29 Nov 2012 Fall Tour - Essigfabrik - Cologne, GER

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29 Nov 2012 Fall Tour - Essigfabrik - Cologne, GER

#1 Post by mach1andy » Sun Dec 02, 2012 8:30 am

Did you attend Thursday night's show in Essigfabrik? Please share your experience with us here:

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Re: 29 Nov 2012 Fall Tour - Essigfabrik - Cologne, GER

#2 Post by Spong » Sun Dec 09, 2012 6:07 am

Finally :--) well now.

The great thing about being a Steve Vai fan is that you always get three times as much, in every respect, as you came for. The show was nearly three hours, and the intensity was breathtaking. Everyone in the band was giving it 100 % throughout the concert.

I had forgotten how much Steve has grown as an ENTERTAINER. I found myself giggling pretty as he basically pulled as much faces as he pulled strings. At times it's really prog metal comedy with him. Of course it's on the highest possible level, music-wise, but it's also incredibly ... well, entertaining. The song selection was great too, although I could have done with a little less WARFARE and a little more REFLECTIONS. He played at least 5 songs from the current album, and RACING is a hell of an opener.

The band: I love the excited, ear-to-ear "look what I get to do for a living" grin on Jeremy Colsons face; and the fact that he's been around for so long definitely shows in his interplay with Steve. Deborah was basically inaudible on th heavier tracks, but shone like crazy on the slower, more intimate ones. She did a small improvisation before launching into WHISPERING A PRAYER and I don't think I ever came that close to crying at a concert. SISTERS was another highlight.

Dave Weiner had a longer acoustic spot, and I think switching to the acoustic guitar is a very smart move on his part. Spares him a lot of comparision issues. Plus, it was excelent. I'm a fingerstyle guitarist myself and I was amazed what he accomplishes with a flatpicking technique. I will definitely check out his solo work. He's on the right track.

Near the end of the show Steve anounced AL DI MEOLA. And that was like Sara Stone sitting on my face while someone told me I'd won the lottery. I was a huge Meola fan back in the day, his SOURING THROUGH A DREAM is one of the few albums I know completely by heart, and once I spend several months getting the run from RACE WITH THE DEVIL. I had it up to metronome speed 118 (it's 120 on the album) when I got sick and had to go the hospital for six weeks, ANYWAY, it was great to hear them both jam.

He played one encore, but he had already given us so much that still everybody was a their heels with a smile on their faces. I'm learning from Steve's attitude more than from his artistry. His gratefulness, his humility, the tremendous respect he shows for the audience, his whole attitude towards this game called life is very, very inspiring. I was considering getting the EVO ticket, but right now it would just be irresponsible. I still hope to meet him some time in the future, though.

An incredible experience. This show will keep echoing in my head for quite some time.

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