Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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#1 Post by Mikey » Mon Jun 28, 2004 3:13 pm

Did you attend this show at the Royal Concert Hall in NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND?

We'd love to read your reviews!


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#2 Post by badasstommyboy » Mon Jun 28, 2004 4:22 pm

here is my G3 account. Lengthy but interesting.

Well got to town at about 5:30 went in the hard rock cafe for a bacon cheeseburger. VERY tasty. Then from there went to the concert hall. Picked up my aftershow tickets.

ANyway, got seated then this harold bishop dude (Robert Fripp) walks on and sits in a corner. He starts playing this music, and i've heard bad things about fripp and that his stuff was boring but i thought it was fantastic. One Single guitar creating such a huge sound. I'm sure other people will appreciate it (bung1e you probably will). Great stuff very interesting.

Then he went off, and vai came out playing shyboy, with him and sheehan doing some lethal duels. I was extremely impressed with vai. He then played that balls of gold tune, then sheehan had to introduce the band cos vai has larengitus (or however you spell it). Vai introduced sheehan, but everyone had to be quiet and dead silent to hear him. Lots of fun playing, whispering a prayer was absolutely bloody brilliant. The different intro to for the love of god was also quite cool. I got a perfect picture of them all playing each others guitars as well. Although no triple neck, i was still extremely happy. Vai is still my fave guitarist.

Satriani came on and he was the same as always, still extremely good and looked very impressive. He even introduced the songs in an identical way he did years ago. "we're gonna slip into a little somethin called cool number 9" Played many tracks, some new ones which were cool. Satch also threw a plectrum into the crowd which then whacked my dad in the forehead and fell on the floor, which my litto bro found, so i have a joe satriani plectrum now.

The G3 jam, was a G2 jam, fripp sat on his own, but at time still ripped it up with the big boys. Most of the time though, he just played chords while satch and vai jammed away. Some very very nice playing.

The concert ended and me and my mate were waiting around for the guys to come out. Then a bloke came out and said sorry Vai won't be at the aftershow cos he's ill. Which is fair enough. So me and my mate are queueing up to meet satriani (we're at the back of the queue) then through another door walks Dave Wiener (Vai's guitar player) So i go and chat to him, such a sound bloke. He signed his album i bought, and we chatted about the album, things like that, then he offered to take the guitar body i'd bought with me up to the room where vai sheehan + mcalpine were. So off he goes. He then comes back realising he's gone the wrong way. So as he's walking through the right door i mention the fact that i've done a small demo cd. So he takes a copy of that up to the room along with my guitar, saying that he'd love to hear it, cos they get extremely bored in hotel rooms, and that he'll put it on. He then goes up and comes back down with my guitar signed by vai, sheehan, mcalpine and himself! WOOHOO. Plus my demo cd is now in the hands of a Mr Vai. We then meet satch, get him to sign my guitar, photos, chatting about his guitar with a japanese crackle glaze. Then i bump into jeff campatelli (i think thats his name) who is Satch's drummer, he also signs my guitar. I then give 2 demo cd's to the tour manager who after having a lengthy chat to, passes them onto satch.

So i leave the show feeling extremely happy. 88 amazing quality pictures on my camera. 3 Demo cd's in the hands of Steve Vai, Billy Sheehan, Tony Mcalpine, Dave Wiener, jeff campatelli and Joe satriani. A guitar signed by Steve Vai, Billy Sheehan, Tony Mcalpine, Dave Wiener, jeff campatelli and Joe satriani, a signed dave wiener album, as well as a joe satriani guitar pick. All in all fantastic night!!

p.s. i have a amazing great quality picture of the vai band all lined up playing each others guitars. so if want it they are more then welcome.

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Nottingham 29-06-04

#3 Post by kev555 » Mon Jun 28, 2004 10:23 pm

Post your pictures on the board mate, im sure we'd all love to see them.


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#4 Post by badasstommyboy » Tue Jun 29, 2004 2:44 am

yeh i'll post links to a site with em all on, or a select few, once i get round to hosting them. One of the good ones is where vai and satch bow to each other, except on this one satch is still standing so it looks like vai is bowing down to satch. i'll post pics later today.

