18 Sept 2012 Fall Tour - Metropolis - Montreal, QC

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18 Sept 2012 Fall Tour - Metropolis - Montreal, QC

#1 Post by mach1andy » Tue Sep 18, 2012 11:14 pm

Did you attend tonight's show in Montreal? Please share your experience with us here:

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Re: 18 Sept 2012 Fall Tour - Metropolis - Montreal, QC

#2 Post by Doc Mike2 » Wed Sep 19, 2012 11:26 am

I saw Steve and the band last night in Montreal. It was the third time seeing them in Montreal and the second time at Metropolis. The concert was absolutely AWESOME!!!!!
The concert started with Beverly on stage. She is a great musician. She sang as the opening act, but did not sing with Steve.

I truly like Metropolis as a concert venue since you feel like you can get up close and personal with the band, and that they are playing for you. The sound and volume of the concert were perfect. When I saw Steve at the last concert, Real Illusions, the volume was way too loud, but this time, no complaints. Since the you can stand on the floor in front of the stage for the concert, it was easy to make your way up to the stage and get a great view of the band. I was about 20 feet from the action.

I am not going to go thru song by song details, but what I can say was that there was a good mix of the new and the old. Every song sounded great, almost exactly like the recording, which is often NOT the case for live performances. Steve and the band interacted the the crowd, even to the point of bringing a female audience member up on stage to "create a song."
The musicianship of Steve, Dave Weiner, Jeremy Colson, Philip Bynoe and Deb Henson-Conant (Harp) were incredible.

Dave got up and played a song from his new acoustic album "A Collection of Short Stories: Vol.1". A definite purchase for any guitar enthusiast. In general, Dave played a much larger role than he had in the past. He basically played his own parts/role, plus that of Tony MacAlpine. I was fortunate to run into Dave after the show and speak with him for awhile. A real class act and took the time with his fans.

All in all, definitely a great concert and no negatives. I purchased the CD/DVD set. Excellent item in that the DVD explains the behind the scenes and making of the album.

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