Zaragoza SPAIN ( 15-10-2013 )

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Zaragoza SPAIN ( 15-10-2013 )

#1 Post by Ángel_Ruiz » Wed Sep 18, 2013 8:33 pm

Hi folks
My name is Ángel Ruiz, I'm from Spain.
The other day i went to Steve's show, and I went with several purposes, one of them was obviously, meet and greet Steve.
But as i said, i went with " several " goals, i said to myself " this is probably the only oportunity in all my life, so i want to take the most.
I went with my Fender Richie Kotzen, to get a signature from Steve, so i I left several hours before, because i knowed that this event room, have only one entry, therefore, for sure, Steve would enter out there
And so it was, i saw Steve and he signed my guitar.
As i said, i went with several goals, the other goal, probably the most important, was be on stage with Steve, on " Build me a song section ", and tell him " you know Steve, believe me or not, my dream is jam with you ".
Finally i got to be on stage with Steve, but we couldnt play together, he told me " maybe the next time ".
Anyway, Steve, if you read this, i just wanna give you many thanks for the amazing oportunity that you gave me, and i hope that maybe one day, we can play together.

God bless you

Here's the vídeo of that day :)!" onclick=";return false;

( Sorry for my bad English )

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