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#5 Post by littlegreenguy » Tue Jun 29, 2004 3:37 am

oh my dear GOD! what a show!! I phoned up the box office the very MINUTE they started selling tickets and got front row centre!! It was like riding front row Nemisis at Alton towers for two hours!

I've not heard an aweful lot of Fripp b4, just a couple of soundscapes and was really interested and looking forward to hearing him. I wasn't the least bit dissappointed. I can imagine that it isn't accessible to everyone and you need to be quite a bit of a 'listener' to enjoy it. I can understand why certain people who are after super shred skills and guitar throwing might think it was 'mindless drivel' or infinite whale noises or all those other things various people have been saying - it's certainly not as extravertly dynamic as Yngwie... but hang on, (controversially!) isn't Yngwie the shredding equivilant?? Weigh up a set of subtle musical and harmonic changes against a whole set of playing harmonic minor scales as fast as you possibly can over EVERYTHING . Yngwie was a pioneer of his style and is a big influence and I do enjoy his music, but now cos he's so copied and mimiced by uber ammounts of shred heads it all sounds like just the same shred! PLUS imho I don't think his style has really changed an aweful lot over the last 10-15 years (unlike vai and satch who are always developping new ideas) - he's doesn't ever really have anything new to say!

ANYWAY this isn't an Yngwie diss, as i say, I have full respect for his level of playing. All I'm saying is that I thought it was nice to have a contrast of styles. Fripps set, as I appreciated it, was absolutely beautiful. There WAS direction and it wasn't all the same other than being all the same genre...which is what I'm saying about Yngwie's playing for an example. His harmonic choices were superb - there is no WAY you can call this midless and random if you know what you're talking about! Really interesting harmonies and melodies. I really enjoyed the sound as well, how often do you appreciate concerts in stereo? Coupled with the fact that it was all generated with 1 guitar. I thought it was amazing! Not rock, not shred, not throwing your guitar across the stage...all of which I enjoy! but something different, more diverse, beautiful. He brings something new and unique to the instrument - something that Steve and Joe are always doing, just in a different way.

In fact, the only thing I DIDN'T enjoy was the dude behind me saying (not quietly!) how bored he was after like 5 mins! and how they should 'get this c*** off the stage' etc. NO-ONE IS FORCING YOU TO STAY!! the only person that is keeping you there is yourself. It tells you on the tickets and posters and everywhere else who is on the bill, it's not like you were desieved!! - it's YOUR choice whether to buy the ticket or not...and who you turn up to see. It's like buying a ticket to a festival and whining cos you don't like all the artists. Just cos you can't appreciate something (which is fair enough cos everyone has their own tastes) doesn't mean you should spoil it for everyone else. The guy behind thankfully was a little more subtle than some people I have read about on these reviews. But still...don't you have something better to be doing with that moment of your life than sit bored stupid and insult people?!! especially when the door AND the bar are open?! And razor...just cos you can't appreciate something doesn't mean it's shite. A lot of people would discribe Joe and Steve's music as shite, cos they can't appreciate it - they're just into S club 7 and boyzone and stuff!! It certainly doesn't mean that it is! as you will testify.

ANNNYYWAY...I'll stop ranting now! Vai was AWESOME, one of the best times I've seen him (although I'm sure I say that everytime!). Whispering a pryer was SOOO intense...just floored me! He got a standing ovation for it. I guess he switched to playing Shy boy from I know You'R Here cos he had lost his voice!! poor guy! so billy had to take over vocal duties. Although it would have been nice to see the triple neck, Shy Boy rulled as ever and it was just right to pick up the concert pace and kick it from it's ethereal beginnings into full ROCK mode! Every song was awesome, and I didn't mind one bit that a lot of the stuff was on the dvds, cos there ain't NO beating it in the flesh! Especially when you are just sitting two foot away from the man himself!!! Even more astounding was that he managed to put on SUCH a performance feeling like he did...with a head full of road flu and no voice!! I'm guessing this is why he wasn't hanging round too much after Bournemouth - he was pretty rough and didn't make many appearances outside the gig in nottingham either. I waited 4 hours, but at least the weather was good. I did manage to have a chat with Jeremy, Dave and Tony...AND meet Joe!! Who were ALL really great guys and had plenty of time for everyone (which is why I wouldn't read too much into the Bournemouth incident - there comes a time when you really do have to put yourself first. What would you prefer, to meet steve? or to have him feel absolutely shittey for the next do you feel when you have the flu? could you put on a show like this one? Shame that Joe couldn't make an appearance for you tho but at least you got to meet Billy!!!)

