Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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Did you attend this show at the Apollo in MANCHESTER, ENGLAND?

We'd love to read your reviews of the show!


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Good Concert…

I hadn’t heard Robert Fripp’s Material, and thank Christ I hadn’t! For those of you who are good at anagrams, this slot was utter !!!ETIHS
Sorry Guys, Mr Fripp should never have been on the G3 list, as past performers lived up to the expectations! He didn’t ever say anything. I actually thought he was paraplegic until the end of the show; even then he didn’t take a bow!

Steve and Joe were both on top form which outweighed the displeasure of the first half hour!
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Quality concert (I completely missed Robert Fripp)

Here are some pics:
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Firstly, I wasn't there. However, I have been reading every review from this tour back through the Scandinavian leg.

Maybe Robert Fripp is not perfectly suited for this tour, although to some he may be. Maybe he's not exactly David Lee Roth on stage. Maybe he's slightly eccentric.

But from what some people have been saying, it's almost as if Robert Fripp had a lawnmower hovering just inches above a pin full of puppies, whilst Hitler's theme was oozing from Mr. Fripp's amps.

Obviously everyone has a right to like what they choose, but I find it hard to believe so many people are being such babies about hearing and seeing something that's certainly a pleasant start to all of the shredding that will begin soon thereafter.

I wish I could be on that side of the pond to see it all.
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This was the first time I'd ever seen Steve (or Joe) live in concert and I loved every seconds of it! Robert Fripp did kind of hang back for most of the gig. I saw him do a few cool solos, though. He's probably the best 70-something year old I've ever seen play guitar.

Steve cracked me up when he said "Yeah, I got a cold. Gotta be careful I don't get snot on my guitar... Hey, I wonder if that'd help me play faster..."

My personal highlight was when Joe played "Always With Me, Always With You".

Would've liked to see more of Steve's guitars. The triple-necked beast got a brief look in at the start but that was it. "Keep On Rockin' In The Free World" was a great song to go out on.

Can't wait until next Summer, guys. My vote's for Petrucci to play. THAT would be special. :D
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Sorry I know this isn't a review but I thought I'd ask here ...whats the volume level like? Some people in the past couple of shows said its far too loud and Im just wondering if the sound people have fixed this yet?
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First off Robert Fripp : I was looking forward to seeing him and it was interesting, athough I have to say G3 isn't the best platform for his music. He certainly made some interesting sounds with just a guitar, but it had no direction which obviously didn't suit a rock audience. I like ambient music, but not in this setting.

Next up Vai: He casually walked onstage and started playing the triple neck intro to I Know You're Here. Amazing to see him at such close quarters (I was a couple of rows back, directly in front of him). There was a problem with the fretless neck on the triple neck which ruined it a bit, so he switched to Flo for the rest of the song.

His set was excellent, Whispering a Prayer was the highlight for me, although the "soft" intro to FTLOG was also amazing :) . Also great to see him do some different stuff like The Reaper. Steve's playing was pretty flawless, even though he had a cold and kept having to blow his nose mid song!

Satch came on next: Another great JS set, I was stunnned by his playing - he just gets better and better. A few too many screaming harmonics IMHO (I forgot my earplugs :roll: ) but neverless a great performance. His set was mainly new material, but the highlight for me was "War" segueing into Flying in a Blue Dream.

Robert Fripp re-joined Satch for War and FIABD and I think this worked really well, although I could hear others in the crowd moaning. Then Vai came back and they jammed Ice 9 which unbelievable. This was followed by Red by King Crimson, which I thought worked really well as well although again the crowd seemed un-convinced. Next up they performed "The Mirror" which sounded like a cross between The God Eaters and the middle 8 of Bad Horsie from the Astoria DVD, with Robert Fripp providing the keyboard sounds Vai added to the DVD mix. The show finished with a Jam on Rocking in the Free World which was excellent as usual.

All in all a great show, very very loud (not as loud as the last time I saw Vai though) but still highly enjoyable.

