31 March G3 at Palais Theatre - Melbourne, AUS

Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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Did you attend tonight's G3 show @ The Palais Theatre in Melbourne? Share you experience here.
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mach1andy wrote:Did you attend tonight's G3 show @ The Palais Theatre in Melbourne? Share you experience here.
I was there.
Brief review:
1) Steve's playing was up to it's usual standard - brilliant
2) Steve's sound was the best of the three players - in terms of clarity of hearing the music etc

1) When all three were on stage together, it just became to loud & messy - very hard to hear
2) Steve Lukather - great player no doubt, but his sound was pretty average - too bottom endy & hard to hear. Along with that, he seemed a bit overawed when jamming at the end & tried to play everything at breakneck speed.
3) Satch's sound - not brilliant, but not bad either
4) I might be mistaken here, but Steve's play list seemed pretty similar to his masterclass playlist in Melbourne a few months back. Can anyone confirm?

Overall, well worth it. My girlfriend loved the show too :)
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NAB wrote:
mach1andy wrote: 3) Satch's sound - not brilliant, but not bad either
Satriani has been using the Marshall JVM's lately and they are the most god awful sounding amp I've ever heard.

I'd buy him new amps if it makes him stop using the JVMs
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Thankyou so much Steve for being part of the Platinum Q&A. I have a great photo with you both and even though the Q&A felt too quick it was worth every cent.
The sound was not perfect for SL set but I thought by the time Vai came on it was great. The set list was nothing new but then he hasn't been here for a few years so back to the old faves.
I went to the Melbourne Masterclass and it was similar songs......I can't remember every track but he did play For the Love of God, Whispering a Prayer, Tender Surrender, and was it The Audience is Listening one night and The Attitude song the next?!......don't rely on me my memory is quite shite.....I am sure someone will post a set list from each night soon.
The jam mix at the end was pretty terrible, Steve's vocals were way too low and it was very muddled. My seat was fantastic second row seat 23 almost centre.
I met some great people outside before the meet and greet and inside.
It is great when you meet people who like this music as sometimes it is quite hard to explain to people who have no idea who they are... :roll:
Overall a fantastic night.....they just need to come back soon for some solo shows.
Will upload some photos sometime soon. :guitar
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Okay, so first let me say this - it was my first time seeing Steve so there was NO WAY anything could've ruined it for me. I totally biased in that way. :D

Since this is, um, a Vai review, I won't talk about Joe or Lukather's individual sets.

Seeing Steve live was everything I thought it would be it; was just great. He had a way of (and I can only assume this was going on with others in the audience too) totally drawing me into what he was playing. I was utterly fixated on what he was doing, and even though it sounded like there were some slips, mostly in Building the Church (although they might well have been deliberate changes), it was like it didn't even affect the performance. Actually, Building the Church sounded a bit rushed. In Tender Surrender it sounded like Mike was playing some stuff wrong? Maybe it was just the amped up sound of the piano itself though.
I was just so incredibly INTO IT the whole time, though, and not just in a "whoaaaaa dudddde he shreeeeeeds" kind of way (because I already knew that), but I was actually listening out for every new note, everything going on with the rest of the band, the mood Steve was trying to create and everything. That made it amazing - it's really hard to engage an audience like that (I do know, I perform a lot) and just have them hanging off everything.
Of course he was completely entertaining as well - the sing-song voice at the start, that off-stage introduction, the faces and the dancing - no Vai performance could be complete without those kinds of things, am i right? :roll: "You dont have-ta worry, cuz I'm not gonna sing a song for you!"
I didn't expect it, for whatever reason, but "For The Love of God" was just the best part of the night for me. It's not my favourite song of his, but he just did something with it. Congratulations to Steve on that song, although he's played it a million times before.
My dad was there with me, and I'm sure he'd like to throw in thanks for "Tender Surrender" - that song is his idea of "the best piece of music out there", and he loved this rendition of it.
Also, I loved Steve's voice in "My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama", heaps! I was sitting there grinning like an idiot throughout the whole song!
The "G3 jam" was great of course - it was so great to watch them all up there just going crazy, and you could tell that's what they were doing. It's special that they could just go completely insane with it all and we, as the audience, could just see and hear them doing whatever they felt like doing. This is irrelevant, but I had no idea Joe could be so flipping adorable. He was just standing there grinning like "just go for it man oh my gosh this so fun yeah" whenever solos were being played. He's short, too, which probably made it cuter. The communication between all three players was fantastic to watch (and I mean, you can't go past the chemistry that Steve and Joe have onstage), it was just a really fun part of the show.

I'll be at Byron Bay later this week, and I'm really looking forward to watching the show again. Great job to all three performers.
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i was at the april 1st show..undoubtedly steve is the best guitar player in the world to me...he's the bomb..so its a shame that it sounded like a bomb every time the bass guitar or bass drum were struck..it was as if steve was playing air guitar..could barely hear him..oh well thems the breaks..as for the G3 jam i wished they jammed to my "V12" song or "clouds" , anyway the atmosphere was nice..rockon dudes
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