Joe was superb too. I always find I appeciate him so much more live that on record. his songs are ideal for live performance. He was playing more over to the left of centre, so didn't get to see as much of him as Vai. But enough to be completely dazzled! He never misses a freakin NOTE! the guys is just awesome.

The jams were cool too, no complaints at all. Even the sound I thought was really good (except for a couple of microphone problems). Joes set did seem a little louder than Vai's, but I could easily cope with it...AND I was sitting RIGHT in front of a speaker!! It's a concert! It's Steve Vai!! It's SUPPOSED to be loud!!! :wink: You guys are just getting old!! :lol: :wink: I thought the mix was good too and any bad levels were sorted out very quickly.

Word up to Scott and Jen who I met at the front...hope you got home ok!

And to Steve....I hope you enjoyed the Yogi tea and stuff! Get well soon!

Sorry this is long! But I have a lot to say! Fantastic evening, a really highlight of my life! I hope I remember it for years to come!

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#6 Post by Ben Notts » Tue Jun 29, 2004 6:21 am

This is my G3 review:

Robert Fripp: I throught that some of his sounds were good and I liked the visual effects on the whit back-drop sceen and did some good solo's during the jam.

Steve Vai: I loved his set and I enjoyed hearing Shy Boy, Giant Balls Of Gold,The Reaper,Whispering An Pray,For The Love God and the other songs during his set.

Joe Satriani: I enjoyed Joe's set and I also enjoyed hearing some of the songs from Is There Love In Space and some of the well known songs.

The G3 Jam: I like the jam and hearing an King Crimson song for the 1st time and I love Ice 9 and the mad! song that Steve did and Rockin' In The Free World (which I'am teaching my-self to play).

So thats my G3 review,
Ben :D :lol:

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Stevies cold

#7 Post by Gary5150 » Tue Jun 29, 2004 9:09 am

Glad you all enjoyed it, bit miffed we couldn't meet Vai or satch, but with Stevie ill, I'm just glad he played like he did for us in Bournemouth. Me I would of been in bed, moaning about how close I was to death!!!!

Roll on the next gigs is all I say.

Rock er................. Rocks!!

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#8 Post by jbobjerew » Tue Jun 29, 2004 11:10 am


This was the first time I've ever seen G3 or any of it's participants, and i have to say it rocked! The first dude, Robert Fripp, I thought was good to start off with, some of his music/sounds were very beautiful and hypnotic, but there's only so much of that sort of thing i can take in one go, as it is kinda repetive, although interesting,but i think half an hour of it in one session is a bit much, for me anyway. I did hear someone behind me say "do you think he plays it all as one song so he's not embarassed when no one claps" which i thought was a bit harsh though, he's obviously a great guitar player, as he proved in the jam.

When Vai's band came on, I was completely in awe of the dude, although also being blinded by the light reflected off of Billy Sheehan's leather trousers. Shyboy rocks and is a perfect opener. I felt sorry for Steve losing his voice though, poor dude. Giant Balls of Gold was also great, and i was pleasantly surprised to hear The Reaper from Bill and Ted, that seriously kicked ass.

Whispering a prayer was goddamn awesome!! I think it is one of the most beautiful pieces of music i have ever heard. As soon as i heard the keyboard chords at the beginning i was seriously hypnotised.

I was surprised to hear the changed for the love of god, i still thought it was amazing though, i have waited years to hear this live and i was not disappointed.

The whole set was amazing, and the whole band were too, the new drummer was damn good.

Satch was also awesome, as expected, and his band rocked too.

The jam kicked serious ass, with ice 9 to start with (i recently played this song in London with a band that had 7 guitarists!!). I wish they had played for much longer.

I am so envious of the people who got the aftershow tickets!

