REVIEWS: 12 November: BOSTON, MA

Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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THE LAST SCHEDULED G3'03 SHOW IN THE USA! If you went to the show, please post your reviews here!! We'd love to hear your experiences.

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OMFG :o .....they all put on an awesome show! All very talented guys.. Congrats on a great performande :D
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All very good guitarist..

Yngwie- got very sick of not bashing him .. hes talented and very fast but he would not slow down and after a while .. it just sound like fast notes and not music..His tone is unbearably nasty if hes not playing Neo Classical. when he play blues it sound gross

VAI-- he definetly STOLE THE SHOW..been a fan for a while.. I told him he had the best set when i met him. He did some new interesting things and he is awesome. Best guitarist out there tonight in my opinion and others too many other thought steve was the best ..Steve your the king of all GUITARISTS YOU RULE >>YOUR MEDLODIC AND YOU CAN SHRED< yjm is just shred.

satch- hes just an all around solid player.. hes great.. Kinda boring though cuz ive heard those songs like a million times.. but hes a great player theres nothing you say. but by then i was already sick hearing 10 million notes per seconds and i just wanted to tell them to slow it down ..also his tone was not as great .. it sounded to harsh.. i liked his marshalls better

in fact vai and satch did do alot of slow stuff which i loved.. those guys are great they werent only shredding.. they were playing fast and slow.. not fast only like YJM

JAM w/ vai satch yjm...IF YOU GUYS READ THIS PLEASE SLOW DOWN.. TELL YJM TO slow down. VAI and satch need to slow down too.. every solo was just straight shred shred shred.. YJM JIMI HENDRIX cover was ridiculously GAY.. he turned a nice blues rock tune into one of his Classical shreds. i know that is how he plays but still i couldnt stand it.. hes amazing but sometimes a player needs stop slow down and look into the content of the music.. not i need to turn this classic song into a noodle fest. even if he played some slow things and shredded alot id be happy but seriosuly no stop minor scales.. I seriously dont think he played one note for 2 seconds.

through the other post i read Yes Yngwei is very much a show off and wants all eyes on him.. It seem like steve and satch weere off in one corner. and Yjm was running around.. like he was in a circus.. not playing music.

in the end of jam it just seem like all them were trying to play way too fast..

I get the feeling that because YJM is there VAI and Satch think they need to shred more .and when there all shredding at the same time. I couldnt even make out any of the notes. it got pretty ridiculous at the end.. YJM was running around the whole time throwing his picks every two seconds.

When they did the tour with Eric Johnson it was much better.. Even when they all jammed together they were all being melodic and trying to work with each other realli making melodic music and shredding with TASTE.

G3 2003 was basically a Noodle fest.. Three shredders at once is just too many notes. I DONT think JESUS could have heard all the notes they were playing at once at the same time ridiculous

All in all i ll give the nite an 8 only because of VAI'S set.. he was AWESOME .. The guitar is one with him and he is one with the guitar.. Keep Shreds with taste and is very meldoic and creative theres noone that plays like him hes his own.. little wing was great but yjm messed it up again. too VERY COOL though vai

Satch is awesome too ...but maybe some new material would be nice.. still awesome

YJM awesome shredder very fast.. to me gets boring after one song.. acoustic thing was cool.. but i like to hear medloy as well as shred so i just got sick of it,

lastly all threee of them i just thought too much shred!!
oh and steve things sound a bit muddy and couldnt hear you well when the whole band was playing.. alot of people were saying.. but still you still amaze us.. Get steve morse next time.. hell play nice and slow and shred

you rule steve.. thanks
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I just got in twenty minutes ago....literally.

I arrived at the Orpheum at about 20 past 7 and just as we got through the door Yngwie was going on. Pretty impressive that the schedule was kept to so tightly with all things considered. Yngwie was, well, Yngwie. He's a hell of a player and a very over the top performer. It was an odd pairing though; I think for only two songs both he and his band were onstage at the same time performing. Alot of it was Yngwie solo or with a Orchestral backing track. The dude's got chops for days though.