The bonus was the aftershow, which I attended. After waiting for what seemed like an eternity Satch came in the room and was extremely friendly, he took time to speak to everyone individually. Then Steve came in with Dave W. and worked his way around the room as well. They were happy to chat and sign stuff, and of course pose for photos. I'm very thankful for the opportunity to meet Steve, although I felt like a teenage groupie again!

lyona - you must have been sitting in right front of me, your photos are all taken from my exact viewpoint! In fact there is someone holding a digital camera up in front of me in one of my photos - it's probably you 8)
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I attended the gig with nine of our guitar students. The show knocked us all out, especially Steves set.
Robert Fripp was interesting, although we missed him come onto the stage and it took a while to work out if he was a roadie or a performer. He's very different and I liked him, although some of our party were not entirely convinced....until he laid into the guitar at the jam, jaws dropped!!!
Steve then came on and was under the spell of a cold and a runny nose - hence the green shirt, same colour as snot you see. He can have the biggest candles hanging down but nobody would know. In true Vai style, Steve incorporated his running nose into his playing by wiping his nose whilst playing complicated lines. All the band were amazing.
Joe then played a cracking set and really got the crowd up on our feet.
The jam at the end was great because it showcased Fripp's rockier playing, making the evening a good platform for him to show his overall musicianship.
We went to the aftershow and it was great to see our students faces as they struggled to find things to say to the guys, they were in awe. Obviously, my face would have been pretty much the same. Joe was in high spirits and I think it was good of Steve to come out and meet us even though he was a little under the weather, a true pro and all round nice guy. I spent a bit of time talking to Dave about his new album. I hope he does really well with it because he is so unassuming and down to earth, and a great guitarist.
Thanks Dave for your time. Thanks Steve for allowing us on the guest list and still meeting everyone, despite having cold, and thanks Joe for a great night.
One more thing. I saw the G3 tour in '97 and I thought that Steve was at the cutting edge then and that guitar could not get anymore advanced but Steve has toured again with a whole new set of tools which takes the genre even further.
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It was a long time since I had been to a gig............. it was worth the wait!!!

It was a pity Robert Fripp was tucked away at the back of the stage in a corner, I think perhaps people may have been able to appreciate what he was about had he been more visible. However, saying that, his style of music wasnt what people were expecting and from where I was sitting fairly near the back, the volume of the audience chatting etc was almost as loud as he was. I like ambient music in the right setting and would listen to his music again to chill out to at home when I would probably be able to appreciate it more.

Steve, well what can I say!!.......incredible, Whispering a Prayer had to be the high spot for me along with FTLOG with its new intro, and even with a streaming cold Steve played to perfection. The Vai Band were showmen all the way, high energy combined with excellent musicianship. Without mentioning them all individually, cos I could go on all day, I just have to say....Billy Sheehan ROCKS!!!.

Joe came on after a short break and the whole audience stood up, so I didnt see much after this ( yes, I am a pigmy :wink: ) but I stood there anyway soaking up the vibes. The sound was fantastic and Robert Fripp joined in on some songs but again couldnt be seen. Joe played a lot of new stuff in his set alongside a couple of old fave's such as Flying in a Blue Dream.

The Jam at the end rocked the whole place and even Robert Fripp played a few riffs!!...then after ending with Rocking in a Free World they were gone....I would have liked to have seen the Vai Band back onstage at the end but it was not to be....I will just have to wait till next time....
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It was my frist g3 gig and frist time i had ever seem joe and steve at a gig. i love the gig :D it was great fun and great to see and hear them play. did not like Robert Fripp but by look at the message not a lot of peopel did :( i enjoyed all the songs played by steve and joe. what a pain that steve broke that string at the start i was likeing that song. thanks joe and steve hope to see your gig next year or soewhere else in the world
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G3 Manchester - Immense

Itis the best concert from Vai and Satriani that i have ever seen. at seat c23 youcould make out all of vai's expressions. and the sound was perfect.

It was also great to see Joe moving stage centre more. last time i was sat at the extreme right and that would block my view. The way joe's song moved from War to Flyin in a blue dream was amazing

Thanks to Dave and Billy for allowing just to say thanks for the gig.

best song of the night

via's best song - Reaper (with a touch of the animal in the middle) although the way Tony Mcalpine started For the love of god was special.

