah yeah I know, digital and analog sucks right?
Not when you have someone like me setting it up PLUS all the mods. No shortage of ppl who's ears tell them it's tube. AND YES I'VE PLAYED PLENTY OF TUBE AMPS.

Custom built by yours truly 4x10 cabinet, undersized.
Has 2 10 inch Jensen MOD's and 2 Legacy car subs which fire upward.
This thing will eat any 4x12 cabinet alive!

Behringer 4x12 cabinet-Looks badass, tough as nails and sounds great too

I also have an old Zoom 1204 Studio processor which actually sounds incredible, especially the reverbs/delays.
Lastly, a Zoom 505 which I use for jammin through my car stereo.
Oh and a Danelectro Fab Tone, Arion Tubulator and several pedals I built myself.

Yeah I know that's a good amount of gear thats mostly budget.
Budget smudget, when I was younger and able to work, I spent a lot of money on high priced gear.
In comparison to my rebuilt from the ground up strat, NOTHING in those days straight out of the store ever compared.
Due too affordability and not being satisfied. It was all returned or sold.

Anyway, I've modified almost everything I've owned whether it was cheap or expensive and thanks to those Asians, you get what you pay for holds little meaning in some cases. I was METICULOUS in researching my budget purchases.
Most guys will either say budget gear is crap OR they say something along the lines of, " Yeah it's an amazing guitar or amp for the money BUT....."
The ONLY thing that but REALLY means is, it doesn't say Fender, Gibson, Ibanez or Marshall on it.

....It's paid off in all I've learned and anwya I can never come up with $600 or more at once, but every 4-6 months I can manage about $200 give or take. :roll:

but yeah I'm the guy with all that gear cryin for a Legacy. I've got a perfected digital rig.Have the Mother of all solid state rigs.
Now I'm fiending for a tube amp and no other will do but the Legacy......

Ok anyway I'm finally very happy with my gear and this is one huge post so I'll kill it here.....
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hi boys!
that’s my equipment:

fender stratocaster classic ‘50
ibanez jem steve vai 77fp
ephiphone les paul zakk wylde

effects (i prefer stompoboxes….):
wah-wah crybaby (dunlop)
marshall ed-1
boss sd-1
boss ds-1
pro-co rat
boss ge-7

amps :
fender hot rod deville 212

for hd recording, jam session, etc :
johnson j-station
pod xt-live

please visit www.liguana.it and download mp3!
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Hey how do you like that J Station??
I was reading about a lot of the people using them and it stretches as wide as Yngwie....

Got a couple Johnson guitars myself and regardless of price, they are really high end and beautiful instruments.
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Hi all,

my stuff;

rg470BK, standart V7 S1 V8 japanese pick ups
DOD TEC4, multi effect p.
Maxtone CB Wah Wah
Marshall Valvestate-150, 60Watt combo ampli
Shreddy Krueger
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Here's what I use...


Sorry for the crappy pics... :cry:
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Ibanez rg370dx (with evos)
Epiphone Les paul standard (with EMGs)
Fender telecaster
Encore (my first guitar)

Any one of them at any time goes into:

Boss ME-50
Dunlop Cry Baby (might sell aload of my stuff and buy a bh2)
Pandora PX3 (given to my by a very nice friend)

I might get a marshall mg100hdfx and a cab (think thats spelt right)

Im thinking of getting a Line6 guitar port, what are they like?
Do the sounds actually sound like the artists etc?

dont know if it will run on my pc:
500mhz pentium 2
256mb ram
i know i have enough hd space


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An Ibanez Jem7vwh
This Guys 70's Mexican strat that i'm borrowing
A Gibson Mandolin
A Crate Bluevoodoo Halfstack (damn tubes need to be replaced)
A not so hot 12" crate practise amp as an alternative to the BV
A Roland Gp-100 rackmount multi-fx unit
A normal crybaby (theres actually 4 of them belonging to different people, only one works, the others go "SREEECH" when you turn them on, or are just plain dead)
I run Sonic Foundry Vegas, Acid, and Sounde Forge on my comp.
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I have
-Ibanez RG320FM
-Marshall MG30DFX
-Jim Dunlop Crybaby 95Q
-Cort Earth 100 Acoustic

I'm hoping to get some cheap 2nd hand effects pedals early next year, or change/add pickups to my 2 guitars, fingers crossed

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pretty simple...