Steve Vais set started quietly and humbly. He simply walked out without any lights dimming, said Hello and took the Triple Neck from Thomas. He played a song I had never heard (I later learned from seeing a set list it was aptly titled "New Tune") and brought the band out. "Whispering Prayer" was dedicated to Pia after a short story about how they met at Berklee. My seat was about an arms length from Pia and I thought it was her when she walked up the aisle towards the soundboard but I declined to introduce myself lest I come off as some scary fan-boy. The more I listen to Steve the more amazed I am by how astoundingly well he's just connected to his gear; he just knows things sonically and watching him pull out all the stops for "Prayer" and "For The Love Of God" showcased just how amazing he is. He played with grace, beauty, control and emotion. Seeing him live was so much more powerful than anything I'd ever experienced musically. I've seen alot of great players but I was reminded of how almost 15 years ago I was at a Whitesnake show and said to myself "This guys actually better than all the magazines are making him out to be!" Steve left the stage promising to be back with a little more "guitar madness."

Satch opened with "Satch Boogie". Having seen him a few times I'm starting to wonder whether he does this just to get the song out of the way since everyone's expecting it or if there are other reasons. His new live sound is amazing; it just jumps to life and is him much more than I've seen him live and heard in recordings. There was a warmth there tonally that just seemed to suit him to a "T". As he went through a few numbers I kind of realized what it is about seeing him live; he isn't all crazy and jumping around when he's playing. You can close your eyes and listen for aminute and feel like you may miss a once in a lfietime stage antic. As he went through a rendition of "Always With Me" I just felt that feeling of someone that can take you to another place and emote and relay a situation without a word and without even anything visual. He's such an amazing player but has this bottomless bag of tricks that gets dipped into and the most appropriate thing pulled out.

The "Big Jam" was next and it started with a rendition of Voodoo Chile. Yngwie started it off with a slightly spirited opening about an ocatve up from the original and ten times as many notes. No fault or slight; it was just his style and if you didnt get it by now then you needed to leave because you were about to get a heaving helping of it! The three guys did a great job of putting together some excellent harmonized moments. They played off each other a bit. The backing band bass player (t was a Bissonette...I can't remember which one) donned the "Jam Helmet" and Steves backing band (Campitelli on drums and a a guitar player....I'm totally blanking on his name) led the way thorugh and did a killer job nailing it it down. Oh yes....Yngwie sang. Not sure if his voice was shot but it certainly sounded pretty weathered.

They continued the Hendrix theme and did a rendition of "Little Wing" with Steve on vocals. Jow sat on the drum riser and add little fills in between the vocal riffs, Yngwie opted for during them. But they all got together for an amazing harmonized performance that brought the place to a huge roar. They sounded huge, we loved it, and I hope they heard it!

Third up was Joe. He kept playing this vaguely farmiliar riff. It wasn't until he started singing that we realized it was Neil Youngs "Rockin' In The Free World". All three of them had at it freestyle and the free-for-all made for some great trade-offs. The bass player got pre-occupied with something during an extended movement in the song and hung his bass on the other guitar player and walked off the stage for a few bars. For the chorus the backing band assisted by an impromptu appearance by Billy Sheehan the first go round. For the last one just about every person that had been on that stage that night huddled around the microphone to lend their vocal skills. Whether it was planned or not is inconsequential; it was a very cool thing to see.

All in all it was an amazing show. Never have I seen more skilled played on a stage at one time, and never before have I seen a group more interested in playing together for the fun and joy of it and realizing what a gift it is to be able to do it. Seeing Joe and Steve play together is kind of like seeing two halves of one brain working as one or the yin fially meeting the yang and the balance being made in the universe.

