Did ya get any new toys lately???

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List of newest toys:

DS-1 (replacing the DS-2)
Fulltone Fat-Boost
BlueTube Stereo preamp
Celestion Greenback in my Fender Pro Tube Twin
BH-2 Wah

Interesting thing I did that works really well and has fantastic tone even with the RG220b (w/evolution bridge pickup).

I ran the guitar into the left channel of the blue tube. The output of the left channel goes to the DS-1. Then the output of the DS-1 goes into the input of the right channel. The output of the right channel goes into the Twins rear poweramp input, bypassing its preamp. Volume on both BlueTube channels is basically at zero. Gain on both channels is about 25%. The cool thing is that I dont have to break windows to get warm overtones anymore. There is no synthetic fuzz. It just sounds like my Twin is maxed out but sitting across the street.

If I adjust the gain or volume on the first channel much more, the effect is this percussive deadspot a few milliseconds before the sound. It sounds like someone touched off a few sticks of dynamite.

Best of all, there is no more noise in the amp than when sitting idle with no input.

The Blue tube has a similar effect as the Fat-Boost, but the highs are much warmer.

My Jem7VWH arrives tomorrow! I'll let you know how it sounds with this configuration.
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The Extremist wrote:Whammy Pedal??? Never heard of one of them before.

I know of a Wah pedal though.

Logic, help me out here.
http://www.musiciansfriend.com/srs7/sid ... id/150171/


Heavy.. These are programable to the max!
One of Mr Vai's favorite toys!
Used heavily on Touching Tongues.
The Extremist
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Didnt know they existed, what advantage does this have over your conventional whammy bar?
Ryan Layton
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a whammy pedal and a whammy bar do two different things.

a whammy pedal can do all kinds of cool things like simulate a floyd rose being pushed to the body of a guitar. the other cool things are mostly harmonizing things. it can harmonize in any interval (but it has to stay in key) and can do a cool squeeling thing like in touching tongues and in Cool #9 by Joe Satriani.

i don't have one, the only thing i would use it for is the squeel noise.
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Listen to Steve's imporvision for Down Deep In The Pain on the Astoria dvd if you want some good exampls of the whammy pedal.
Alex Smith
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I just stuck a Distortion and Metal Master pedal in series just now. It harmonizes the note after it dies down, like Steve blowing on the guitar, without the blowing [the blowing's only a visual trick anyway, albeit rather cool :D] and you can manipulate it with the whammy bar.
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I have just bought a Vox Valvetronix 60 VTX and I LOVE it :D

great sounds, great flexibility!!!

http://www.voxamps.co.uk/products/valve ... d60vtx.htm
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Next month I'm going on a toy buying extravaganza! Mainly studio stuff, but here's my current shopping list:

TC Electronic G-Force or FireworX
Tannoy Reveal monitors
New desk (mixing that is, not sure which one yet)
New MIDI control surface, probably the Edirol 61 key one
If I've got any cash left I'll probably get a Korg Kaoss Pad as well

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ds23pallas wrote:
If I've got any cash left I'll probably get a Korg Kaoss Pad as well

No! Don't tell people about my secrect weapon! :wink:

Kaoss Pads sound awesome, some of the coolest sounds ever in there, definitely worth the cash.

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I recently picked up a Marshall AVT150 head with a 1936 2-12" cabinet.
I'm running my Jem7DBK through it and am very happy with the recordings I'm doing.

I was very lucky last week and was in the right place at the right time to buy a custom Ibanez Universe from LGM Guitars in Canada. A seven string with custom "Vine of Life" inlay in Red abalone.
I can't wait for delivery! 8) Then I'll tackle select cuts from P&W in the studio!!!!! :wink:
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Has anyone seen/heard/have that Yamaha Magicstomp? I'm thinking of getting one to go with my Pacifica. I'm also gonna build a speaker cabinet that I can plug into my Marshall MG15DFX, Just to keep me occupied. If it doesn't work at least I'll have had fun making it right? :lol:
FiRe CoNtRoL
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Okay, I just brought these gears last Saturday:
Fender 212r FM 100 watt amplifier
Crowther Hot Cake (Overdrive Pedal)
Tech 21 "Killa Wail" Wah pedal
Epiphone 50th aniversary Les Paul custom limited edition

