Dream Rig?

The name says it all! Discuss Steve's studios, your studios and gear set-ups, amps and effects here. This is not for discussing guitars (Steve's or otherwise).
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This type of topic always intrigues me loads, especially after reading some of the unusual stuff people come out with on sites such as guitargeek so i thought I might start one here. This is the deal. You can have whatever you want on production lines and can do whatever you want to them, you have no budget but you cant have steve vais rig! You can have rare or vintage that you probably would never be able to find but you cant have your own signature line of somthing, everyhting has to be able to be bought.

Anyway... this is mine, to play all kinds of style, like i do. From death metal to clean stuff to shredding!


I love ibanez RGs so:

RG550: Black with orange (JEM style) Flame paint
Dimarzio Evolution Pickups

RG550: Black with green Flame paint
Dimarzio Tone Pro Neck and Super Distortion Bridge

RG550: Black with Purple / Pink paint job (dunno name)
EMG Hz Pickups

RG550: Matt Bellamy Style Broken Mirror finish
Motherbucker bridge and a nice warm neck pickup

The flame style paint job i reffer to above is similar to one i recently did on a guitar I own for the hell of it. I will post a pic at the bottom.

Universe 7 String with mirror scratchplate and black paint (why not take 2)

(Backups for above... lol)

Gibson Les Paul, Black quilted maple top stock

PRS 24: nice aquamarine top, stock

Effects: (rack* and pedal)

Lovetone Envelope Filter (meatball?)
ZVex Fuzz Factory
Morley (optoelectronic) wah
Digitech Whammy Pedal
Fultone Ultimate Octaver / Fuzz Octaver
Soldano Surf Box*
TC Electronics G Force* (midi controlled)
Gonkulator Ring Mod
MXR Phase 90
Boss PH2 (i like mee phase)
MXR Stereo Chorus
MXR Blue Box
Chandler Delay x 2*

Amps: One set of below, each side of the drums

Messa Boogie Road King Head (dirty... rhythm)
Soldano SLO (dirty... solos)
Marshall JTM 45 (clean / crunch)
Fender Twin (clean)

All Going into Marshall 1960 Straight cabs

This is quite an old rig and appart from the addition of a g force after ordering the demo tape and a twin replacing my old ac30 for clean. The price i calculated for the old rig was about £30k (i have too much time on my hands)

<a href ="http://www.planetwolfenstein.com/hydrus ... jpg">Click here for an example of the flame pattern. If I had a perloid scratchplate id use it but i dont so i cant lol! </a> Basicly that guitar is a baritone tuned, 25.5" scale squire bullet with .13 strings on it. It has a 4 coil humbucker by kent armstrong in the bridge and nothing in the neck. The space is there incase i wanna put smt there
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Seem like you need to ditch the pedals and get some nice rack gear. I cant imagine any dream rig that doesnt include these pieces of gear that set's the industry standard for sound quality.
T.C. 2290 delay
T.C. 1210 chorus
Eventide DSP-7000 Pitch and crazy fx
lexicon PCM-91 reverb
EFX dont get any better then that . Those are basically the standard by which all efx are judged.
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Upright Bass (I dont know what kind yet, i just want one)
Warwick fretless
Fender Jazz Bass fretless (Like Jaco)
Ampeg SVT-3 Pro
Some kind of compressor (I'm not picky)
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My Dream Rig:
Conklin 7 string with peizo
Ibanez Universe (UV777BK)
Ibanez RG3120DR
Conklin 6 string with peizo

Bogner Ectasy
Bogner Uberschall
Each would come with both 2x12 and 4x12 cabinets

Digitech Whammy
Bad Horsie Wah
Eventide somethig or other
Rack Delay something or other

A nice handbuilt acoustic
Coral Sitar

That's about it. :D
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6 String rig:

PRS Singlecut with P90s
1973 Gibson LP Deluxe Goldtop
1991 Fender Strat Plus Ultra

1969 Marshall Bluesbreaker
Fender Twin "Evil Twin" Red Knob
Peavey Classic 4x10

Ibanez Tube Screamer

7 String Rig:
Ibanez UV777BK
Schecter C7+

Roland Jazz Chorus
Mesa Triple Rectifier

Line 6 Delay Modeler

Fender Jazz Bass Special
Fender Jazz Bass Deluxe 5

GK RB 800
SWR Triad Cab

Behringer V-Amp Bass
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guitars:Ibanez/jem7vwh,and sbl,and rg3120(for droped stuff)PRS/custom 24.
amp:Marshall ATV100's I guess,I'm not really very well knowladged on amps,just guitars.
effects:A bh2,gt-6 board,and eventide harm.

