25 May 2013 Groningen - Netherlands, Steve Vai & NNO

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25 May 2013 Groningen - Netherlands, Steve Vai & NNO

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Did you attend night #2 of Steve's orchestra performances with the NNO? Please share your experience here:

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Re: 25 May 2013 Groningen - Netherlands, Steve Vai & NNO

#2 Post by MartindJ » Thu Jun 06, 2013 1:30 am


I was there saturday evening. Before the intermission the NNO played a piece of wagner and of some chinese composer.
After the intermission Steve came up and without saying a word plugged in his guitar and hit just one note
and sustained it about 17 minutes wthout doing anything more. Casually he adjusted some volume or doing some extra vibrato on that note to sustain it (it was the guitar with the sustainer(fernandez)). He just stood there, eyes closed and playing that one note like some meditation.
The orchestra played the hole piece and steve doing not much made me laugh, fantastic.
The second piece was the fire garden suite. Steve used different guitars, one sounding like a sitar.
After the concert we could ask Steve some questions. I asked if he would visit Groningen with his rockband.
He said it would be to much exposure of Steve Vai because he had just performed with the NNO.

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