I was priviliged to be able to attend the "Meet and Greet". My main goal was to get some schwag signed, thank them and not make a total a$$ out of myself. Steve was humble and very cool; we chatted about the Secret Jewel Box and a transcription of "For The Love Of God" that he did for Quincy Jones and I ended up winning in a charity auction. I mentioned that it was going to go to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame when i passed away and he humbly wondered aloud why they'd want it. I rapped with Joe about snowboarding since I noticed he was wearing a Burton t-shirt. We talked about some resorts and he mentioned heading out to Utah. I told him he'd definetley want to head out there for the "good stuff". Yngwie was cordial. Ahead of me someone had him talk toa buddy of theirs on a cell phone and hilarity had ensued. I had him sign my ticket and asked to shake his hand. Rather than release the grip on his signing pen with his right hand he offered me his left one for a slightly awkward moment. He looked pretty beat and tired and the last thing he probably wanted to do was deal with fans....which is fine. He certainly put in the hard days work to earn that one.

So I'm home now. I need to peel the "Meet and Greet" sticker off my shirt and get my butt into bed. I often find the impact of very influential events in my life take days to really soak in. I saw things tonight that make me, as a player, want to be better. It was an amazing and inspirational experience.

Steve...if you get to reading this....thank you for an amazing show. You keep playing them and I'll keep showing up and bringing people.
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actually what the dude (rarry) in the above post said is quite true, and theres really not much more to say. YJMs performace was deplorable compared to Vais and Satch's outstanding sets, especially, vai's. He blew everyone away. also, YJM's performace during Icarus Dream Fanfare (i think that was it) was just laugh out loud terrible, you could tell he just popped in the CD and tried to play along, eccept he kept loosing timing and screwed up on more than one spot. and what was with the jam at the end, Vai and satch had no trouble keeping it somewhat fresh and cool, eccept YJM whos same arpeggios got really, really annoying. Oh and do I need to mention the F O G , I think not.

and thats the last time I ever go to that place ever again anyways, Tight, cramped, HOT (Had to been 85+f), gotta leave during a set just to have a chance at getting in the 2 bathrooms I saw.. and really, REALLY REALLY bad seats, I bet those seats wernt even comfortable in 1850...

but otherwise, it was worth the $45+ Wish I saw more of Tony's playing though..Grrr...
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Yngwie hasn't changed much since I last saw him on the Eclipse tour in London (...when was that? '90?). Still entertaining and unbelievably fast. He tried to be too fancy on more than one occasion, and doing so ruined Far Beyond The Sun. He did an awesome acoustic track (can't remember which though) which really shone - I thought that the acoustic sounded better than his strat.
I think he needs to use different picks though - the ones he used tonight obviously don't last. :)

Steve made me cry. Twice. :oops:
From the moment that he sidled onto the stage to and started strumming the 3-neck it was obvious that he was in a playful and evocative mood, and the amount of emotion that he put into his guitar tonight was astounding, even to a long time fan. I swear he poured it in somehow. Every note, melody, phrase or pause seemed to be raw energy perfectly tempered to create a feeling. It was playful, it was delightful, it was f**king magic. It looked like he was having a lot of fun on the stage too. Thanks Steve.

Joe didn't quite hit the groove in his set tonight. I felt that he didn't quite gel with the crowd. I'm not sure why this is - following Yngwie and Steve probably didn't help since Joe is probably the most reticent of the three when it comes to stage antics. A longer set would have helped - it seemed as though he was just warming to the crowd when his set ended. (Yeah I know that sounds the wrong way around, but that's how it felt - the crowd were well up for it).
Don't get me wrong - he played well enough and it was still a good gig, but it wasn't the magic that I've seen him produce before. I was especially amused when Joe took the piss out of Yngwie early in his set, "Who wants a pick? I only need a couple..."

G3 together was special. Joe came alive, Yngwie managed to share the stage and Steve just carried on from where he had left off earlier. Forget critiquing the songs - just watching the 3 of them sharing a stage and playing off of each other was amazing. They could have played a Britney Spears track for all I cared.

