pedal effects and marshall

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Hi guys,

I use an Ibanez rg 750 that goes through a Marshall Valvstate vs 100. I have some analog boss pedals but it`s impossible to get a Vai-Satch-Pettrycci sound, I mean , digital reverbs, echo, delays, etc., so I thought about digital pedal effects, somehting like BOSS GT 6 or ME 8, but I`m not sure that I`ll get the sound or similar, also when using this kind of effects with my Marshall I can`t avoid having unwanted noises because of the effects, electricity. Any suggestions? Thanx.
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I think your problem is your amp.
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The amp isn't spme all tube rig but it can be worked with. I have a simular deasl with a Digitech GNX series pedal and I can do what ever I want.
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Fausto, there's an old saying that goes "You can't polish a turd" and I think that applies to that valvestate line of amps. Please don't take that the wrong way Fausto, I'm just trying to help you avoid spending good money after bad.

I went through the same thing with my old 8080 Valvestate combo. I tried pedal after pedal to try to get a good sound and I was still left with an amp that accentuated clangy frequencies and had a flat, dull SS poweramp sound. Now, with newer technology you may be able to use a modeler as a pre-amp and get the sound you want but I'd really recommend just going with an all-tube amp. IMO they are far night and day. :)
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for some people (like me) tubes is just too expencive. I have a Marshall Valvestate 2000 avt 100 and after quite some time of tweaking i got a very decent sound. Especially clean it does it's job very well, distortion isn't top-class, but then you didn't spend a million bucks on a all tube amp, which is useless if you want to use it on low volumes (unless you put in a powerplate or how's that called).

Everybody is crappin on and on about these amps, but i actually have one and spent tiùe with it and i say it's worth it's money
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