G3 rocks! \m/\m/

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#9 Post by badasstommyboy » Tue Jun 29, 2004 11:31 am

The whole set was amazing, and the whole band were too, the new drummer was damn good.
yeh he was really good. He seemed to stand out as a musician in his own right, whee as quite often, drummers seem to get left in the background. He was extremely cool. Dave Wiener was such a cool guy, plus his album shove the sun aside is fantastic. (p.s. secret track 10 - daves party piece from the astoria dvd. )

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#10 Post by Vaitalitarion » Tue Jun 29, 2004 12:30 pm

littlegreenguy wrote:
Word up to Scott and Jen who I met at the front...hope you got home ok!

And to Steve....I hope you enjoyed the Yogi tea and stuff! Get well soon!
I enjoyed it thoroughly too, I met Steve and Satch and Jeff Campitelli, and...Scott is my guitar teacher! :lol: It's a small world. :lol: Once I broke a string literally minutes before I went to lesson and he let me use his beautiful JEM for the lesson 8) It played itself.

Anyways, yup, what a sahweet gig. Fripp started off gently with his set, but the jam :shock: WHATTTTT. The sounds coming from his guitar were pure evil!
\m/ (><) \m/ I loved it. Me an ma buddys were screaming for him!

Anyways, peace out people, Daniel

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#11 Post by NoAngel » Tue Jun 29, 2004 3:25 pm

Well, I think I've just about returned to Earth after last night's awesome show, oh and I can hear again :) - no complaints - littlegreenguy, you're right it is supposed to be loud!!!

This was the first time I've seen any of these guys play live. I hope the rumours are true and Steve will be back in England and, preferably, Nottingham next summer.

It's all been said, so I can only add thanks to all the musicians who played so brilliantly to entertain us all. They looked as though they were all enjoying themselves (except we couldn't see Robert!)

For me Whispering a Prayer was the best - it was played so beautifully it sent shivers down my spine, my husband said it was the air conditioning, but I'm not so sure :lol:

Hope Steve is better soon

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#12 Post by Russ » Wed Jun 30, 2004 4:18 am

Ok, this is the second time I've seen G3 at the concert hall. The last time was in 97 when Leggy was the third guy, which was a little disappointing mainly due to the fact that he was mainly like a support act, doing his bit at the start and then never seen again... I say this only as a point to show I do know what sound should be like at the concert hall....

Because I don't know if the regular sound guy was ill with the same thing that Steve Vai had gone down with, but seriously the mix was awful, the last time I heard a mix as bad as that was, well, I don't think I ever have heard a mix as bad as that!

I'm not going to comment on Fripp, because his mix was fine. Interesting choice of music to start a rock gig I'll admit and although I was saddened to see lots of people leave the audience I wasn't surprised.

I expect gigs like this to be loud. What I also expect it to be able to hear the music. It was just not possible at some points to hear what was being played over the intense feedback that was coming through the house speakers. I could see what Satch & Vai et all were doing (only just what Fripp was doing due to his bizarre need to remain cocooned off in the corner...) but at times all that was coming across was the extraneous noise from the feedback. This wasn't just too loud, it was an awful mix.

During Vai's set the drummer was at time inaudible and at times you could see him standing up in what looked like an attempt to attract attention to this, although he was obviously having some kind of problem also due to the roadies messing with his kit quite a few times.
Billy Sheehan, one of the greatest bass players to ever grace the stage, was so low down in the mix it was a travesty of justice. One of my Bass students was at the gig too with his drummer father, and I was gutted for them both.
Amazingly this was as good as it got. The mix for Satch's set got worse and worse, there were times when the drums and bass just vanished from the sound spectrum - particularly when the jam kicked in. Everything just blended into a big wash of noise.

This was not about volume levels, this is about mixing with no concept of balance. Rooms, venues etc have limits to the levels they can stand and how they shape the sound. It's not rocket science really. My ears are still ringing - I now know how tinnitus sufferes feel!

Don't take this the wrong way, I enjoyed the music when I could hear it, I'm a huge fan of both Satch & Vai - in fact two early picture LP's of Surfing with the Alien and Passion & Warfare inspired my early guitar playing life - and will certainly always go to their shows. Always awesome to see at the very least.

Next time though I may well take out the guy at the front of house desk and do it myself!

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#13 Post by Mattw » Wed Jun 30, 2004 11:18 am

Having seen Steve and Joe live before on their respective solo tours a few years back not to mention the hours I have spent watching prior G3 and Solo DVDs I had a fair idea what to expect and knew G3 should be a great experience.