Satch best song - is there love in space. (robert fripp did some amazing sounds in the background to this song that was well suited)

Vai will be playing the UK next year

I hope you all enjoy the gig as much as i did
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I'm not very good at giving reviews but.
Fripp: Going from a progressive rocker in King Crimson to doing soundscapes and using his guitar in a completely different way. Ok, all he did was sit down but that was because he had to keep tweaking his rack, he was still fantastic, and has all of my respect. With the shredding he did as well in the jam, i was like :shock: :o couldn't believe it. Hes a quality guitarist.
Satriani: Joe, fantastic guitarist as many people know anyway, however, his set was very impressive, but when he used the same techniques over and over and over again, i did find it to be dragging, but still a very good performance.
Vai: Vai, fucking best guitarist i have ever seen. His performance was fantastic, there was no words to describe it, being a guitarist myself, i was sat with my boyfriend and his mate, and vai made me feel so inferior to him. However, after the show we got to meet him, nicest guy you could ever meet. He signd my back plate and my t-shirt and had a conversation with me.
Best gig iv ever been to. Vai was fantastic beyond words.
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Here's my 2 cents on the gig.. I missed Fripp coz I turned up 30 mins late. Just got in when Vai was going nuts on that 3-necked beast. Vai's playing never fails to astound me... Fav moments in his set were Whispering a Prayer (esp when he went into Pt 2 of the song with that siren-like whammy ride...) and also when he did that song with the off-beat groove that i've never heard before.. The band sounded really tight on that one. For the Love of God had a cool intro.. but the groove for it sounded wrong and I didn't feel it coming through as it usually does.

First time I've seen Satch live and he was a nice change up to Vai's crazy antics. Played the intro to Cool #9 with real soul and it gave me chills listening to the licks he came up with. "Always" also sounded amazing. He's probably been hanging out too much with Petrucci.. judging by that 3-part song he played at the end and it sounded a bit prog rock too... :lol: I think he had a problem with his Whammy pedal or something coz it wasn't catching the high notes in his first few songs.. but that got sorted out later on in his set. His guitar was also too loud (if there's such a thing) so much so that it drowned out his vocals.. Which from what I managed to hear were much improved from a previous rendition of "Big Bad Moon" that I've heard played live.

Vai and Satch played some amazing stuff... but the mixing was horrible.. the guitars lost definition with Satch's baritone and were waaaay too screechy with the high notes... and not just when they were using the Whammy pedal. Billy's amazing bass playing was wasted by his bass being drowned in the mix. And the overall volume was waay to high.. (No i'm not some 79 year old geezer with sensitive ears). I don't know if the problems with the PA were the fault of the venue because I watched Dream Theater there a few months ago and the mixing was spot on.

Flame me if you want to.. but the G3 jam was disappointing. After hyping myself up for it I didn't feel the rush that I would have if Vai or Satch were playing alone. It was also impossible to hear Fripp coz he was turned down so much. I wanted to go home midway through the jam. Hope that the next G3 tour (with Paul Gilbert, I hear!!) will include Manchester too (and that they'll get the damn mixing right this time)..
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Robert Fripp!
Immensley talented musician and all that but I couldn't help thinking during the set that I was about to get a massage! VERY relaxing :roll:

Steve Vai!
Hats off to Stevie for doing the gig with a streaming hooter :shock: (it means "nose" in England, guys!). There was the odd dud note but Stevie's duds are better better than most people's good ones! Great to hear The Reaper. Billy Sheehan was too low in the mix.

Robert Fripp!
Started his set again, went to the Gents. Came back...oh no, it's...

Joe Satriani!

Fooled! :oops:
I've always been a Vai person but Satch was just on fire and I'll be going out to get the new album today. However I have a confession to make...
I was one of the sad people out in the foyer listening to the England v Portugal penalty shoot out via my mobile phone whilst FIABD echoed eerily from the theatre.

Came back just in time for the G3 jam, King Crimson's Red being a personal highlight, messrs Vai and Satriani stepping back in awe at Robert Fripp's lead breaks...amazing! :wink:

Roll on G3 '05. Hank Marvin, anyone? :?
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The show was spectacular, I missed Robert Fripp, I came in just as Steve was starting.
I thought Steve's set was a little slow paced, although very good, I think adding "Bad Horsie", I would love to, or something like that, could have pepped it up a bit.
As for Joe, the opening 15 minutes was great, but then, as he has a habit of doing, he kills the momentum with long warbling solos that go nowhere. In the time he spent playing those we could have had surfing with the alien,big bad moon, back to shalla bal, summer song.
As for after the show, the show finished at aorund 11.00, we waited at the stage door until around 11.20, but no sign of Steve or Joe ? What happened after that ? Were the people waiting invited in ? did steve or joe come out. or not ?
we had to get home, wokr next day etc. but Id love to know what went on after the show, so next time we can wait a little longer !?
Can anyone tell me please?
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