New stereo amp for my guitar required?

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I am new to the forums and have been playing acoustic guitar for a few years. I just sold my Yamaha FG700S and bought an Epiphone Masterbilt DR500MCE.
This guitar has the esonic2 HD preamp built into it and the guitar has 2 outputs for the nanoflex and nanomag pickups.
I know that I can use just the one output to run to my acoustic amp, but in the esonic2 youtube video, he is running two outputs.
Has anyone run these into a 2-channel stereo acoustic amp? Does it sound significantly better?

I only have the Fender Acoustisonic 15 single input amp right now, but I am wondering whether it is worth it to upgrade. I should add that I do not perform or do any gigs.
I am looking at a Marshall AS50D or something similar.

Thanks in advance, guys!
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