REVIEWS: The Aching Hunger, 22 May 2004:  DE OOSTERPOORT

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Did you attend this show featuring Steve with the Metropole Orchestra in De Oosterpoort, Holland?

Post your review here!

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Yes, I was there! 8) 8)
(I will do a short review now, maybe I'll do a longer one later on.)

It was great! The first part of the show consisted of several pieces for the orchestra "solo". A number of these pieces were based on themes from known Vai song, such as 'Whispering a prayer', 'Little Green Men', 'Lovers are crazy', 'Incantation'. Vai only came in for the last song before the break: 'Kill the guy with the ball', in an orchestral arrangement, of course.
The orchestral pieces were truly great; for me these actually were the high points of the concert. Especially the last piece (the only song which was consistently in 4/4), was very gripping, somewhat like 'The God Eaters'.

After the break, Vai again took the stage for more conventional songs, being (as good as I can remember ): 'Brandos Customes (Gentle Ways)', 'Liberty', 'Answers', 'For the love of God', 'Ballerina 12/24' (in an orchestral arrangement without Steve playing). Also, the Bangkok theme was played as it appeared on 'Fire Garden'. This again was really cool, but more like a conventional Vai-concert but with an orchestra and also, Steve is not dancing around the stage as he does at his band concerts. Make no mistake, though: the orchestrations were really great, much better than Metallica's S&M. Also, the orchestra had some improvisational spots for the percussion section. The show closed with 'The Attitude Song' as encore :lol:

As Co de Kloet said: "Tonight, history is being written. This is the first time Vai will perform as a composer".

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i was there too. it surely was great!!!
a friend of mine took some great digi pics and some short vid's (no sound)
i'll post them here as soon as i get them.

during the intermission we all got the chance to go in front of the stage and observe steve's gear and take pictures of it. i could even have touched his blue jem but i didn't, respectfully. (no actually i'm a little chicken:P)
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Well, it was only my first Steve Vai concert, but I loved it!

The show started with an empty stage, but then the first musicians entered stage and started to play their parts. More and more came on and joined in this wonderful piece of music. There were lots of familiar motives and patterns that reminded me of his Zappa period, but also from much more recent times. The orchestra played a couple more brilliant pieces before Steve (finally) joined the orchestra. From then on, things got even better and better. Steve was fenomenal and had great arrangements for songs like Answers and Liberty among others. But it wasn't just playing the same songs with a full orchestra, but the music had surprising elements throughout the concert. The final song of the evening was For The Love Of God before the orchestra and Steve returned for two encores.

It was amazing to see Steve for the first time in concert, but I was also very impressed by his compositions and arrangements for orchestra. Awesome!!!
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Holy Mother of God!

It was great, i saw the show tonight in the oosterpoort.
Although the first part was nice, I recognised a lot of Razel and also it sounded a little like so the modern symphony composers like Florian Maiers. However (desalniettemin), it was a nice surprise, as i didn't know what to expect.

Steve made up for it the second half of the evening, it was brilliant to hear him play with the metropole orchestra. For the love of god and the encore the attitude song were great! :D :D :D
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Was there! Great show! Especially the 1st part.. For me, Steve didn´t had to come back after the break... just the orchestra was so beautiful. :wink: Respect to Steve for writing such beautiful music!

Also I had the chance to sign my guitar (was a pretty rough job to get it done), but had a friend who knows Co very well... So I had a backstage pass...

Hope to see steve again 13th of june!
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I'm just back home and still dizzy. What a show, it was absolutly amazing.

Co de Kloet announced it as we were to be seeing something that would become historic. I agree.

You think Steve is loud? On occasion I couldn't hear him over the brass section! The 'drum' solo was killer, Kill the guy with the ball was intense...Gentle Ways (aka brandos costumes had me choked up, I love that tune so much).

Funny detail: in the part before Steve showed up, between songs some appaerently drunk dumbf&ck started shouting and stuff between songs. Until finally someone yelled "Shut up"... In the end it was part of the show.. :) Had me fooled (and pissed).

Anyway, even his guitarplaying seemed to be up a notch or two. He played perfect.

Got to meet & chat with Pia, Ruta, Bryan Beller. Had a little chat with one of the orchestra members who told about the practicing and stuff. Met Steve before and after the show (got stuff signed, pics taken, both times very shortly), gotta touch Flo for a milisec, but it felt like ordinary wood, spend the whole evening with John Puztai (who is the most humble fella I've ever met, with a real passion for music & Steve and just a nice dude to be with), met a bunch of other cool fans.... I'm wasted but I've just had the day of my life!

