"Live In Minneapolis: Where The WIld Things Are" DVD REVIEWS

Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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lydian2000 wrote:o.k this is my REVIEW so far:

I think when performers take pleasure in what they're doing, the audience feels it.
You are so right! This is what REALLY stood out in this performance. The love of the music. The passion of the notes intonation, and the color of the sound. And the fact that EVERYONE on that stage visibly showed this passion in a VERY rare way. I loved the way Steve did more than share the stage, even though it was his show. Every member in the band shined very brightly. And every members passion lent to this new direction in a way that blew me away.
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This DVD is everything I hoped it would be. I could brag about how awesome it is for hours...I know how biased I am when it comes to Steve, but this is just perfect - whether it's the actual performance, the editing (best one I've ever seen), the sound quality, the set list, the bonus stuff, the packaging...seriously, it's my favorite music DVD ever. One of the greatest things about it is when I watch it, I think you can really tell that this was a labor of love. It's always the case when Steve creates something, but if I were in that position, I would probably see this gigantic editing process as a drag, anxiously waiting for the next purely creative undertaking (I mean writing/composing/recording/performing); here, you can really tell that a ridiculous amount of work, attention, energy and love have been put into this.
Many thanks to all that were involved, we Vai fans is happy! :mrgreen:

Vive le Rush
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I LOVE this DVD!!!!! :guitar :guitar :headbang :peace :peace :D Everything about it shines!!! :guitar :guitar :D Of course, Steve's performance, and that of the whole band, is BRILLIANT; but what strikes me even more is Steve's wonderful sense of humor and interaction with the band members. It is SO refreshing to see a musician not only play masterfully; but also let his passion for his art, and his joyful personality emanate to his audience and viewers!

A SUPERB EFFORT, STEVE!!! :guitar :guitar :peace :peace :D
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Had to buy 4 more copies of the dvd to give to friends and my sister, all of whom I've converted into VAInatics. One thing that I love about this dvd is that, to my ears, it doesn't sound like Steve did much, if any, studio editing. Every note isn't perfect. But, isn't that just the way it goes?
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I've got de dvd, and now I'm checking every minute to purchase de Blu-Ray edition, but it doesnt work, en the front page says "october 5th" :cry:
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It's weird, now that I see the whole dvd I feel like I wasn't actually there, it's a really weird thing. but the dvd is amazing, I wish there would have been some backstage footage from the hometown, but I can't complain, the production of this is amazing.
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Well as everyone says, this is an amazing release.

I was at the EVO show in Vancouver three days prior to the filming, so it has been super-cool to re-live the show (vicariously).

It was pretty exciting at the soundcheck, I could really tell this band had pulled together.
It was a long soundcheck, at least an hour and some songs were rehearsed numerous times, albeit for perfection!
Our show was IMO flawless, save flogging Paul at the intro to Tender Surrender, lol.
So it is little surprise that the DVD is such an awesome performance. 8)

And thus the 2-3 days off between these shows must have paid off.
It's amazing how the extended solos to Church, Die to Live, Taurus, Now We Run are so different night to night...makes me want a copy of every show!! : )
I was expecting rather similar ad lib solos, but I guess that's why ad lib is defined.
The DVD versions of these longer solos are so unique and superb! Total bonus!

OOOO - I love the picking at the solo's start...and those 16th note triplets (sextuplets?) are so killer!
(Commentary is fun on this disc!)

I think Jer's chocolate story is hilarious, :oops:
I think he feels very fortunate to have had that gig.
(Ha, Zach's story pretty funny too...Steve paid for it in the end...)

Funny that poor beat up fan at the pedalboard/lamp, I remember Paul taping and re-angling it so it would blow just so, but I think it was on its last legs...hehe.

I cannot wait to write 4 bars for the next tour...lol...as a drummer I will have to push the envelope on THAT one. :arrow:
At least I can transcribe it (and hopefully play it perfect) Steve ;)

There's so much more to write and say, considering I love to babble, but I still need to watch it again and again. And again.
I hope that if I write more reviews it aint spamming...
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Well, I see that the choir of the admirers of Vai music is in tune! :wink:
And, it's not me who shall add a dissonance.
I love this artist, but without dedicating to him a cult. I thus looked at the concert with a very critical spirit,
especially since in Paris in 2007 (without speaking about poor sound) the entertainment was not perfect.
The expectation was so long, but nevertheless essential, so that this show is transformed in masterpiece.
Yes, we Vai fans is so happy!
Where The Wild Things Are, is not only magnificent, it's more than that : munificent. Thank you.
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Polymnie wrote:Well, I see that the choir of the admirers of Vai music is in tune!
:) lol, congrats on the musical metaphore!