Now in chronological order starting with the amp ....
When I was trialling out amps I was orignally looking at Marshalls, then one of the local shop dudes came up to me and said "Hey, we just got this Fender 100 watt amp in, wanna give it a go?" Looking at him skeptically I decided to give it a go and it litrally blew my socks off! It was way louder then the marshall amp I was trying before for starters, but it also had a great tone aswell. It's also nothing out of the ordinary channel wise, 2 channels clean and crunch and a button that says "More Drive". Theres also a Mid Scoop button for your modern type guitar crunch tone. You can access any of the channels from a handy footswitch provided with the amp with the exception of the mid scoop function. You have to manually activate that from the amp. The real selling point on this amp for me was the price. The Marshall came to about $1800 NZD compared to the Fender $799 NZD. Yup that did the trick!

The Crowther Hot Cake is an overdrive pedal made right here in New Zealand by a man named Paul Crowther. He played keyboards for a band called Split Enz back in the late 70's-early 80's. One of the reasons I purchased this pedal was to find an overdrive sound to stamp my name on aswell as being patriotic at the same time. It also kicks ass when I put my Les Paul through it! The Hot Cake ain't nuthin special to look at. It litrally looks like an MXR phase 90 pedal except its got a coffee brown colouring instead of orange and has 3 knobs instead of 1, Level, Precence and Drive. I intially had ideas about using it as a booster pedal but it sounds just as cool by itself!
I beleive Noel Gallagher from Oasis uses one ... not that this is a good or a bad thing!

What can I say about the Killa Wail? With a name like that you would either say "Cool name, I'll take it" or "What idiot would buy somthing with a name like that?" I was orignally going to get a crybaby but after extensive testing (I drove the sales people up the wall!) I methodically went through all the wah pedals in the shop and settled on the Killa Wail. It has 3 settings, High, Mid and deep. I found that I could do anything that a crybaby could do and then some! I even found it better than my old VOX wah. I found that it has a much wider bandsweep than most wah pedals so it has huge low sounds and when swept back to high it's just wicked!

Now for the Les Paul.
Don't get me wrong, I use to have an Ibanez Jem before other commitments and time constraints dictated that I sell it (I also gave up playing for a period of time) So I ended up spanking away on an old Yamaha Acoustic guitar for a while. You could not beleive the pain this caused me not having a whammy bar to grab onto when I needed that extra sonic depth. I then started forgetting how to play figuring "Why tourcher myself, I'll never play in a band again"
Now heres the funny part .... A couple of months ago my brother rented a video out called "Rock Star" starring Mark Walberg. We were watching the movie and I was just freaking out at Zakk Wyldes guitar tone. So I grab out all my old Ozzy Osbourne Albums (Zakk Wylde era) studying Zakks tone and style. The dude has like this amazing Vibrato pinch harmonic squeely thing and even though I love the Jems you just can't get that same "Phat" tone as a Les Paul. Then theres all the whammy bar tricks you can do without having a whammy bar. Freaks people out even more when they can hear a whammy bar but can't see one!
Oh, and theres only 2 Les Paul 50th aniversary customs in New Zealand!
Abit long winded but there ya go.
The Extremist
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Holy Cow Man, thats some major expendatures going on there.

Im thinking about buying a Carvin Custom Guitar soon, is it worth it?
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finally got my new stack...sounds awesome...
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R1FSR wrote:finally got my new stack...sounds awesome...

This.... Is awesome!! Off the scale!! What are those cases next to the amp???
Wow... A picture is worth a thousand word! Huh??
And Mr. FiRe CoNtRoL.
Mr. FiRe CoNtRoL has shown us how it's done. you take your
stuff to the store make them plug it in and dig out your own sound!
You can't be afraid to make the sales guy work for a living!
My day's coming, in a week I am gettin me hands on some dough!
Gonna have to learn how to put a pic on here. :)

Yours in fellowship
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