Damn, lost a great pick!

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GuitarStrings wrote:
ChickenScratch wrote:I had to come on here and tell you guys about loosing an awsome pick. Yes I know picks are cheap but I grow attached to them after a while and can't bear to part with them.

It was this purple Dunlop 1.5 mm and I scratched an X into both sides so it won't slip when I'm playing fast and I left it on top of my amp and now it's not there!

Am I the only one that grows attached to a pick around here? I swear if I get a good vibe off a pick and get some good play out of it I'll keep it till it's just about unplable.

I use a Stubby 2.0mm, that transparent purple one. Since I can't find any other here in italy, I am going to keep it untill I find thm in stores... I'll buy like 100 of them...
Good idea, but if you're younger than 50, buy a couple of gross (gross=144). You would think 100 would last a lifetime, but if you're anything like the average working guitarist you'll go through that in less time than you'd ever imagine. :-)

I bought a gross of Fender mediums when I was 20, I stopped playing full time from the time I was 23 until earier this year (I'm 34 next month) and I still managed to lose about 99% of those picks.

Kind of glad since now I'm hooked on delrin .88 mm picks now, so it's all good. I have 72 of those and I'm just waiting to start loosing those as well. I'm sure if/when I start playing out again they'll go, and fast. :-)

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I loose so many picks if i felt bd about it i'd probably have killed myslef by now.

one of these days Im going to find a HUGE pick deposit somewhere in my room.
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rob balducci mantra pick are great
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I use a 1mm Ibanez Vai pick. I love it. Does anyone know where I can get others?
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haha. sad.

I don't ever lose my picks. somehow. I can always account for them because I don't have a lot. (at the moment, 11, 3 different picks under 1.00mm, 4 pairs of different picks 1.00mm and above).

The only reason why I have to buy new picks is because they get worn out.
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one mm picks? Yikes!

I think my newer set are .5 mm, and my regular ones are probably around .88mm or so..........
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anyone know if there's a difference between the red Dunlop Jazz III and the black Dunlop Jazz III? I can't tell one if there is. It's probably just the color though.
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they actually do feel different, try em out
black ones have a better grip, but the red ones last longer, they seem thicker to me for some reason also
Rock Robert
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I use those pink steve vai picks, but what are those green ones he uses on stage?
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I think I'm the only person I know (plus my old guiar tutor) who uses the Jim Dunlop Teckpics. They're metal and give such a sharp, crisp tone. Plays havoc with the strings though but then again they're meant to get changed every month anyway so it just gives me an excuse!
Ryan Layton
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Dunlop Tortex 1mm. I cut little X's in both sides after the natural grip wears down a little bit. I love how easily i get pinch harmonics with them.

by the way: i have never used any color pick except purple in my life. I even play a purple tinted guitar!
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I think I lost my favorite pick. Dunlop Tortex, yellow one. I burned it with a candle at the fat edge of it (top?) and melted a little bit away. I was bored, but it ended up fitting my thumb perfect after that. I could never duplicate the success.

All my other favorite picks are just ones that I always hold the same way and are now rounded to my thumb. I have one that I have been using for seriously like 3-4 years.
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I used to be addicted to 0.60mm White ibanez picks with the little rubbery bit on the Ibanez logo side and the 1.mm white ibys. Now i'm stuck on the small 1mm jazz Ibanez picks, i tried a jazz 3 ages ago and hated it but recently have started using this one much more, it's great! Much better for arpeggios and loads of alternate picking, not really suited to normal lead work+rhythm.
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I finally have found the perfect pick to me:
Jazz III! The red one...
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