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Hey guys,
I have a Legacy and I've noticed random popping noises when playing. I kept an eye on it and I think it's a power surge thing rather than tubes. I've come to this conclusion since i've checked the tubes (which are firm in place) and have noticed that the popping usually comes when appliances turn on (but not all the time..sometimes there's just a pop when nothing is going on in the room).
So my question is: Do you think it would be wise to invest in a power conditioner?... At first glance it seems obvious to get one, but am i overlooking something that could be in the amp? Also, i only really play at home, so i don't really have to worry about uncertain wiring at clubs/bars since i don't gig.

What do you guys think?

P.S Any reccomendation for a decent power conditoner, or a brief primer on what to look for in a power conditioner are welcome; and for any reccomendation, I'm definatley on a budget ($100-200)!

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in this price range there is no power conditionner that help you for your specific problem.

I have the same problem only with my car s garage s lights ; poop !!!

even my furman pl8 plus don t help (a power conditionner )

I think you need a voltage regulator :http://www.furmansound.com/product.php?div=01&id=AR-PRO

but ......$$$$$$$$
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There are two good power conditioners by furmen in the $60 range that i bought new for like $42 and they're good....and for $100 there are great ones...

i'd suggest...before you fork out the money- try plugging your hear with a regular decent surge protector and see if the sound/issues improve- if it does then buy a power conditioner
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