And I'm gonna do this again tomorrow and the day after... YeeehAw!

Oh btw, the show will air on radio in september, so for those of you who aren't able to see this, don't dispair. And don't miss it!
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Thanks for all your posts. I am going to the second show at the Paradiso on Monday and can't wait. It would be great if any of the attendants of the Oosterpoort show could post a setlist!
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Are you sober now....Jeroenn??
Damn!!!! That must have been a hell of a show how you described it!!!
Man i can't waite till monday. Hope to see you there Jeroenn.

Vai? Because we love him!!!!!!

All in yhe name of Vai!!!!!

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It was fantastic :!: (and very loud). Can't wait to see it again tonight and tomorrow :D


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EyE wrote:Are you sober now....Jeroenn??
I wasn't drunk (I don't do alcohol), I was just tired and full of the impressions of the day. The two hour drive back home wasn't exactly fun.

You won't be disappointed monday!
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Oh my god, what an incredible occasion,
I have met Steve before the show and he was kindly and nice as always, very relaxed,he took time to sign all my stuff and a few photos were taken too,
( BTW; Jeroenn, Uwe here, I ´ll send you the promised photo later.)
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Ha! That was something! I'll try to give you a setlist of some kind.

The first hour or so was entirely orchestral. I think it consisted of about seven acts. Some of them had themes in it that we are all familiar with, such as Lucky Charms. To me, that was fun, but not very surprising.

What I liked best, was (I think) the third act. I had never heard this before and I thought it was beautiful and humoristic. The guitar solo in it was played by someone I don't know, I guess he's with the Metropole Orchestra. He played beautifully!!! I definately want to hear this part again on the radio in September and record it. But it was not just the guitar part that was cool, it was the whole song! To me, this was the highlight of the evening.

After this "symphony", Steve entered the stage and played "Kill the guy with the ball" with the orchestra. That didn't make much sense to me.

The second part of the show (after the break), Steve played (mostly?)existing Vai-songs with the orchestra. Something like this: (a song that I didn't know and that I liked very much!), Liberty, Answers, For the Love of God, Ballerina, and (as an encore) The Attitude Song. The orchestra was very, very loud. At times, I couldn't hear Steve's guitar solos, because of the orchestral noise. Fortunately, they kept the noise down a bit while playing "For the Love of God", so I could hear the guitar well. Steve was in good shape. Ballerina was played totally without Steve and was a duet between the harp and the piano, I think. Very nice!
The encore was "The Attitude Song" and after that, Steve got a standing ovation. There were quite a few people from abroad!

To conclude, I'd say it was a remarkable evening. Personally, I'm not very fond of hearing my favourite music in a classical arrangement (such as Metallica's S&M or Deep Purple's similar effort). It usually doesn't rock at all, but with Steve, it was nice. His guitar was very clear (when the orchestra was quiet). I enjoyed the first half of the show best, especially the third act. Does anyone know if this piece was totally new? To me, it was anyway. It would be interesting to see if Steve is going to continue this adventure!

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I was there too yesterday and it was indeed a great show!! And the best thing was that I was sitting right in front of Steve, on the fifth row, so I had a very good view of him playing. Won't forget this concert!!

And for the people who want to know who that annoying guy back in the audience was; his name is Tom Trapp: :wink:
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Hi there!
Well, I also saw the show, but from the 2nd row, right in front of Steve - so I could hear every tone perfectly, which was played by Steve.

- I´ll maybe write my review tomorrow - gotta finish other stuff first ... Btw, we came from Frankfurt, Germany, to watch the show and today, before we drove back I met quite a few people I´ve met the evening before ( at the breakfast-buffet in the NH-Hotel); For ex. there was that technican of Steve, some guys of the Metropole Orchestra (I only recognized the pianist) and Tom Trapp (the assumed annoying guy) ... I wonder if Steve stayed at the Hotel, too ... (If yes, I´ll bite my ass off) ...

Nevertheless, I took a bunch of pictures in a really nice quality and 2 videos (Attitude Song & the 2nd piece, Steve played with the orchestra - complete)
... I´m not shure how I could show it to you guys (or even if I´m allowed to) - but maybe one of the mods could give me some advise...

thanks & big praise to Steve, for the really felicitous show!
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