18 Nov 2012 Fall Tour - Volkhaus - Zurich, Switzerland

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18 Nov 2012 Fall Tour - Volkhaus - Zurich, Switzerland

#1 Post by mach1andy » Tue Nov 20, 2012 12:17 am

Did you attend last night's show at Volkhaus? Please share your experience with us here:

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Re: 18 Nov 2012 Fall Tour - Volkhaus - Zurich, Switzerland

#2 Post by DanF » Wed Nov 21, 2012 6:12 am

After having last seen Steve nearly 10 years ago at the Astoria in London I was really excited about seeing him in such a small venue.

The show was great. I loved every minute, I think the band played for nearly 3 hours (8:15 to about 11:00) it was a bit touch and go as to getting my train home afterwards.

I always have mixed feelings about the crowds Vai shows. The crowd is never as lively as other rock concerts even though the music is full of energy.
Which means there's always a mismatch between Vai's energy and stage antics and the crowds almost "jazz fan awe".
That said, I think everyone loved it even if no one was moshing.

I was right up the front under Dave Weiner's nose. It was cool to see him playing some great rhythm and unison parts. He's a great straight man to Vai's clowning around.

My high point were "Answers" & "Weeping China Doll" plus of course the two stage guests. Given that Kostas was standing on stage with a living guitar legend and 90% of the audience were probably avid guitar players he did well not to freeze up.
Felt a bit sorry for Anna, she obviously didn't speak English too well and had little idea what Steve was talking about.

In fact in general, English speaking artists should take the time to slow down for European (not British!) audiences.

Overall the concert was absolutely " whoring horney" (=jolly good,as the Swiss say), great fun to watch, greater to listen to and the less said about the "strap-on/ boner" gags the better.
I feel honoured to have shaken Steve's hand at the end and seen his kinky slippers so up-close and personal.

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