Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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Did you attend the G3'04 show on December 3rd in Rio De Janeiro?

We'd love to read your reviews of the show. Please post them here!


Mikey :)
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Steve is the one!!! Absolutely fantastic (as always). Tongue harmonics, whammy abuse, JEM abuse!!! I loved the idea of playing their own songs in the end. Fire Garden was a good surprise. the entire band was great.

2 problems:
1- I am not against experimental music but what Mr. Fripp did last night was ridiculous. I felt like listening to someone that just bought a new keyboard and is trying its features. And man, he played behind the amplifier!!! I couldn't even see him!!!
2- Satriani played so fuckin' loud that I'm deaf until now. It was a terrible show. I couldn't listen to the other instruments. Terrible!! He has to improve his soundcheck. He's fantastic player, he has cool songs but someone have to take care of this sound issue.

It was a good show but A Steve Vai solo tour will be really welcome. One hour of Steve's music is just too fast.
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I'm a little deaf until now too ! But Steve's sound was as loud as Joe's.

Well, the show was fantastic, I guess it was the best I've ever seen after Rush's show in Maracanã Stadium ( the show of the DVD ).

For The Love Of God was P-E-R-F-E-C-T . Steve was really happy.

oh, and listening to Joe and Steve playing Ice 9 together was fantastic
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Maybe you're right. As Steve played first maybe my ears were still intact during his show. But at Steve's show I could listen to the whole band and with Satriani I felt like he was playing alone.
leo galant
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I was there last night , but I have diferent opinions to share with you guys.
First : I was really close to the guy who contrlled the P.a system. This must be the rightest place, where you have to be , when you wanna make any comments on the sound.
Satch's band sound clearer and tighter and even heavier than Steve's - Who did a much more exciting show , than his pal- The difference was a sum of factors. First : better equalization ( where the old quote ruled again : less is more ). Second : better stage volume levelling.
I think Satch's volume was a lil' loud last nite , but I also think that this was what made the difference , specially standing at the spot I was.
Besides this: no bass for Mr. Sheehan- I could not hear a crap of what he was playing (and believe me this is such a shame ) - and bad P.A stereo mix , resulting a mess of sounds in the loudest moments.
Plus the sum of both stage volume and the P.A system , allowed Joe's band to work with an wider range for their dynamics.
Whatever..... Steve did a better job entertainig the crowd.
The final jam was pretty cool. Maybe the highlight of the night , specially because we had the chance to see some improvisation.
There are ohter things I'd like to stress about last night : Brazil is a thirld world country .... To charge U$ 40 for a ticket is a lil' bit out of sense. Specially for the LOUSY production the venue offered.
At one point after Steve's show , I left my place at my table and went to the restroom. When I got back from that , the security guy who was standing at the entrance of the zone , where the tables were in , decided to ask me - very arrogantly - to point him , where was my table , I Answered him : C'mon dude....can't you see ? It is written in the ticket that's in your hand.... And then he comes with: - ok. so thats' probably right for you. get in.
the security guy only did this , because he thought I was watching the gig from the zone behind the tables , (here in brazil , we simply call this place: crowd ) , And that I was trying to fool him, to get in the tables zone , with a ticket given to me by someone from there.
the event staff clearly lost control of who was getting in and out of each zone of the venue. And was also clear that they had less people than they needed , to make it all happen ok.
For this I want to express that: I AM VERY DISAPOINTED WITH YESTERDAY's SHOW. Specially because , I think the artists have a responsability with this kind of stuff. I have also been to all the other shows both Joe and Steve played here in Rio.
For the next time , long time fans like me expect a lot more respect from their idols.

thank you for the chance to express myself , and here goes one suggestion, for another name for the G3 : Stanley Jordan. He's just an unbelievable solo perfomer , he would be a nice counterpoint to all the rock n roll stuff.

love for all you guys.
Keep on Rawckin'!!!!!
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I do agree that playing live music involves different kinds of factors but believe me man the same thing happened here in mexico , joe`s guitar sound was too loud really loud I hurt my ears too specially my left one , the point is that you couldnt hear the rest of the band , you couldnt hear the rythm guitar player or the bass , and believe me at some point I moved around to check different spots , my idea of a good equalization and mix is : do more with less . I mean better mix , less volume , ok this is a guitar concert , but to call this sounds music you have to actually perceive and understand what is the mood created by a rock band (drums , bass, whatever) and not just a loud guitar
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Steve's show was the best that's for sure. Howerver it really was a little bit too loud, but the sound was perfect. Whispering a prayer made me cry! Was so intensive! The best thing is that I got his last pick, the one he used to play Rockin in the free world, you guys please don't die for jealousy , just in case if you wanna contemplate :P . Billy Sheehan winked looking at me. I just left to a quieter place with a television outta the show area... I was with a terrible headache and preparing my heart to the JAM, that actually was so fuckin fantastic... As someone said before a Steve Vai Solo Performance would be pretty welcome here in Brazil since you said : You know I love you ? ; uh Steve Vai ? ... and also said : Playing here is my best thrill, or something. Oh man, what was that when Steve's guitar failed in For the love of God??? We can forgive that one with no problem, but it was so freakin funny when Tony contoured the situation with a keyboard version of for the love of god... huahuauha It was awesome anyways... And I wouldn't mind if Steve arranged any way to the backstage to talk to the monsters of music :D hee hee, in my dreams...
I'm gonna ask something here.... Please, could anyone send me pictures of the show by email??? I didn't take any, since Claro Hall said it was not allowed :( I would appreciate sooo much...
Vai's Band, I love you guyys sooo much
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Davedrl wrote: , just in case if you wanna contemplate