The only thing I have to add is that the sound right at the back of the balcony was terrible. Vocals were non-existent, as was Joe's harmonica. I hope and suspect that it was better elsewhere. That'll teach me to buy tickets earlier in future ;)
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G3 '03 - Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 (the final show of the tour)

Okay, okay. I will try to be brief and hit the points that haven't been thoroughly discussed already and items on which I disagree. First of all, for those of you not familiar, the Orpheum Theater is a small, intimate venue. It seats, I'm told, somewhere around 1800. It was full or close to it. I don't think there's a bad seat in the house. Our seats were great! Second row in on the balcony. We had only one row between us and the show (the stage was close enough that we could see every expression on the band's faces). I was just far enough away that I could just make out FLO and EVO written on Steve's guitars (of course, the micro switches helped).

I said I'd try to be brief...

I'm little more than barely familiar with Yngwie but I've read many of your posts here and all on Jemsite's forum. From what I've read my expectations of Yngwie were pretty low. He came out with the smoke and tore into something. And you know what? It was very 80s. It was even cheesy at times, but I loved every minute of it! I had a smile plastered on my (sober) face for the first two songs of his set. He did all the leg kicks, pick throwing and kicking, and guitar twirls mentioned elsewhere, but I think the complaints are exagerrated. He didn't do it nearly as much as I'd imagined. Hey, the guy is 80s hairband all the way. He hasn't progressed a day (style-wise) since then, but it was fun. He played to the crowd and the crowd loved it! He did slow down a little for Red House, but you knew that. My only real complaint with his sound was that I could barely make out his vocals. That was the only song he sang on. The guy rocks. He's fast and furious. I loved it. Oh yeah, my other complaint is that he's overweight. Not morbidly, and I admit it's superficial, but it's distracting from his show to see a guy that big in leather pants. There should be a law.

As much as been said about him overplaying and needing to be the center of attention, he left the stage and gave each member of his band a few minutes to solo. Steve and Joe didn't.

He didn't kick as much, twirl as much, or throw as many picks as I expected from previous threads. Not being a fan of Yngwie's and not being familiar, I really enjoyed what I saw and heard. In fact, I liked the set so much and, from what I've read, I wasn't sure what to expect from Steve and Joe, I was afraid I'd seen the night's highlights. I hadn't.

Steve came out with no fanfare. It was different from most entrances, and I thought it was special. We're watching the roadies set up. People are talking to each other; not really paying attention. The house lights are on. Then without really noticing, all the roadies have left the stage. Then out walks Steve. Were like, "Huh?" People start to cheer, then everyone notices. He waves to the crowd. I thought he was going to say something, like "there's a problem, but I'll be out shortly." Instead, he walks over, grabs the triple-neck, sits and starts playing. His whole set was great. I was just floored. He's a great musician and showman, he's very humble too. But you know all that... He told us a story about meeting Pia at Berklee 25 years ago. She turned him down the first time he asked her out. He introduced us to Thomas Nordegg by having him come out and clean his glasses. Heh heh. I'm not intimately familiar with his solo work, but I didn't hear any mistakes. There were some minor sound problems early on, but those were taken care of.

The band was wonderful. Let me tell you, it was just fantastic to see Steve and Billy Sheehan on the stage together again. Those two have such great chemistry. Dave, Jeremy, and Tony were great too.

As far as the energy being down (remember I have only videos and old Roth/Whitesnake tours to compare to), I thought the energy level was perfect. They weren't tearing around the stage, but this isn't really the situation for that. They did move around quite a bit, and Steve's interaction with the band and the fans was fabulous. At one point with the sustainer switched on, he put the guitar down in front of the front row. He let a couple people fool with the whammy bar. He also signed an autograph before he left.

I was terribly disappointed when his set ended so quickly. It seemed to be half as long as Yngwie's (okay maybe all the flash and dash does get a wee bit old). But end it did; I loved their set though.

Steve's set was the highlight for me. His playing was unreal, his band was phenomenal, and he has a stage presence that few others have.