I hadn't come across Robert Fripp before I got the tickets. His introduction to the show was definately a contrast to what was to follow. I thought he created some interesting and beautiful sounds from his guitar and it was something that I hadn't really heard from anyone else. The volume was great for his set too. I imagine his positioning on stage was to keep all his equipment to hand and minimize the delay between himself and Steve's Band.

Steve started his improvised lead into Shyboy just off the stage to the left and played a great set despite obviously being quite ill. How he manages to still do all his guitar acrobatics and play like that when feeling terrible I don't know but the whole band really gel together and were incredible. It was nice to hear "Answers" and "The Reaper" plus as was the case last time I found "Whispering a Prayer" is not something easily forgotten live.

Joe's performance was technically flawless as ever and yet with great feel. It was fantastic to hear so many new songs from "Is There love In Space" as well as some classics from his earlier work. The only downside was that at times it was difficult to pick out all the guitar parts as to my ears the bass drowned out some of the middle and low end. This wasn't a problem on Songs like "Always With Me, Always With You" were his tone was beautiful it was just the heavier numbers and unfortunately the voulme increased during the set as well.

The G3 jam showed another side of Robert Fripp as he played well with Steve and Joe. It was great to watch the trading of great lead lines and the energy that exists between them. For me the only real improvement would be the volume and mix as this didn't change from earlier.

All in all I can't wait for another show. I hope Steve and Joe manage to fit in solo tours in the UK soon and I can alway hope for my dream show - a G3 with Brian May.

Anyone know if any of the shows are to be made into a DVD? Please do!

lee occleshaw
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#14 Post by lee occleshaw » Wed Jun 30, 2004 12:53 pm

This was the 1st gig I have ever been too (other than my dads - heh, I'm only a kid at 15 :P )

One word - AMAZING

Wasn't keen on Fripp though...a guy sat in a chair hidden behind some speakers or something, playing a long moaning noise for...30 minutes
:x So many people got bored and started just talking between themselves...I also made jokes about throwing Minstrels at him to shut him up but I never got round to it.

After a long session of half falling asleep, half wanting to kill myself Vai came on and made the night for me. Shit he's good - same the Satch, just brilliant (and entertaining - unlike Fripp!!!)

I don't want to offend any Fripp fans out there but my dad and I were so dissapointed at him, especially after watching previous G3 DVD's with Malmsteen etc. 8)

It was a great experience being in the presence of the greatest two guitarists in the world...I hope I will be able to see them live another time as I enjoyed it so much.

PS. I bought a T-shirt :roll:
PPS. :twisted:

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#15 Post by Cartman07 » Wed Jun 30, 2004 2:03 pm

Wow what an amazing night!!!
It all started quite badly for myself driving from sunny Rotherham to Derby (to mi mates) and then from Derby to Nottingham by train and if it could go wrong it did! Due to a series of mishaps me and my mate arrived at the show at just turned 8 :cry: I was gutted! However walking into the venue to the all-mighty cry of Mr Vai's guitar soon had the adrenaline rushing and the leg bouncing. As I opened the door the sounds just hit me WOW what a rush it was like i was tango-ed or something?!?! The performance was truely outstanding with words just unable to do the show any type of justice. The final Vai song, For the love of god, was just truely amazing (it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end!!!) and left me in a total state of........ I cant find words!! :shock:

Old Joe hey! he never fails to amaze me. I saw him in 97 (I think?) as part of the G3 line-up in Sheffield he was truely amazing apart from the fact that he looked like he was bored out of his mind (a long time on the road maybe!?) With this in mind I was expecting a lot less from him then what I actually got. My god what a cool dude! the hat, the glasses and the ripped jeans, cool!! He may have looked like an ordinary guy straight from Glastonbury but my god can this man entertain. He is just so good. Again his performance left me speachless (and almost deaf!). 8)

Due to the aforementioned mis-haps I missed Robert Fripp's performance :cry: I hear he was good anyway. Good enough then.

The whole G3 experience is one not to be missed and if you were one of the unfortunate ones who missed it I strongly recommend looking out for the next tour and buying your tickets well in advance. Words simply can not do the perfomance any justice at all.

T back in sunny old Rotherham! Mis-hap free :twisted:

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