Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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Did you attend this show at Clyde Auditorium in GLASGOW, SCOTLAND?

Please post your review here! We love to read them! 8)


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Yeah I did, just got back from it! :twisted:

You guys must have brought the bad weather with you, 'cause the past two weeks were pretty good! :wink: (btw Joe, your choice of 'I like the rain' was spot on!) btw, Bob Dylan was playing 'next door'.

Seriously, I thought the gig was excellent. First time seeing Steve live, having seen Joe at the SECC 3 times before and at other venues like the Barras'.

To be honest, I don't know much about Robert Fripp or his music, and I guess some of the later tunes in the show were his. One in particular was excellent (didn't catch the name), but to be honest, I'm surprised at the choice purely from a 'live' standpoint. Hey, but what the hell do I know.

Most of the concert was Joe and Steve, which for me was a dream come true to see you guys jammin' and playin' some great music!!!!!!!!

All I (and no doubt your many supporters) wish for now is, a joint studio album from you both. How about the title 'ALIENS AMONG US'. :wink:

Thanks again for a great concert/experience and above all, for the music over the years!

Best regards,
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I am just back from the concert and wow!

I was right up front so I was damn close to the action!

I arrived just as Fripp was starting. Wow. Not many people got what he was doing, but I was blown away. I was completely knew to Fripp, I have heard of him, but never heard. I thought we would be some jazzy guy! What orchestration skills, he would make Brian May sweat! The use of effects to built melody upon melody, layer upon layer was incredible. I am definitely going to check him out! Also raised the old eyebrows when they were all out at the end and Satch points to the corner and Fripp rips up the fretboard!

Vai exploded on the scene next. What an experience. What a guy! You can tell he really draws inspiration from the crowd! When he does those wee squiggly bits, he looks right at you with his funny faces and seems to make sure you are happy before continuing. I was bouncing about on my seat so I caught his attention quite a few times! He was simply amazing though. His band were fantastic too, some top class musicians (Billy Sheehan no less!!)

It was Satch’s turn after that! What an amazing player he is! Really does have a groove going on. He has such a good sense of melody that at times I just closed my eyes and let the music take me places!

The three of them together was great, and for the finisher they done a cover of Neil Young’s Keep On Rockin’ The Free World! And it was rockin’!! Steve seen me sing along giving it wally and indicated for all of us to get out our seats and come up to the stage, which we were happy to oblige!

All in all the best concert I have seen, had such a good time!
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Steve was brilliant.

Top gig, didn't get in on time to hear Fripp so I'm gutted about that. Steve was incredible although I heard someone saying he was a bit off tonight. I wish I was a bit off like that. Steve's band are superb. Steve is superb his music is superb. Yes I quite like it.

Steve was brilliant.

I was blown away by Joe, he is so accurate at speed I've never heard live playing like it. Satch Boogie, was stunning.

Steve was brilliant.

The Jam was superb. Steve is the greatest because its a seated venue which really sucks so during the Jam Steve Got people up and rockin down the front, some lucky devil even got to dump pitch for Steve. Steve is a superb entertainer as well as musician.

I had an after show pass and that was great. Photos and signings. Billy Sheehan had his arms outstretched to hug a couple of cute after show regular girls, I shouted "Me first" and to my amazement he actually hugged me. Billy Sheehan is totally down to earth and really willing to chat to people on equal terms.

Steve was brillaint.

Steve and Joe were gentlemen. It was a privilege to meet them.

Downsides to the gig were:

1. The venue: seated gigs should be against the law for rock music.
2. The experts: Not the ones on stage, they were great. The dickheads who sat behind me discussing Steve’s tone and technique. Especially during Whispering a Prayer.

Oh yes.....Steve was brilliant.
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Just back from it now, still catching my breath.
That was the best thing i have ever seen ever. The harmonic trading between every one on stage was unbelievable, youll know what i mean when you see it. As for Fripp, it was okay for the first 10 minutes but after woulds it got a little repetatitive, he got a good reception from the crowd though so he must be pretty happy for there to be no booing. It was also great fun in the last song with every one up the front, a bit more overall crowd response would have been better but it was made mutch harder with all the seating. Not an empty seat in the house. Also the noise level was absolutely perfect, no earplugs needed. Any one that has not seen it yet is in for a treat. Oh yes. :D :D :D

Also the aftershow was great most where there apart from Dave Weiner and T Mac. Got my DS-1 sighned by every one, it now is unique.
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Wow, G3 last night.
Breathtaking, Life-changing, amazing, stunning.