Joe was Joe. Another great musician and a great host. His set was a high-energy, flawless best-of set, that too was over all too soon. His band is more of a back-up band than Steve's. They were very good, but not very exciting. I know, I know: Joe's the showcase. What else to say? Oh yeah, he didn't sing, but I couldn't hear his harmonica.

The jam was cool. You know the songs. Again, the statements about Yngwie's playing over Joe and Steve, just didn't apply here. Steve actually asked the sound guys to turn Yngwie up. Yngwie did run straight to the edge of the stage when it was his turn to lead out. But when he was done, he turned and looked at Joe and Steve then walked back to get a pick, a drink, or change guitars. Most of the time when it wasn't his turn to play, he wasn't. Or he was doing some hammer-ons in the background. I started to wonder whether he could play rhythm until I saw him fretting an open D during Rockin' In The Free World and let a fan strum the guitar. He was his 80s self, but he didn't play over them or dominate the jam. He looked like he was having fun (possibly reliving his glory days), and Steve and Joe didn't seem to mind a bit.

The only problems during the jam were the vocals. Yngwie's mic wasn't on at first and I could barely here Joe.

They looked like they had fun, and I know I did. I completely enjoyed this evening. Like I said, there were some minor distractions, but this show was fabulous!!!!!!
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hey bpd111 were you even there?? didi you not notice that steve and joe were always at one end trying to play while YJM was running around for no reason .. it realli was disrespectful i thought.. while steve or joe was doing a solo.. you need to get out of the way and do rythm.. you dont interact with fans.. ,get a drink, point at the person whos doing a solo, wave you hand, jump around, rub the guitar on the basses head., on the amp aslo, it rediculous. i didnt see satch doing that he very respectful and humble to others. Honestly i love vai ...every time he soloed i wanted to hear him but i was realli distracted by YJM antics. i dont realli remember steve or joe coming to the front of the stage like YJM did everytime he did a solo.. I think he is classical brilliant shredder very fast yes.melodic not to me.. but he realli took away from the rest of the guys performances which makes him look like a Showoff.. I realli couldnt enjoy the other players,, becuase of YJM thats just my take on it.. it just got kinda mad.. His Non stop 10 Zillion notes persecond minor scales also didi too.. but i guess thats him.. bottome line hes a fast classical genius.. who needs to be more humble , less big headed, respect other two G's while there playing. He was so trying to show off even when he walk on to stage for the jam.. how times do we need to hear you minor scale runs..Geez louise.. Dont blow your load.. YJM.. i know he plays like that and to certain extent i love it.. but the sad part is that he cant do anything else... he wouldnt be able to sit down an groove. and play a nice slow jazz tune or a blues. the blues he played tonight. wasnt even a blues he turn a blues in to a 2% blues song and 98% classical shred.. and his tone as i said above is horrif for jimi hendrix kind of songs.. but hey hes Yngwei i guess that why we love him hes fast.. :?
other than all that he does express his thanks to steve a the end which i thought was cool.. i havent realli heard from him for a while..i dont think YJM could get big gigs like himself even though i know he has alot alot of loyal fans i could be wrong but i dont think hell ever play in front of huge crowds in the u.s. anymore..unles hes japan. cuz the 80's are over and steve and joe are the reason he getting big gigs on the u.s .. i sure he could get good gig i just saying nothing this big..hey that my opinion..i could be wrong..

thanks vai.. definetly go on tour solo..
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Okay I like Joe and Steve better than Yngwie, but this is killing me.

Everyone has something bad to say about Yngwie. You should know how he is.. Joe and Steve both do.. Yngwie is having fun and just because he is a different type of guitarist or performer people want to constantly degrade him. Yea he is a glory hog, but he doesn't play with guitarist all the time like Satch and Vai. Someone said it the best.. He is re-living his glory days and having fun while doing it.