....password.. :?
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Sorry I didnt really give the password, 281187
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Hi all!

The show was great but I have to say Mr. R. Fripp did quite a mess in the beginning... like the other guy said, was he testing the effects of his new keyboard or what?

Vai was just amazing... he played almost flawlessly... quite a presentation. Really impressive. Juice rocked!
I just have to say I didn't like the beginning of For the Love of God. What happened? I think he played it in staccato which didn't sound quite right for me but the rest of it sounded just perfect. It's such a great song anyway.

Satriani was outstanding. Flying in a blue dream and Satch Boogie were his best shots.

Hope you guys come back next year!
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I was there... and what a great show! :)
I was one of the aftershow winners, and i´d like to thank everyone who contributed to make

that possible. I couldn´t take that silly smile off my face for hours... thinking better :roll: ... I

think i still got that smile on :D
Unfortunately there were some problems when i tried to get my passes due to lack of organization. :( But in the end everything worked out fine. :)

Robert Fripp

One thing that surprised me was that Robert Fripp took the stage on time. A delay on show time is a common thing around here, and i bet there were still people trying to get to their seats or entering the venue when he was almost finishing his set.
But it was great because they got to do a complete set. I heard somewhere, don´t know whether it´s true or not, that the venue closes at 2 am with a show going on or not.
It was only a strange thing to see Fripp coming onstage with the lights still on and the venue still airing their security informations.
The good thing to say about Fripp´s show is that it was short. He played for 20/25 minutes, and i think i´d be satisfied with only 10. I really went open minded, hoping to give him a try, but it was boring to hear. Besides, it was absolutly disconnected with the other two shows and the jam.
From the same black hole that he came from, he disappeared in, and we only realized that because the lights went on.

Steve Vai

He was fantastic, amazing, and everything that he usually is. I can´t describe how it was.

The band played really fine also... there were some sound problems, sometimes i couldn´t hear one instrument or other, but there were much more problems in Satriani´s set.

Vai´s set was similar to the one´s in the other parts of the tour, i can´t remember if it was the same. I believe it was.
he must have played for at least one hour.
The highest point for me were the fire garden songs, they sounded really great, in a way i couldn´t have imagined it.
Even though i already knew the set list and the songs, and have already seen Vai once, he surprised me in a good way. It was way beyond my expectations...

Joe Satriani

It was loud... *really* loud !
The same thing, i knew what to expect but he suprised me. i saw somewhere, can´t remeber where that the set list was as it follows:

"Cool #9"
"I like the Rain"
"Always with me"
"Up in Flames"
"Is there love in Space?"
"Flying in a blue dream"
"Surfing with the alien"

Something´s missing, i can´t remember what is it.. maybe satch boogie or the extremist...It was nice to hear Satriani singing again. i liked it... Highest point for me was always with me always with you. It was really beautiful. I loved Flying in a blue dream also.
One interesting point is that he didn´t play Summer Song. The poor i-like-just-this-famous-song concert goers must have been disppointed.... ;)

The Jam

When Satriani finished his set i thought: "now he´s going to come out and then there´s the jam"... i really didn´t know that it was stuck with the end of his set and it was marvelous...
everyone left their seats and tried to reach the stage, but unfortunately the security guards made a human barrier.
Highlight? Ice 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn´t believe what my ears were listening to!!! to tell you the truth, every one of them were fantastic...

The Aftershow

I think i still need time to recover from this one... the whole band came out, signed everything we wanted, took pictures, talked, listened to us... it was heaven on earth...
Joe Satriani´s band didn´t come out, if they made a separate aftershow, i´m unaware of.

Later i´ll write more about it...
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Mickey, I saw some comments related to the aftershow section... How do people get this kinda pass??? How's an after show like??? I mean what is it??
I've been there and I'd like to know if there's gonna be a G3 performance next year too... is there?
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