Polymnie wrote:I love this artist, but without dedicating to him a cult.
On the contrary I tend to think of Vai fans as generally open-minded and educated people, and often much more critical and constructive than many other music fans. I think that's precisely because Steve has raised the (whammy) bar so high that it consequently generates very high expectations, which are completely met, if not surpassed in my opinion on this DVD.

My best surprise as I said above is the actual musical content of the show itself, moments like when Steve smiles after Ann-marie's solo on all about Eve for instance.

I've finished watching the second disk today and even though I enjoyed all the long interviews and Zach's hilarious short film, I expected more musical content in the bonuses(since we already knew the jemini video)...that would be my only attempt at nit-picking :wink:

Now I'll just watch the commentary for the second disk!!!

What a treat!

By the way I really love the music that Steve put on the menus, definition of elegance in my view!


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Wow, what an amazing dvd! I was at the very first show of the series, in Luxembourg, and it is nice to see how the show got more polished since then (no complaining, I loved every minute of it).
This brings back good memories. Brilliant music, great band. Also love the artwork, my compliments, Mikey!
Thank you so much for this, Steve. You keep surprising me, image and sound quality are getting better and better (better than Astoria, Metropole), so now I just worry that the RI tour footage really will never see the light of day......
This dvd is a treasure and it (and also cd and bonus wavs copied into my iPod) will bring me many more hours of pleasure! 8)
Cheers, Henk
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Yesterday the "Where the Wild Things Are" dvd cd combo arrived in my mailbox. Right away I opened it to watch. I think Steve did an excellent job in the mixing, mastering and editing to this dvd and cd. Of course, he had a little help, I read the booklet. :D The dvd is totally different in sound and in picture, if you compare it to any other rock music concert dvd. I don't think you will ever find any other artist that can create something like this. I remember seeing this show in Chicago at H.O.B and I recall not really being able to hear the violins well. Maybe it was due to where I was standing watching the show, I don't............anyway, I think in this dvd and cd the violins shine through the mix very well, besides everything else sounding very well. Also, I really like the sense of humor that was used. It shows that a band can perform top notch even if it was only 4 weeks to practice before the shows but it also shows that a band can also have fun while up on stage and that is a great thing. Plus I know Steve isn't afraid to show that side anyway. It's truely a keeper in my books. Steve, thanks for making a great dvd and cd.

Joshua Melton
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lydian2000 wrote:
By the way I really love the music that Steve put on the menus, definition of elegance in my view!


I really liked this song to!!!

The name of this is "Par Brahm"!!! :headbang

I think Steve record this one with FLO, with the sustainer on(or not),

This song is amazing, it reminds "I'm Becoming" a little bit, but it is diferent.
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A wonderful DVD package, thank you. The tones are so much clearer in 5.1 so that the violins are seperate from Steve's notes, and this makes the DVD so richly rewarding after listening to the CD. Another welcome addition to the Vai collection!
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Alright, I've had time to watch the concert, and the commentary plus all the bonus features so I can give a good review.

Absolutly amazing, the quality of this show is absolutly orgasmic. The video is clear as day if not clearer, and the sound is simply amazing!

The set list just fit this band perfectly and they got it all done and played it beautifly. My favorite is All About Eve, it just is amazing. The acoustic set was great, I hope to see alot more of it in the future. I can't describe in words how great this sounds. I really wish Steve and the Band came to Texas and played. I know how upset I was when they didn't come and now I feel like crying cause I missed this live. But the dvd makes it seem like I was actually there.

I've already been working feaverishly on writing four bars of music for Steve. I want it to be absolutly the best four bars I can make. I really hope he stops down here next tour. I don't care where in Texas, wherever it is I am going!

Anyways the Dvd is great and the packaging is beautiful, and I couldn't be happier! This is one I will cheerish for my life and watch again and again.

Thank you Steve for everything, your art is the greatest thing anyone has ever givin me, and I'm happy you are sharing your love with the rest of us by releasing material and going out and touring. I really do appriciate it. And special thanks to the band, ecpecially Ann for learning the music so quickly and doing her absolute best to perform this to the fullest.... and thanks for the happy dance :)
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Wow. Amazing. Not sure what to say that hasn't already been said, but I wanted to add to the positive comments.
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