26 Nov 2012 Fall Tour - Tradgar'n - Gothenburg, SE

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26 Nov 2012 Fall Tour - Tradgar'n - Gothenburg, SE

#1 Post by mach1andy » Thu Nov 29, 2012 12:23 pm

Did you attend last night's show in Gothenburg? Please share your experience with us here:

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Re: 26 Nov 2012 Fall Tour - Tradgar'n - Gothenburg, SE

#2 Post by MrsW » Sat Dec 01, 2012 4:03 am

This was a sizeable disappointment and anticlimax. Nothing to do with Steve or the band though. The venue is hopeless. Being one of approximately eight creatures in the audience equipped with a vagina, as Steve so subtly put it, this evening was like journeying back 100 years in time or go on a holiday to Saudi Arabia. I couldn’t get served at the bar, get any attention at the merchandise desk and with the average fan being a 6’5”, broad shouldered male couldn’t see the stage either. No steps or balconies, just a floor that seemed to slope away from the stage. Allegedly there were five people on stage. I saw Mr Vai’s hat and Jeremy (nice view!) and a little of Deborah.
As soon as anything exciting happens on stage the wall of gargantuan guitar players in front put their hands up and start filming with their cell phones.

If you are an average height female dying to see Vai it is probably wise to read up on the venue before buying tickets.

On the positive side: I liked the soft harp Deborah played on the intro talk to The Moon and I. The drum solo packed shed loads of energy. The best song tonight was Frank. Absolutely beautiful!

Anyway, thank you for coming to Gothenburg, Steve. Sorry they stick you in such dodgy places. Last time in 2004 it was Vågen, a grotty, run down place that was closed down soon after.

As the Gothenburg show was advertised quite late, we already had tickets for Amager Bio in Copenhagen two days later. See review in separate thread.

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