seems like a nice set up to me. :lol:
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'69 Fender Strat
Custom Jem
Custom Universe
Gibson Zakk Wylde Les Paul
Jackson Rhoads custom
All loaded with a combo of Dimarzio and EMG actives. (apart from the strat)

Cry baby
Tube screamer
Yamaha Delay Rack
Something from eventide

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
Marshall JCM800 custom moded by Lee Jackson
Marshall Greenback cabs
An old Marshall amp Hendrix used

There, That should cost a small fortune :twisted: :twisted:
Given To Fly
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The sad thing is that I bet most of us here could own these rigs if we hadn't spent a bunch of money on other gear we ended up selling or something.
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Yeah dude. If I didn't pay tax, I could probably afford the lot in a year.You know what I like about tax?........fuck all!
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Lets see here


'57 Strat
'59 Les Paul


Carvin Legacy
Fender Twin
Bogner ubershall


A good wah pedal
A good delay pedal
Maybe a DS-1 type device to stick infront of the Legacy
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guitars: UV777BK
charvel model A plus
yngvie strat
ESP EC-1000 (1 w/ SD's, 1 w/ EMG's)
alverez a/e
LP classic

Amps: JCM 800 stacks w/ legacy cabs
Laney tube head for clean sounds w/ leg. cabs

rack: DTR-2000
BBE 362
HUSH super C
some kind of delay, flanger/chorus

pedals: Big Muff Pi
Digitech hot rod
Bad Horsie 2
digitech whammy
whammy boy67
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Ibanez S470QS (red) modded w/ Prestge neck, Dimarzio FRED in the Bridge and a Dimarzio Air Norton in the neck, and an Original Floyd Rose for a bridge

Ibanez RG550 (black w/ mirror pickguard) same mods as above

Gibson Standard LP

Digitech Whammy
Boss DS-1 (for boost or extra distortion)
CAE RS-10 w/ both add ons
Fulltone Choraflange
MXR PHase 90

MXR Blue Face Flanger
(4) Roland SDE-1000's
Eventide Harmonizer of some sort
(3)Digital Music Corp. GCX Switchers
T.C. G-Major

Mesa Quad>Mesa 2:90
Mesa Triaxis>Mesa 2:90
(2) Mesa Mark II C+'s
(3)Fender Super Reverbs
(2) Fender Twin Reverbs
(3)Marshall JMP MK II's
(2) Carvin Legacy's
Diezel VH4
Engl Powerball
All somehow plugged into an assortment of various 2X12's and 4X12's (Marshalls, Mesas, possibly a Genz-Bens, and a few Carvin Legacy cabs)

It would take some time to figure out how to wire it all and I may need a few more of each effects unit but you get the idea. :D

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Well I cou;dn't be much happier than with the rig i've got now :) however you can always dream of more so...

Far far too many to mention, however I'd like a few more Jems, and the top line RG's. Also the Scofield signature is a lovely instruments.
The American Special Floyd Rose strat, 3 colour sun-burst with stars down the neck!! yeah thats right cause they stopped making the good Sambora Sig :(
A Strat Texas Special, and a real nice old 60's workhorse Strat.

Butterscotch flamed (orgasm orgasm!) Gibson Les Paul standard, and a tiger-stripped Les Paul Classic.

Bogner XTC
Mesa Mark IV
Mesa Mark IIc+ (of course! he he no self respecting petrucci fan can have a dream rig list without this one hey!?)
Cabs to match

Fulltone: - Fulldrive, Ultimate Octave, Dist Pro
Boss Loop Station
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Caparison Horus and a Bogner Uberschall stack.
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I'm totally into progressive and avante-garde music, but I'm actually rather bogged down in tradition when it comes to my personal set-up. Here's what I would pick:

A Jackson guitar, Floyd-equipped, with a JB in the bridge and '59 in the neck.
(Doesn't matter much what model the guitar is, as long as it has that sweeeet low action and some reasonably toney wood.)

Effects-wise, I'd go with a Dunlop Crybaby, an Ibanez Tube Screamer, and Boss flanger and delay pedals. Maybe a Digitech whammy pedal, but it wouldn't be entirely necessary. I'd also want some sort of EQ, to give a flat boost during solos.

Plug that into a Marshall plexi reissue (no amp, before it or since, matches the sound of the plexi). Put the sound through a couple of Celestion 4x12 cabs and I'm good to go.
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