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Radio 6 will be streaming their radio show with Steve and Mike Keneally that was recorded during the The Steve Vai Festival in Groningen, Netherlands. It starts at 22:00 GMT today! Click here to launch the online radio player.

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I managed to miss this last night unfortunately. Is there an accessible archive of the show online anywhere? ( I searched but no joy) Co De kloet mentioned at the festival that the radio show would be available for later listening after broadcast.
Also when / will the actual concerts from Groningen be broadcast?

Many thanks.
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Here is a link to the recording of the show:" onclick=";return false;

Next monday (13th) at the same time (11pm) the show will be about the concerts.
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thanks for the link ! can I download this as a mp3 file anyhow? It would be nice to listen to it while driving home by train...