Bloody excellent.

Steve Vai is my hero and I probably could have died happy last night after Steves set. Excellent and perfect in every way (I touched Flo and shook Steve's hand!)

Fripp: Crazy! I wasn't expecting a full string orchestra from one guitar! Very interesting to listen to, I'm gonna have to check out some King Crimson now.

Satch: Well, what can be said that hasn't already. Joe was amazing.

Vai is and was my fave last night and his performance and his music has changed my life. Pure, utter, brilliance.

Oh yea, btw, anyone know the name of Steve's Drummer last night? I didn't catch his name but I did catch his sticks :lol:

Joe (Complete Vai Devotee)
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Ahh... What a night it was. The show was amazing. But, I'm not going to describe that seeing as everyone else already has... Highlight of the day (asides from seeing him live) was actually meeting Steve.
Me and my friend had got to the auditorium about 2.30pm to try and maybe get a glimpse of Steve or Joe before the show so we thought we would look about. As luck would have it the tour bus' were all parked round the back with no security between us and the backstage door (which for Glasgow is unusual cause normally there's at least one guy out back whining at you to move). So after about 50 minutes of standing there in the pouring rain and wind who happens to walk out one of the busses? STEVE AND HIS FAMILY :D :D :D
He just kinda walked out and noticed us trying to decide if we were imagining that we were seeing this and we walked over and said hi and could you sign this/can we have a photo type of thing. The most interesting thing about it was how down to earth he was, we kept sayin thanks for standing out here in this weather to talk to us for a minute like this (though he ended pu staying about 15) and he said something along the lines of "it's the least I can do for guys like you that wait out in the pouring rain just to see me". We then sat and talked to him a bit and found out a. he's played about 30 years b. he started playing guitar because he thought it was like the coolest looking and sounding instrument ever and c. He was interested if there were any castles near by. Shortly after this he had to go for sound check.

After this we waited out in the rain for about another 3 hours (at this point a few more people had showed up) and we met Jeremy (who walked pat a good 3 or four times between the buses before we were sure who he was) - who sat and talked to us for a good 20 minutes by the back stair smoking and drinking Dr Pepper. He was pretty cool as well (And one hell of a drummer! He was like Keith Moon live). During the day we also seen Mr Fripp - who by all accounts is extremely shy- once when he darted out from the wee red micra that was being driven about like a taxi and into the backstage door. And once when he walked out the other door to go on to Joe's bus to get his suit for the preformance (random point: Under the stairs he walked down there was a really loud and abusive drunken hobo sleeping, if he'd known that he probably would've walked through us instead!) but when he walked back he wouldn't sign anything or come talk to us. He just smiled, waved, blew a few kisses, said "enjoy the show" and walked backstage.

Later, Steve's wife came back out and said hi to all of us and that she was going to try get Steve to come back out after sound check. And unbelieveably she actually apologized as her and Steve had tried to get us out of the cold and in to sit and watch soundcheck but security were having none of it. Assholes. Anyways Steve came back out again with Jeremy and Billy :) Signed a lot of stuff, and gave out and got given a pick or two and then eventually left. As a matter of fact we heard a good bit of the soundcheck anyways. Even though we were in the pouring rain and freezing cold there was a huge hole in the wall that wires came in and out and when you stood there you could hear it not to bad.

By this time it was about 5 o'clock and after waiting for another 2 hours to see if we could catch Satch I decided to go in to the show. (As a point, Joe never showed at all really. Steve told us that he always shows up like 10 minutes before he goes on. So i never caught Joe as I was in seeing Robert Fripp doing what i can only describe as stoner orchestral music.)

Show was awesome, Vai is not of this earth. The G3 jam was kick ass as well (everyone in the lowest part of the venue all just got out there seats and ran up at the stage. Security couldn't cope. :D :D :D). After show I went back outside and met Vai a 3rd time! Cept this time there were about a hundred people but I still managed to talk to him a bit amongst everyone. But, he wasn't shaking hands anymore cause he thinks he might have the cold (He has juge hands. Is taller than I thought. And had kinda lost his voice a bit when he was talking. Sorry Steve :S Maybe it was cause you were talking to us for a bit in the rain :S ) Anyhow, I just thought I'd put this up to point out how cool and down to earth Steve is and that although I didn't dwell on it from some of the things we seen that day that I didn't really mention he also seems to be a real family man. Oh and next time play Eugene's trick bag :P :P :P

ps. I'll post photo's up when there developed.
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Excellent! Can't wait to see photos!

