Caught using Steve's gear! Busted!

The name says it all! Discuss Steve's studios, your studios and gear set-ups, amps and effects here. This is not for discussing guitars (Steve's or otherwise).
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In times past and threads past I have mentioned using the same gear as Mr. Vai. Some of the gear I used before knowing of Mr. Vai and some I discovered thru Mr. Vai and others. Some right here on Even though there are those here who, if they had their way, would have everyone on the planet using the same gear there is also a refreshing diversity.
The one irrefutable fact is that the gear used by most Vai fans is used because it is the right gear and not because some rock star uses the same stuff. Case and point is the RG 250 DX I bought because it had the specifications I wanted and needed. Right down to the colour. I knew I wanted a 24 fret H\S\H Floyd Rose equipped guitar with a conservative enough colour to play at a church. Skulls and crossbones didn't really fit in. This guitar lead me to Mr. Vai and his music. The equipment we use here is the right stuff for the job. It has been said that to underestimate ones self is as much a departure from truth as to exaggerate ones self. That being said, Mr. Vai is not only a tremendous guitarist, but he is also an expert at knowing what equipment a guitarist needs to do his or her job. That is why I find myself using the some of the same stuff as the master. My guitar, strings and speaker selection I had before my knowing Mr. Vai. Other stuff I either have or want to get is stuff I need because it's the right stuff. Even though Mr. Vai introduced it to me through his music, it is more a case of me needing the tools rather than Mr. Vai has one so I have to have one too. The input jack on the Jem, I still would love to know if Mr. Vai came up with that, is a revolutionary idea that is being incorporated in guitars and basses of all kinds of brands. After I bought my RG 250 DX I knew the pickups were muddy and needed to cut through better so I sought the advise of the guy who obviously knew what the deal is and that turned out to be Mr. Vai. I ended up with Evolutions because they fit what I needed. So, Thank you Mr.Vai. I know I am not the only one with a story like this.
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Yeah, you know the saying, "You gotta do what you gotta do" ?

Well, I usually say "You gotta USE what you gotta USE. (to get the result you want)"

Some tools simply work better than others. I dont think they'res anything wrong with having a Signature guitar or Signature pedal or signature anything, as long as it fills a niche you have and does the job that you want it to do. Just as long as you sometimes play things other than that endorser's songs. :)

Instruments are tools of the trade. If you have a JEM7VWH, and you sit around and play FTLOG all day, then . . .well. . you kind of set yourself up for any criticism you get for being a Vai-whore. But. . . If you expand on your musical interests, and use that JEM for some very unique music, then I think you're more than justified in using that instrument. A JEM is an instrument that will cover just about any tone you would need. You get 24 frets, floyd rose, HSH for Wild screaming humbucker tones, stratty in-between and clean tones, PAF style tone (with the volume and tone knobs down a little) and all the in-between sounds. A scalloped high 4 frets, recessed tremolo cavity, and a slick handle to carry it around with. . .I'd say that its a pretty complete axe, and they'res no reason you shouldn't have the same guitar Steve plays just because he endorses it, why should he alone reap all the benefits of having such a versitile guitar? If you like it, GET ONE! USE IT! just dont try to be Steve Vai and you'll stay clear of criticism.

I've noticed that most Signature stuff is usually normal stuff with some special tweaks and features that you wouldn't get on a normal model. Often times, the endorsed product ends up being a better, improved model over the regular. So. . .why not go for it?

If you are confident and unique in your style than you shouldn't have any problem borrowing bits and pieces of somebody's rig. You use the tool that gets the job done, and the job done WELL.
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