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Did you attend this show at Icehall in Helsinki, Finland? Post your review here!


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Lets get this right out: Steve needs practice. He played very sloppy last night. Did anyone notice that he hit a VERY wrong note when he was about to play the end theme in Whispering a Prayer? He tackled that great though, played some fitting sounds to the audience - like questions - and after a short "improvisation of enjoyable noise" continued to end the song. A positive surprise was that he played stuff from his box set.

Joe was dynamite! His playing and improvisations were very tasteful and it was obvious that he'd been practicing a lot. I really enjoyed his show. In contrast to Mr. Vai, he ended most of his songs simply, not with that chiché "shredding outro" that in Vai's case just made me want to stop applauding because I applauded the song, not his shredding. I liked Joes straightforward approach. Flying in a Blue Dream was the highlight for me, and it ended the show. Fripp played in the background, although I didn't know it until Joe told us afterwards. Joe has really evolved in the last few years.

Fripp opened the show. He wasn't like the "third G", he was more like a band member, playing unnoticed fills in the background. I didn't see him though, he was sitting somewhere in the back of the stage, I think. He played music that wasn't really a song, it was more like an atmosphere of sound.... A lot of people didn't get his set, after 10 minutes people were walking out of the place. I felt the same at first, but then I put myself in a meditative state and sat there feeling the music insdide my head. After that I enjoyed it very much, and I felt sorry for those who gave up listening instead of finding a way to enjoy it.

The show left me feeling "That was it?". It was more entertainment than music. If anyone asks me, I'd say they should be playing more on their instruments instead of just show off (I'm not talking about Fripp here).

I don't know. Maybe my critique has to do with the fact that I've been listening to Miles Davis' Kind of Blue non-stop for the last week (which is very melodic record, all improvisation), so this non-melodic shredding really hurts when you see good musicians who could do so much better. I'm not saying it was all shredding, but a little over the top for my taste.
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The coolest thing in my life for a long time was getting Steve and Joe´s autographs to my luminous green diMarzio -guitar strap. 8)
Unfortunately I really must say that I personally didn´t like Fripp´s set. I´m sure most of the people watching came to see guitarplaying in the more normal sense (how´s Vai for normal U ask... but I hope you get my point)
There wasn´t really much melody going on, just these midi-sounding string tones flying around (which was cool - for a while - but not for 40 minutes for sure)
Even though it was perhaps difficult to find those sounds and effect settings, I missed the point. If someone would have done the same with a synth, it would have been pretty lame. What I´m trying to say is that even though it was good, impressive and meditative perhaps, it didn´t fit G3 at all. I felt a bit bad because I am sure he could do much better show if he would take a different approach as I know he could play almost anykind of music if he wanted.
It was energic rock/blues/guitarballad - stuff with great songs, bands and solos that drew all the people there and rocked the place really.

Vai was divine. He just rocked the place and to me there was no question who was the hero of the whole concert. I think he had the people standing up applauding the most. The thing that gets too little attention in my opinion is how entertaining performer Steve really is! He "lives" more than the others with all the funny and cool faces, moves and ways to hold the guitar. The dramatic acting scene between him and Tony was hilarious! Also the funny "I play your guitar, you play mine" - thing showed that they don´t take the show too seriously.
There are few people in the world that look cooler with a guitar than Vai does but absolutely nobody has that "heaven sent me to save the world with my guitarplaying" -thing going on like Vai does when he comes with a white shirt and a Jem and lights behind him and wind blowing his hair...! :D
I have to strongly disagree to that "Vai should practise more" -thing. He´s playing absolutely stunned everybody. It had so much balls and at the same time was so beautifully perfect. Something like Whispering a Prayer got me very close to tears and I´ve heard from people who preferred Joes performance that it was still the greatest performance of the night.
And I have to say Jeremy delivered. He plays with attitude man! I would say that he´s perhaps better than Virgil was. Even though Virgil could do all those superfast fills and weird grooves, Jeremy handles that basic rockbeat-thing with a better sound. AND has kick-ass fills. (he looks cool too) I guess what I´m trying to say is HE ROCKS!

