Dream Rig?

The name says it all! Discuss Steve's studios, your studios and gear set-ups, amps and effects here. This is not for discussing guitars (Steve's or otherwise).
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An all original blackface fender twin and a guitar that stays in tune.

Yeah I'm hard to please.
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UncleMeat wrote:An all original blackface fender twin and a guitar that stays in tune.

Yeah I'm hard to please.
Blackface. Good taste. Through a single coil, those amps clean up beautifully when the volume is rolled back.
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Too bad all my current amp money is in a '52 deluxe (which is very very nice, but not nearly everything I want) and trying to make a cheap Peavey Prowler sound better. Some day...
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Well I have half my dream rig.
Ibanez PGM300, Ibanez Custom USRG TP30, Takamine Acoustic;
Boogie Triaxis, Boogie 2:Ninty Power Amp;
Rocktron Intellifex, Rocktron Programmable Parametric midi EQ;
Marshall 4x12 1960A cab, carvin 2x100 half cab;

My rig:

Now I'd like some vintage marshall and fender gear.
I am looking to buy a 70's 100W Superlead head soon, I'd love to get a plexi too someday, an old beaten up Sunburst strat and I'd be pretty happy! uhmm load a cab with vintage 30s.

My buddy just bought 2 half stack GREEN amps, I wouldn't mind a couple of those too! Throw in a Bogner Extacy head, perhaps a Roccaforte head, a few more cabs loaded with vintage 30s, some kind of amp switcher, and I'd be estatic!!!! :D
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for the blues:

Fender 4x10 deville (early production model with the jensen alnico speakers)
Fender Dual Showman 2x15 cab for the ext. speaker.

through the effects loop:
Boss DC-3 (best chorus ever made)
Boss DD-20 for all delays needed (and thats not much)

And of course a fender strat with sunburst and .42's. it'd have to be beat up, other wise it just wouldn't be the blues. know what i mean?

and a beat up gibson es 335 for backup or something. both have EMG's

o yeah, between the guitar and amp, a crybaby. sweet..........

i have another dream setup for all the other styles, but im far to lazy to type it out. if you really want to know post something and ill type it, maybe.
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Ibanez Pat metheny dual pickup model

Ibanez Jem universe w/roland divided pickup

Fender american 69 thinline tele

taylor 6 string acoustic

all with natural finishes...


Dunlop crybaby

zakk wylde signature OD pedal

2 digidelays

roland guitar synth/foot control


carvin legacy

fender twin reverb

roland acoustic chorus amp (those things are awesome)

Run all the DI stuff through one of those new Bose sound projecting systems. awesome stuff
The Extremist
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The Extreme Dream Rig :D


7 String Ibanez Universe.
Ibanez Jem's in Blue and White.
Ibanez JS100 Series, in Chrome like Chromeboy.
Ibanez RG Prestige Series Guitar.
7 String Baritone Guitar.
My Current Ibanez Roadstar 2 Series Steve Lukather Model Guitar.


4 Full Mesa Boogie Stacks
1 Half Stack Carvin Legacy with Mic connected to the 4 Amps.

Effects Boards/Pedals:

Boss GT-6
Bad Horsie Wah Pedal
Whammy Pedal

That is my ultimate set up, with that, i am unstopable!
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Here we go:


Ibanez Jem77FP with modded AANJ + piezo+roland synth
Breedlove double neck 12/6 acoustic electric with arched back
Fender Strat (anything in the dept will do)
JS 1000 with sustainer

Alysis rack compressor
Morley Wah
DanElectro Daddy-O (it looks cool... jk!)
Rocktron Tsunami Chorus
some kinda tremolo
some kinda phaser
Roland/Boss Volume
G-force delay

Laney Plexi 100W tube into 2x Peavey 412MS cabs
2x peavey Classic 50 into those two cabs

come to think about it.....i own half of that stuff.....i need to look into more gears.....i guess that's not really my ultimate dream gear but its what i'm looking to get at this moment...
The Extremist
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No point competing with the Extreme Dream Rig, it owns your soul.

