11 Dec 2012 Fall Tour - Hard Club - Porto, Portugal

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11 Dec 2012 Fall Tour - Hard Club - Porto, Portugal

#1 Post by mach1andy » Thu Dec 13, 2012 11:01 pm

Did you attend Steve's performance at Hard Club in Porto? Please share your experience with us here:

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Re: 11 Dec 2012 Fall Tour - Hard Club - Porto, Portugal

#2 Post by Seraphim » Wed Mar 13, 2013 4:27 pm

Yes Andy, i have attended, thanks for asking :ugeek:

As I am at home recovering from the flu, just realized that still don't have wrote my review.
Let's start with the code name of this show:

Shit hole.

Why? Well, it doesn't have nothing to do with Steve, only with the venue. It's a 1885 building with lot's of interesting things concerning architectural issues, very pretty by way, and build to be a local market place. Very recently have been under some constructions to be a concert hall. So, it's a very new and still smells fresh paint venue. However it's very very small, with a tiny stage, that it's less than half size than the previous stages that I've seen Steve on the 2012 tour.

Here's a picture of the exterior of the building:

Anyway, was a place that I've already saw Jeremy Colson playing during a drum clinic and a concert with some Spanish guitar player named Tony Hernando. Here's a brochure of that tour:

That was in March 2011 and at that concert Jeremy kicked so hard his drums, that brocken the drum with his foot pedal :headbang
I am the lucky guy who have that piece of evidence, Here's the picture:

Here's some pictures of the concert and clinic:
Love this efect of the drum stick that Jeremy gave me.

Ok, I'm topic but I guess nobody gonna read this :lol:

Anyway, in my way to work saw the tour bus arriving to the venue and chat a bit with the members of the band, Jeremy was there and after is coffee and a cigar, Jeremy remembered that episode and I told him that I have that piece of drum in my van, later on he autographed.

Then I went to work and leave my van near the venue, got a good spot. Walked and cross the bridge to the other side and when I came back to EVO experience saw Deborah enjoying the nice place where I was born and raise. Here's a picture I took, with Deborah elsewhere in that scenary:

The EVO experience took place in the musicians dressing room. What a tiny space but that was what the venue have to offer. Was a cool and interesting Q&A very intimate with only a couple of attendances. A very young talented guitar player girl and a dude who seems to me is a cool person. The 2005 experience we were four and in 2007 seven... 2012 only three...

The soundcheck was awesome with constant changes between EVO, FLO III and XAVIA in the same song. The sound was very good we have witnessed the raise of a new song that sounded great. At this time I got the perception of how small the stage was, when Bynoe start to play with his cello and Deborah was with her harp at the same place and wondered how it gonna be when Jeremy comes with the Beast. And how a sold out concert can take place in a black rectangular box like that.

The concert itself was magical with the crowd very anxious to finally see Steve Vai band after so long time.
The sequence: Intro, Racing The World and Velorum put the audience on fire.
After the band intros came Building the Church and Tender Surrender, one of the first highlights of the night, followed by the insane Gravity Storm.
After Dave Weiner acoustic solo came one special moment to me: Weeping China Doll... Thanks so much Steve, no words to describe that moment and my gratitude... I was so emotical that almost miss all he wilderness among the attendances when Steve played Answers.

The Moon and I was a cool moment of the night followed by the groovy Animal who puts the crowd dancing with the groove.
Then... The moment everyone waited for... Whispering a Prayer... Superb... Magical...
The Audience is Listening put everyone dancing like sardines in a can due to the full venue but Deborah solo calmed down the crowd.
After that came the acoustic set and the funny Beast part.
The electrical Ultra Zone caught everyone by surprise and amazed all of us.
Then came one more special moment to me... Frank... Once again got a strange feeling inside me like Frank was there listening...
Build Me A Song was the best I saw on this tour. Because my friend that goes on the stage asked Steve to play what she was singing but she said that Steve was not playing like she was told him to play. That was one of the hillarious moment of the night, here's one picture of that moment:


At last... For The Love Of God... Another high moment of the night.
For the encore we got an Taurus Bulba with all the band playing without being so focus on playing with music itself but with a sence more oriented to having fun for playing alive to na audience. And that was good!!!

As I stated before, the audience deserved a more decente venue to show Steve all the crazyness that we use to give at live concerts that makes always the bands saying: "we will back".
Also, the musicians deserves also a bigger stage to let flow all the magic to the audience and what I saw that night was a no space enough for that.
Well, at least I have seen the next day concert in a bigger hall and noticed all the diferences...
After show spended some time with the band members and I got the chance to told them how fortunate I am to have the chance to enjoy everything.
Thanks for reading this,
:mrgreen: Aníbal Seraphim :mrgreen:

ohhhh, and the set-list:

p.s. Sorry for english writen mistakes...

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