I was in row C, and consequently got my ears blasted off!!! Satch was, my God, INCREDIBLY musical. He seeped music and soul in his songs, and was every bit as good as Steve!! When Vai came out, it was like a dream! I couldn't believe it! I'm lost for words, it was just an incredible moment!!!! (The only bad thing about where I was seated is that I couldn't get a face-on view of the guitar). Anyway, I don't think I need to mention how well Steve performed, it was simply amazing! Robert's soundscaping was excellent! A lot of people were talking through his set and didn't get it, but man, it was great!!!!!
Highlights: when Satch and Joe came to our side of the stage and looked straight at us!!! Sounds sad, but I thought it was cool, those incredible musicians just smiling at you!
Also, I liked it at the end of the jam when everybody ran to the front and formed some sort of a mosh-pit!!! I saw Steve throwing a plec, and found it on the floor, woohoooooo!!!!
"Is there Love in Space" and "For the Love of God" were excellent!!!!! FTLOG was played a little more different than usual, and sounded amazing!

A BIIGGGG thanks for gracing rainy Scotland with your presence guys, you have no idea (maybe you do :lol: ) what it means to us!
Next time, I hope it might be in Edinburgh :wink: :lol:
3rd G next year: PAUL GILBERT The fans will go crazy!!!

Too much to say, great night!
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I'm not going to write lots of pish picking last nights to bits.
Let it just be said that THE GIG FUCKIN ROCKED.

Thanks guys, don't be too long before you come back.
I'm getting G3 withdrawel symptoms already.

Cheers, long-time fan ( 17 years and I love it )

Is everyone aware Mike Keneally's new album Dog is out now,
I got an e-mail this morning.A nice post G3 gig surprise.


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I was sat right in the middle of the rear stalls so I couldnt see much really. But WOW what a night. It was the first gig I'd ever been to in my life, apart from my own, when I died on my ass. Fripps set was kinda cool cos it was just so different. Things really started to heat up when Steve walked out. His set was amazing. It was a little annoying cos 2 songs were played that i didnt know, but it was great ahyhoo. I think i totally converted my friend who was with me now heeehee. However someone suggested seats should be banned during concerts like that, which is true, cos Satchs set was begging for people to get up n jump around, apart from when he played AWMAWY. I SOOOOOOO wished my g/f was with me, cos she loves that song lol. Besides my head STILL ringing, it was a great night anyways, first G3 show, and it won't be my last

PS. If anyone saw me i was the kid with the green hat and grey hoodie being anti-social :lol:
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As a "first timer" to the G3 live experience I was nothing less than astounded at the talent on show. Not only Mr Vai, Satriani and Fripp but the backing bands were among the most entertaining musicians i have ever seen.

The stigma surrounding Robert Fripp was exciting to say the least, a legend some might say. But while I respect his ability as a musician, he seems to have lost the "edge" which made him such a household name in days gone by. I was rather dissapointed in his solo performance, most notably because i couldnt see him throughout. I understand that he isnt as agile as he once was but perhaps a chair in the middle of the stage would have been an idea? However, it was an amazing experience even for that 2 second glimpse of the great man as he stood up to take a bow.

Second up was Steve Vai. Now to say this was a jaw dropping performance would be a dire understatement. I was dumfounded by every aspect of his set, and the roars from the crowd are a sign that i was not the only one. The backing band at this point really need some credit as ( and I have seen a lot of bands and performers ) they were absolutely fantastic, nowhere else have i seen such a solid rhythmn section and the backing guitars were quite simply flawless.

Last but most certainly not least was Joe Satriani, small in stature, big in attitude. Mr Satriani's approach wasnt quite so effects oriented as Steve's but was equally as entertaining with astounding sustain and glass-shattering harmonics galore. Again, the backing band, while half the size of Vai's were a sight to behold.

The awe inspiring finale to the show was all three men on stage ( accompanied by Satriani's band ). Once again Robert Fripp was hidden behind some speakers at the back left of the stage and was impossible to see from my left stalls seat. However, the show must go on. What a nice touch is was that Joe and Steve payed homage to the great Fripp by playing some of King Crimson's song ( Fripp's old band ), and ending on "Keep on Rocking in the Free World".

