26 Sept 2012 Fall Tour - Mill City Nights - Minneapolis, MN

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26 Sept 2012 Fall Tour - Mill City Nights - Minneapolis, MN

#1 Post by mach1andy » Thu Sep 27, 2012 8:26 pm

Did you attend last night's show at Mill City Nights? Please share your experience with us here:

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Re: 26 Sept 2012 Fall Tour - Mill City Nights - Minneapolis,

#2 Post by nomorenamesleft » Sat Sep 29, 2012 12:23 pm

The venue- The sound was good, but the feng shui was a little off for me because the stage is pushed all the way to the left when you're looking at it, but that's just me.

Beverly Mclellan- Great performer, she played for about 45 minutes. I was pleasantly surprised.

Steve- This was my 5th time seeing Steve live, the first time being when I was 11, I'm 27 now. It kinda brought me back to being a kid again, when my biggest problems were homework or an asshole teacher. I regretfully skipped out the last time he was here with String Theories, but only because I was tired of watching him in a seated venue from 100 feet away, if I was even that lucky. At least I have the blu-ray!

The show was fucking awesome! If I remember correctly, he played 5 off the new album. I loved the acoustic set- Rescue Me Or Bury Me, Sisters (awesome on acoustic and what they did with it), Salamanders, a variation of Treasure Island, and Pusa Road. It was great to finally see Pusa Road live, hopefully someone will cut together professionally recorded live performances of the suite, or he'll play the entire thing someday. Whispering A Prayer was beautiful! I'm usually good on seeing stuff we have over and over again on dvd, but I'm really glad he played it and that I got to see it up close. Frank was great live! I had no idea that's how he was playing some of those notes. Dave's acoustic solo was pretty good. The drum solo- meh, I think Jeremy is a solid drummer, but I would've rather had another song than his drum solo. Deborah- I gotta say I didn't care what she was putting under some of the songs, ESPECIALLY Tender Surrender, it just seemed out of place to me, but oh well. Phillip- solid as I remember.

Thanks, Steve!

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