Your dream rigs are just a little mark on my Extreme ass :D
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Custom-made Strat or Tele-style (i can't decide which one looks cooler!) with a set neck, a tune-o-matic and a single humbucker (perhaps a custom-wound one...)
Ash body finished in transparent yellow (looks cool), maple neck and ebony fretboard. Big frets and 16" fretboard radius.

And maybe another one for a spare...


An overdrive for a lead boost. Maybe some different distortion/fuzz boxes to toy around with. Phaser and Vibrato would be cool too. And an EQ pedal.
But the overdrive is the only thing i would really need.


A 50-watt Marshall/Laney head with a Marshall/Laney 4x12.

Pretty minimal, really...
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Pro-string strummer
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I would say every Jem available... korg triton... for sure a pro tools digi 002 and you can't go anywhere without a jcm900 played through a behringer ultra412... prolly just get roland sdr 2000 reverb and pod xt pro for the effects
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Ok..this is a fun thread ;-)

Ibanez JEM7VWH
Ibanez LACS JEM/RG style guitar
Ibanez LACS AT style guitar
T.C. Electronic G-Force
Eventide Eclipse
Morley Bad Horsie 2
Morley Little Alligator
Digitech WH4 Whammy
Korg DTR-2000 rack tuner
CAE RS-10MKII MIDI foot-controller
Bogner Ecstasy
Bogner 4x12 (Celestion Vintage30)

Ryan Layton
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i never replied to this thread because i never knew what to put. But a friend of mine has the PERFECT set up (in my opinion). It is as follows:

Guitar - A Fender Strat. Any kind will do. I saw him using a Hendrix strat but he has about 5 different strats he likes to choose from.

Amp - THD BiValve 30. He let me plug my strat directly into it one day and it was the best sound I have ever gotten.

Cab - Some kind of Marshall. I'm not sure what it is, but it can handle all of the BiValve's power, so he won't blow any speakers.

Effects - A Line 6 DL-4, which is the coolest delay pedal ever. He keeps it on all the time to help thicken his sound up as he only plays in a 4 man band where he is the only guitarist.

A Boss CE-1. He keeps the chorus effect on all the time to add a little depth. He kicks on the vibrato every now and then which gives his guitar this really cool pulsing sound. He uses it so sparingly that its always very dramatic when he turns it on.

A Boss MD-2. He is by no means a metal player, but he gets a very smooth sound out of this pedal. Not fuzzy at all, but it is very easy to get harmonics out of it. He uses it as if it were a channel switcher becuase the THD only has one channel.

Some type of wah. I think it's a crybaby. He also uses this sparingly. It sounds very good, even with all of his other effects on.

I think he has some kind of tone/eq controler too. It may also have a noise suppressor in it, because he has absolutly 0 hum.

This set up is totally versital and while having anywhere from 2-4 effects on at one time would usually get a little muddy, he keeps it all pretty neat somehow. He says this is the only rig he has ever had that makes him completly happy with a strat's sound. I know this has been a big rant about someone else's rig, but after hearing it, it quickly became my dream rig too! The only thing I might do differently is get a seperate chorus pedal and a seperate vibrato pedal, just because those damn CE-1's are so hard to find a so expensive. Now that I think about it, my friend has one and he might be willing to sell it :D
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Mr. Bluesman
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- vintage Stratocaster (all singlecoils, maple board, small headstock)
- Richie Sambora signature Stratocaster (with Floyd and HSS)
- MusicMan Steve Morse (regular "old" model)

- Martin acoustic
- Ovation electric-acoustic

- Marshall DSL100
- Bogner Ecstasy

...if I had to choose one guitar , it'd probably be the EBMM Steve Morse or the Sambora Strat.
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Umm, my one wouldn't be too complicated...

Guitars: Ibanez RGT220H electric guitar, Ibanez AEL10E acoustic guitar and an Ibanez JEM77VWH electric guitar
Amps: 2 Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier amplifiers
Effects: Dunlop MXR M-108 EQ pedal, Dunlop Crybaby 535Q wah pedal and an Eventide Harmonizer DSP7500 rackmount
Other: D'Addario 0.9 strings, Dunlop Jazz III picks

The guitars would either have Di Marzio Evolutions or the Air Norton/Steve's Special combo on them.
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