Satriani was really good but didn´t rock my world as much as I would have thought. Perhaps nothing could have done that after Vai. (I don´t want to praise Steve too much as he is a human after all, but his show just floored me.)
Joe played perhaps a little too much of his new songs. You could notice how audience was much more with him when he played the older ones, so the balance could have been a bit better IMO. I couldn´t help feeling that sometimes he had too much distortion. Everytime he rolled the volumepot down a bit or changed the sound it just sounded more real and good to me.
And I´m surprised that you (theox) thought that Vai had too much of those bit "useless" outros as to me Satriani had more of those. For example "Always with me..." was his best performance of the evening but the long jamming-outro sort of took the edge away from it. People didn´t remember the song that started the jam when they applaude. Also "Flying in a blue dream" has always had this. Cool #9 had the same thing in the beginning. It really doesn´t start to groove until he starts the melody.
Joe was good anyway and had some really good moments.

The G3 Jam was cool especially because all the people stood up and ran to the front close to the stage even though the doorkeepers and Icehall crew had said that it´s forbidden.
However the Jam made me feel even more G2. Robert was sitting behind his amps again and I mean there was perhaps 2 or three times when all the three traded licks. Otherwise it was just Joe and Steve jamming. Robert just played his string-guitar-accompaniment. It feels really bad to me that Robert didn´t come front at all.
The worst thing is that he didn´t even bow with the guys! :(

Overall this was a really really great concert and well worth the money. Steve rocked the place and left me a great feeling and also a feeling that he really is the best there is.
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Hi guys!
Just shortly...
Thank you, thank you, thank you for the marvellous gig at Helsinki.
No words to express the feeling when the guitars sang higggghh and loud at Helsinki summer night. Made feeling like the birth of the earth!
You were just great,all of you! Hope to see ya soon again.
Peace and luv. :wink:
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Well... I hope I don't upset too many people but...

At 7 pm Fripp started the concert by playing some weird meditation noices with his guitar and equipments. The noices reminded me about stuff that new age people listen when they are reaching out for something cosmic... Anyway, some people may think it's unique that Fripp can produce such weird sound from his guitar but the fact is that similar noices can be produced with 100$ synth. And anyone could do it with a synth. Me and my friends considered him as a big joke and ended up boozing beer on the concert hall pub after 10 minutes of his playing. Seriously, Fripp had very little to give for G3 audience.

Steve and Joe did what they can do the best. Solos, solos and solos after solos. Songs they played weren't my favorites and they were mainly selected for showing off their skillnes. Steve Vai's drummer was great and gets 10 points from me. Sheenan sure is technically talented, but what does that have to do with bass playing? Bass playing has to be groovy and funky. There's something missing when bass player is having a race with guitar players all the time who's the quickest man on stage. It's ruins the rhythm combo.

I really wish Tony MacAlpine would have had a bigger role on Vai's band. He's extremely talented musician and has made lots of good records. Now he was forced to play dull synth lines and had a chance to play only few fast guitar licks but that was just about all he had a chance to do. I was wondering through the show that why on earth did they ask Fripp on this tour when MacAlpine could have been the third wheel as well. Were Joe and Steve afraid that he's gonna steal the whole show? Don't know about that. Anyway, next time more mr Alpine please !

Satriani's band was something I expected. But again, his song selections didn't meet my expectations. I agree with the first poster that Flying In The Blue Dream was the best song on this concert. I was hoping more songs with lyrics but after Joe sang one song I understood why he avoids singing. It's really not his best side.

I really looked forward seeing G3 jam but I was disappointed when they played only one average Satriani song (Ice 9) and a very poor Vai song (A Murder or something like that). Other songs were Red by King Crimson (average) and really a rape version of Rocking In The Free World.

