24 March G3 at Michael Fowler Centre - Wellington, NZ

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Did you attend the first G3 show of the Steve/Joe Satriani/Steve Lukather Spring 2012 Australia tour? Share your experience here.
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Can't wait to hear some reviews about this first and most awesome show.
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This show totally rocked! :headbang
Steve Lukather started it off and played some really beautiful stuff!
Then Steve was on and was as awesome as you'd expect. Nice surprise to see Mike Keneally and Phil Bynoe playing!
Started off with the Audience is Listening, The Animal (totally cool!!) Tender Surrender, The Answer, Whispering a Prayer, Building the Church and For The Love Of God.
I think that was all of them and probably not quite in that order.
Joe was spot on and a real pleasure to see.

The jam was great! My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama, Little Wing and Rocking in the Free World!
Really great and the guys were having so much fun!

Just awesome to see three gracious and humble musicians doing what they do best. :guitar

My girlfriend thinks Steve Vai should be knighted now :D
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Great review, shame the guys are not playing any new stuff in their jams. Maybe by Melbourne they will change it up a bit. 8)
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It was a stunning day and night. I hadn't seen Steve play since Melbourne G3'06 when he melted my brain.

Meeting Joe and Steve at the VIP Platinum Experience was fantastic - as usual honest, open and friendly guys.

I had a front row seat at the gig and got to see three sonic shamen working their mojo at their finest.

Luke really belonged on G3 and sounded fantastic.

Steve was brilliant as ever and showed how effortlessly easy it can look to play alien virtuoso guitar.

Joe sounded incredible - his tone through the JS2400's and his new Marshall backline was massive!

A total religious experience that raised the level of my consciousness for that day and the two days afterwards.

Thanks guys, love you! Totally worth a 6.5 hour drive and a three hour ferry crossing to get there!
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