When I went to the TN show.. I went to enjoy myself and have a good time.. it seems like people don't understand that Yngwie isn't like Satch or Vai. He is the 80's shred guitarist and why hate him for that. This is his style and that is what he does.

He plays fast.. DUHHH.. what did everyone think he was going to do, come out on stage and play a "Kenny G" song on guitar lol

He is the speed demon of the 80's. I really do not think he is half the big head people make him out to be. He is doing the exact thing that his fans love the same way Steve or Joe is for their fans. They are being themselves and giving a good show. Why can't we be fans instead of critics. Hey say something negative if you want, but why bash people? A true musician or adult guitarist shouldn't act that way. Yea you have your opinion, but why make fun of his wheight or his stage antics? This is the guy that Joe and Steve have been trying to get for years to come play on the g3 tour. They respect him, why can't you even if you don't like him?
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I won't bother regurgitating what others have said - YJM is unbelievably fast [I do get a hardon for shredding, I must admit!], Steve - great, Joe - better than normal

I think compared to G3'01 Steve's set wasn't as good. When I saw the '01 tour he & billy were two fireballs of energy - constatly running around, having fun, doing "stunt guitar" tricks. This tour was much more mellow. I was a bit disappointed you could barely hear Billy. Perhaps they were just all exhausted from the tour....

Joe's set, for some reason, was good. It was all his standard tunes, except starry night. I was pleased that the soundguy had turned up the bass so we could hear matt's monstrous low end.

The venue. I wasn't too thrilled. I had no room. I'm not a tall fellow, but my knees where touching the seat in front. And everybody had to freaking stand the whole time. There was an older gentleman sitting next to me who I felt bad for. He had to spend probably 3/4 of the show sitting because he couldn't stand. My friend works all day on his feet - he was in agony.

oh yes, and a big [insert favorite cuss here] to the jerk 2 rows in front of me who's big freaking head blocked [steve|joe|yngwie] for most of the concert. Also - GET OFF THE FREAKING PHONE! He spent most of satch's set holding his phone up so the guy directly behind and next to him could not see. I saw the guy who was blocked even tap the guy to say 'wtf'. He seemed to ignore him.

and speaking of asses - a big bitchslap to the guy who kept screaming "BRING OUT SATCH!" and "WE WANT RASPBERRY JAM" while Steve was playing Whispering a prayer.

I wonder if they get paid by the note?
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WOW ! ! !

What else is there to say? Great performers and a great show.

Yngwie was Yngwie. What I saw was exactly what I expected (except for the extra chin). Hair, Leather, and SHRED. Full speed all the time. His “stage persona” was a bit laughable at times with all the pick throwing, kicking, hair flipping, and guitar swinging/twirling. But holy sh@& is he fast.

Steve was his usual self. Playing out of his mind and seeming to love every minute of it. Whispering a Prayer was moving to say the least, as was For the Love of God. This was the fifth time I have had the opportunity to see Steve and I was not disappointed. Melody, feeling, speed, tone, everything… fantastic. Many thanks to Steve for making his own special brand of music.

Joe was outstanding as well, all the radio-friendly tracks and more. Great sound and stunning accuracy.

All in all, a great show. As you may have figured from this posting, I really went to see Steve. I wish his set was longer because he really stole the show.
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Might as well throw in my .02,,,

I've never seen yngwie before. So,for the first 5 minutes of his set, I was dazzled. Then I kept hearing the same riff over and over and over and over and over (I hope you get the point). He did some strange stuff that really abused my ears (breaking/pulling all the strings off his guitar). Anyway, I sat down and nearly fell asleep 8) Also, I thought his band was pretty weak. The drummer seemed off a few times, his solo was kinda :? . The bassist had a solo too, and it wasn't so hot.