Overall the G3 Experience is one which I will not soon forget. And I wait with baited breath for the next time it comes round to Glasgow. Thankyou to all the performers for putting on such a fantastic show and I hope all those in the audience enjoyed it as much as I did.

Chris Tobin
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I was at it i was right at the front, for the last performance i was pressed against the stage Vai let me take a pick from his guitar he said " Take one only please!" cause he only had 2 left so i took one he gave me a shot on the trem bar, and i caught one of the drummers sticks!
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saw u from where i was sitting eddie, and what a catch it was :lol:
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Robert Fripp: I'm a King Crimson fan, I have most of their albums, but I have to say I was extremely disappointed with his set. All he did was his extremely boring ambient soundscapes stuff, which any mediocre guitarist can do with a guitar synth. I'm not against that kind of music, but there's a time and a place, and last night was neither. In contrast to Steve Vai, Fripp is the worst performer I have seen at a gig of this size. Half of the audience couldn't even see him behind the speakers and his rack! At least he faced the audience this time. (Last time I saw him he had his back to the crowd for the entire gig!) Sorry Robert, but you can do better than this. You're an amazing guitarist, and you could have blown us away if you'd felt like it.

Steve Vai: Steve was, as always, mindblowing! Steve Vai is a brilliant entertainer - his shows are always fantastic. I especially liked the stunt where the three guitarists and the bass player all swapped necks!. Billy Sheehan is an awesome bass player, and he works well with Vai. His new material is well up to the standard of "Passion & Warfare" and other older stuff. Simply awesome!

Joe Satriani: Joe is, of course, a brilliant guitarist, and his set had some brilliant moments (always with me, always with you & Ice 9 especially), but he was rather overshadowed by Steve Vai. To be honest I was a bit bored at times during his set. If it had been just a Satch gig, I'd have said it was a great gig, but against the mighty Vai, Joe is rather mediocre. I think Joe's new stuff isn't nearly as good as his older material from "Surfing with the Alien" and "Flying in a blue dream." I'm sorry to say it, but he's got a bit bland in his old age.

G3: The final set was excellent all round - even Fripp managed to redeem himself (a little), although I could barely hear his guitar.

Some future G3 tours I'd like to see:
Satch, Vai and Brian May
Satch, Vai and Eddie Van Halen
Satch, Vai and Nuno Bettencourt
, or call it G5 and have then all!
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Eh, yeah! It doesnt get much better than this. Thanks soo much to Robert, Steve and Joe for putting on the most amazing show I have ever seen, and probably will ever see (at least until the Royal Albert Hall Show next Tuesday). Robert Fripps set was enjoyable for about 10 minutes. I would have enjoyed it more if this was what I was going to see. He was creating some really cool sounds. However I was so psyched up for Satch and Steve that I just wanted him to get on with it. He went off at the right time though and Steve came on almost immediately and what a feeling! All the guy had to do was look and smile and I was gripped/ I have been a fan of Joe and Steve for about 12 years now and have only seen Satch once so this was great to see Steve for the first time. He was everything I imagined he would be. His band were awesome. A real eye opener. I was warned the sound would be rough and hard to hear, however there was no problems a tall. I heard all of Steves sweet notes from start to finish. His band as well. The only problem being that Sheehan's sound sometimes get lost. "Whispering A Prayer" and "Get the Hell Outta Here" were highlights for me. Joe then came on and rocked the place from top to bottom. He really does have the groove. For me he is the ultimate player. While Steves set was incredible in terms of "stunt guitar" as Zappa would say, Satch won it for me musically. His feel for the instrument is unbelievable. "Flying in A Blue Dream" and "Gnaah" were highlights of a concert that rocked from start to finish. The jam left me speechless thats all I can say. I managed to get right to the front of the stage and right underneath where Satch was performing for the last part of "Rockin in the Free World", i mean right underneath where he was. I shouted to him and held out my hand but he was grooving like mad :twisted: who wouldnt be, it was snesational. After the show I had the privelage of meeting these musicians. Ending with me walking Sheehan back to his bus. He actually asked me how the sound was, I was honoured. Steve joked with us while signing autographs and Joe shook my hand, after I asked him!! To say I was star struck afterwards is an understatement. I managed to get autographs from Joe, Steve, Jeremy Colson (think I was possibly the only one), Tony MacAlpine, Billy Sheehan and Galen Henson (who seemed surprised that I aksed for his autograph). Again I want to thank Steve, Joe and RObert for putting on what is the best show I have EVER seen and probably ever will. See you in London next Tuesday!
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