Fender Strat (with Fender 10-46's atm)
'Nez UV777BK (10-56 7 string Slinkies)
RG750 currently going through some modifications and component replacement (but there's a separate thread about that...)

Boss GT6 and PS5 (pitch shifter, harmonist, pitch bend, detune and flutter).

Marshall VS100
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Let's see...

Gibson SG Standard in Heritage Cherry
Ibanez Jem7VWH (1st gen. with very hot EVOs :shock: )
Ibanez Jem90HAM
Ibanez UV777PBK
Ibanez Talman CT530 (some brownish burst)
Ibanez SR1000E bass
Ibanez TR505 Expressionist 5-string bass
Maxxas MX-2 (best sounding Ibanez ever IMHO & best quality Ibanez ever)
Vigier Excalibur Original in Urban Blue with SD TB5/SH5/SSL6rp/rw which is an incredible guitar. There are either not many or too many words to describe a Vigier. If he'd increase production I'd feel sorry for the competition.

Marshall VS8280
Peavey 5150II half stack (loud hehe)
H/H 100 Watt basscombo 1x15"
H/H 100 Watt guitar top (nice cleans)
Dod Grunge 15 watt practise amp...I use this one the most.

Bad Horsie wah
Digitech RP10 v1.1 (I don't like digital effects at all...something's missing)
Boss GE-7 for the 5150II (only effect I use, for mild coloration hehe)

Boss BR-8 (still works with ZIP disks LOL)
Sure SM-57
AKG D770 (something like that) that goes down to 20 Hz.
Some mic stand for cabs
AKG Headphones (big @ssed, expensive, high impedance headphones...not fully closed)
PC with Creative Audigy Platinum (I don't record that much anyway)
FAL 12-track mixer with real wooden panels on the side 8)

I use Klotz cables exclusively.
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A little different than the norm, I guess, but...

-Ibanez RG-7620VK, '99, I think, with Dimarzio Air Norton and Tone Zone pickups, a three-way switch and a push/pull coil tap on the tone.
-Fender USA Strat, think it's a '97 but I'd have to check. Inca silver, maple board, gold clace sensors, graphite saddles and nut, and a pearloid pickguard, just for kicks.
-Martin MC16-GTE acoustic/electric. Not sure what to say, as I'm really not much of an acosutic guitarist, but it's fun to play, sounds great, and trocks for metronome practice. ;)

to be supplimented by a '91 UV7WH in about a week or so. :)

-Dunlop Crybaby wah (usually disconnected).

-Mesa/Boogie Nomad-45 2x12 amp
-Johnson J-Station (used mostly for bass recording and the occasional spacey overdub)

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Jackson PS4 - Customized
Digitech RP7

Studio gear is something more...

And there are some cables that I don't know should I plug them somewhere.

:lol: :lol:
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I use a customized RG series Ibanez (1 Dimarzio PAF Pro Humbucker For Neck Position, 1 YJM single coil for Mid position and 1 Evolution humbucker for Bridge Position)

Digitech GNX3 Floor processor

400 Watt twin speaker Valve Peavey (Deuce) Amp

2 x 400 watt Yamaha sm15e foldback speakers

And proper PA equipment is expensive so i just use the venues setup
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At home....

94 PRS CE24 Goldtop
Marshall JCM 900 4502
Mesa Boogie V-Twin (rack)
Rocktron Replifex (want to replace w/ a TC G-Major)
Morley BH Wah
Keeley DS-1
Larrivee Acoustic

Since I work out of town a lot I needed a second, smaller setup :) :

Ibanez RG320DXQM
Vox AD30TV (great amp for the money!)
Korg Pandora PXR4
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