In overal I think I got an overdose of "way beyond any good taste" guitar solos and felt like being ripped off by paying to see a "musician" like Fripp who didn't even play music in my humble opinion. I promised my friends that I won't be listening any of my instrumental records in the near future except Frank Zappa albums. Frank knew how to play it with style compared with these guys.

I still respect Vai and Satriani as skilled guitar players but don't expect to see me in any G3 concert anymore. I've seen a couple hundred rock concerts and this one can be found from the bottom part of that list keeping company for the bands like Slipknot and Murderdolls.

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Captain Relief wrote:a bunch of shit
OK. So let's backtrack here. You didn't like Fripp because he didn't play the guitar in a "conventional" way. Then you didn't like Vai or Satch because they did "too many solos to show off their skillnes [sic]". Hmmm. So what were you expecting from G(uitar)3? A bunch of guys strumming acoustics sitting around a campfire singing "Koom By-Ah, My Lord"?

Dude - the show is meant to be a celebration of the guitar. So that would mean it also shows the diversity of the guitar. But you were to ignorant to give Fripp the time of day, so you and your loser buddies went and drank at the bar, which probably clouded your judgement for the later sets too.

I'm glad to hear you won't be at any G3 concerts anymore. One less whiny prick like yourself means I'll be one step closer to the stage. :mrgreen:
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Don't get me wrong dude. I like guitar playing and still consider these guys as masters of that instrument. The gig as a whole was just something that went beyond any good taste like I stated above. Steve Vai concert at Tavastia Club (Mangini and Keneally in the band) few years ago was something whole lot of different. It was a very good gig. The reason why I went to see G3 after all was that the previous Vai gig was so good and I wanted to see Satch who I had never been able to see before.

And you don't have to agree with me. It was my personal review about that concert.
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In a nut shell: The best day of my life! Thank you G3, especially you Steve! Hope to see you again some day.
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Entinen F1-kuljettaja ja nykyisin Italiassa Maserati GT -luokassa kilpaa ajava Mika Salo sai vastailla autourheilua koskeviin kysymyksiin, kun hän tapasi legendaariset kitaristit Joe Satrianin ja Steve Vainin.

Former Formula 1 driver and nowadays in Maserati GT race car driver Mika Salo, had a chance to answer question concerning about sportcar racing when he met the legendary guitarists Joe Satriani and Steve Vai.

-Taken from a finnish newspaper.-

:D That's nice.
What a shame that I couldn't attend the show, because I came to Honolulu. I would have wanted to be there, and I would have. Well :cry: maybe I have to go to see The Who.
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Snow wrote:
Former Formula 1 driver and nowadays in Maserati GT race car driver Mika Salo, had a chance to answer question concerning about sportcar racing when he met the legendary guitarists Joe Satriani and Steve Vai.

-Taken from a finnish newspaper.-
Yeah, but Steves name was written Steve Vain, that's blasphemy.
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Hi all,

I must admit I didnt liked the performance of Robert Fripp. He was hiding far away behind amps. Really a shame. Would have been nice to actually see him play.

Then Vai just walked up and started playing on the tripple neck. Same as on de DVD. Just great to see how much fun they have on stage.
Wispering a prayer was beautifull.

Then Satriani. I have seen him now 5 times and this was one of the best. He was really playing his heart out. It was great to hear alot of new songs. For the last couple of shows he always played old songs and was bit worried about this to hear again all the old ones. but now he played most of the songs of the new album. Although Bamboo was missing.

Then finally everybody went to the front of the stage. We should have done this already during Vai. Its so much fun to see vai and Joe together on stage.

After that the Aftershow meet/greet. Which was great. Got lots of pictures and stuff signed. This was a very cool relaxed show by Vai and Satriani. Way different then previous G3s. One I would not have liked to miss.
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First of all I'd like to say that your show was absolutely great.
Special thanks goes to Steve and Joe....
I'd like to thank also Jeff who threw me his stick in the end of the show...
Hope I'll see you next year,

the guy with the yellow cap on in the front :D
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