17 October 2011 Masterclass in Melbourne, AUS

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Did you attend Steve's Masterclass at The Besen Centre Theatre in Melbourne, AUS? Share your experience here.
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I was there and I got to jam with Steve (I was the second guy, with the Universe). What a cool experience! I especially enjoyed the first part where Steve spoke about goals and visualisation, and I'm glad there was such a strong focus on that sort of stuff. I've always believed that why you play is at least as important as what and how you play, and it was great to hear that kind of stuff from Steve's point of view.
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Yeah it was a great night, I tend to forget I have been following Steve for 20 years and he has been performing a lot longer than that.

I took away so much from the night and recommend everyone should go to these events, even if not a Vai fanatic, you would come away very impressed.

Shame it started and ran so late....7.30 start was closer to eight, still there at 11.30pm. Not sure if he ended up signing anything, I had to get home for an early start....I hated leaving but shame we didn't have ours on a Saturday arvo. ...... lucky ducks in Sydney!

He played For the love of God just before the jam which was great. There was at least 300 there which was great for a Monday night. :guitar

With the short hair everytime he was on a side on profile he reminded me of Christian Bale. :roll:

Hopefully he comes back for a tour soon. 8)
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Steve is the Master of the guitar

it was just great to see him talk joke and of course play his guitar

did he stay and sign stuff after the show? it would of been nice for him to write "sorry bapoompa" for my 4 year old son, he loves the whole rakatakatooka bit on Steves' DVD

pity he didn't have the whole day to answer everyones questions.
maybe when Steve moves to melbourne he'll have time to answer our music questions

Vai is a musical "Leviathan"
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Was the best experience music wise of my life.. I got to Jam with Vai also (I was the first guy with the blue Lava Lamp J Custom) Well thats what Vai called it :P

Jamming with Vai on stage, was probably the best lesson I learned that night... It gave me the confidence I needed to continue playing live.... His words rang true to my soul, as I already felt this way about playing guitar, he just reaffirmed it..

Not many guitarists would put themselves out there and Jam with complete strangers... He has mastered the Art of expressing himself via the guitar and not letting outside pressures affect him...

My only regret was not touching my Whammy Bar during the Jam....... :P

Thanks Steve for everything and signing my Guitar....

Rock on !! :guitar

here was the video entry I sent in to win the Jam with Vai competition..

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6Sj4jcytL0" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

here is a shot of both my guitars signed by steve.. The DY was done in early 90's and the blue at the master class...


Im so glad I had a white marker on hand cause it looks awesome over the blue..

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