Next, Vai,,,great show. I've gotta second the positive sheehan comments. He was unbelievable. I quit watching Vai on most of the songs and just focused on billy. On for the love of god I turned to vai, and he really nailed that song. Billy started playing some stuff on bass during the climatic points in FTLOG that I felt really enhanced the song. Some other people around me complained that it ruined the song, but then again, then called him jamie sheehan. His band was great, although I preferred Virgil on drums :lol: BTW, I heard sheehan crystal clear throughout. He was quite loud.

Satch: Disappointed that Stu wasn't on tour (they aren't touring together in the future, right?). I thought the bassist was mediocre. The reason he walked off the stage at that point was to bring some of the other musicians from the bands out to sing during the jam songs. Not that it mattered, he wasn't doing anything cool on bass anyway. Jeff was good as usual. Satch was good of course, but by this time in the show, I was feeling pretty sick and had to sit down (headache & stuff). I would have picked a different setlist for him,,,would have preferred to hear a bunch of the stuff off of strange beautiful music. He only plays one song from it live, but there are so many other great songs there.

Jam: I think yngwie ruined voodoo,,,Little wing came out allright. The final song was awesome. Biggest complaint about the jam was
a) Yngwie dancing
b) Sheehan not being out there
c) More of yngwie doing the same thing over and over,,,when they were going down the line, and satch was changing it up from shredding one time to tapping to whatever, and Vai was doing the same, Yngwie was playing the same riff over and over. BLEH

Good show, but yngwie wasn't my cup of tea. I thought petrucci would fit in really well for another tour. I wouldn't mind eric johnson either, although maybe he should release a new album :wink:
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Just saw G3 last night at the Orpheum. Was sitting left stage in the front--is it just me or was YJM too damn loud?! Man my ears are still ringing.

I wonder if Steve Vai has seen all the faces he makes while he is playing. At least he didn't break my ear drums like YJM.

Joe played the most musical set of all of them--I have to say. At the end when YJM was coming back--my first instinct was to save my ears and get the heck out of there--so I didn't see the jam at the end.

All are pioneers in their own niche. Tony Macalpine deserves more recognition though. In fact, I think he would have been more musical than YJM as the third member of G3. Tony Macalpine is an amazing musician.
I don't know what it is, but YJM's music just irritates me more than anything (this is just personal opinion and not meant as an attack on YJM--Lord knows we don't want to disrespect our friends from across the big pond--or disrespect anyone for that matter).

Next year do the show with Tony Mac as the third member.

And all the people said, "Yea!"
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Re - Stu & Joe - currently Stu is playing an extended gig with Teatro Zinzanni in san francisco. I don't know what the odds of him touring with Joe again are. He became tired of screeching guitars and didn't want to be away from his daughter. [hence the local gig in sf]. Being a fairly new dad myself, I have _NO_ idea how a dad can be away from their kid. Touring must be god awful.

and one other thing - I can see how Joe & Steve get a kick of of yngwie. Its quite amuzing to watch him jumping around and all that.. yeah, he needs to use a some more scales, but if you listen to a lot of joe & steve too - they have their tried & true scales they always play as well. they just don't do it as often.
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I think the most glaring issue really in the Yngwie vs. Everything and Everyone is actually pretty simple.

Both Steve and Joe have created thier musical niche. They're more players than performers, but enough of a player to make it interesting to watch and see what happens.

The quiet reverence that both Steve and Joe have for each other could fill any concert hall. When Steve came out for the Jam he stopped and bowed to Joe, who did the same in return. They have a massive amount of respect for each other as well as their fans, but are generally quiet and restrained performers.

Yngwie is the quintissential 80's performer. He has stage antics and his "bit" and they're not from a very humble place; they're rooted in the "rock god" mentality.

This doesn't discount Yngwies talent or skill at all. But it is seriously diametrically opposed to what both Steve and Joe have developed for a reputation of the G3 tour; guitarists putting it all together for an amazing night for the fans and getting personal creative satisfaction out of it themselves. They respect each other and the fans and don't need a "bit" to pull it off. Yngwie IS his bit and without it he wouldn't be him.

It didn't make for good or bad in my book. It just made for a show.
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