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Did you go to this show? We'd love to hear from you! Please post your reviews here! 8)

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HOLY SHIT!!!! I just got back a few minutes ago from this. First of all, let me say that I was mainly into guitarists like Vai and Malmsteen during 95-98, but for the last few years I haven't been keeping track too much, because I'm more into death metal (there's lots of virtuousity in that style, more than most people might now). HOWEVER, this concert totally renewed my interest in Vai especially. Vai isn't fucking human!!!! He also has such a great sense of humour when he's playing, it was almost too much! He might be the ubermensch!

Yngwie seems to have gained some was awesome to see him up close (I paid a shitload for 2nd row seats). He's a funny guy too, lots of humour on this tour!

Satriani was awesome too, but Vai is what really did it for me.

Seeing those guys all on stage at the same time, especially standing right together is the coolest musical thing i've ever seen. it was like fucking planets colliding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was my first time seeing all these guys, so that made things hit me even harder.

it was also cool to see these guys play in an arena, it seems like most of the other cities are in theatres. it was just half of the stadium used, still big though.

I'm a pretty narrow-minded guy musically, and I'm not ashamed to admit it: i usually don't get too into music that isn't heavy and fuckin brutal like most death metal is, but the G3 tour is one major exception to that!!
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The show was great! I have to say that my favorite guitarist was Yngwie, but I was disapointed with his performance tonight. He seemed out of sync many times, and I thought he spent more time doing a stage show than playing his guitar. I especially couldn't forgive him for the parts he didn't play in Far Beyond the Sun, which is my favorite guitar song ever, among everything that I've heard so far.

So after his performance, I was a bit disapointed. Then came Steve and although I like him, I wasn't expecting to be too thrilled about his set: for me, Yngwie was the main dish of the evening. BUT BOY WAS I WRONG! From start to end, Steve just rocked the Bell Center, it was non stop adrenaline (Juice!!), and also emotion with For the Love of God. It was my first time seeing him live, and was just amazed by his playing perfection: all his songs sounded as good as on record, even with the special touches here and there. My mood just went straight up because of Steve. The evening was already a success for me. Oh! I should mention the fact that I was amazed to see Tony McAlpine in his group! And my friend sitting next to me (who is a bass player), couldn't stop elbowing me on the side, telling me about the bass player (Billy Sheehan I think), which, he said (repeatedly) was one of the world's greatest bassists. Wow, great great lineup...

After that Joe did his thing, and although I really appreciate his profesionalism and technique, he just never quite got me excited, ever since I bought my first album of his. I had two highs during his set, and that was for Satch Boogie and Summer Song. Great energy. Also, the lighting was spectacular: well done.

Then the 3 of them came on stage and jammed together and finally Ynwgie stood up to my expectations... Seeing those three together was a dream come true to me. I mean... I'm a big movie fan too, and those three together would be like putting... I donno... Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson in the same movie... Ok, bad comparison, we're not necessarily talking talent here but anyway, it was just THAT BIG for me. I was laughing to see them go to solo one after the other, just because I was too excited, too impressed, too *shocked and awed*. Seeing the power of that jam made the ticket price look cheap to me.

One thing that made an impression on me is how they respected each other (even Yngwie seemed to have a lot of respect for the others :D ). And they seemed to be having a lot of fun together. That's added value to me.

Those were three and a half hour of great entertainment, and a UNIQUE experience. Oh, I ordered 4 hot dogs, 1 chips and 2 pepsis and that cost me around 18$... That is quite a unique experience also :cry:

Eheh so anyway, Yngwie, Steve, Joe, Tony and the others from the bands, thanks guys, your show was AWESOME and I hope to see you again in a couple years (keep the same lineup!!).

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Man where do I begin??? Oh ya Yngwie.

Yngwie Malmsteen. What a performer. I've read allot on the other reviews of him being a stage hog and people weren't impressed. Let me tell you they could have had no one better open the show. He is full of life and full of energy. I admit some of the songs droned on but what a perfomance. This guy was non stop beginning to end. You can tell he really loves his job. He has tremendous talent and no one can fault him for that. I liked his set allot. Favorite was the blues number he played. Never a die hard fan but no I will watch and listen more closely.

Steve, Steve, Steve. I have always been a HUGE Vai fan. Heck my email is passionandwarfare@*** I've followed him since Roth days. I saw him In AZ on the Ultra Zone tour and was truly blown away. He know's why he's out there and does a d**n good job at it. Can't say enough about him and most words can't even to begin to describe him. One word does (with no disrespect to any religion) GOD. That man puts so much heart and feeling into his playing that I have yet to see anyone else play like this man. Shared the stage with all his guys and wasn't afraid to back off and let them play too. I could write a book on this man. But I won't bore you all. Best performance of every song for the whole night. My Favorite two were whisper on a prayer (amazing) and Juice (always loved that song) What ever you do in life make sure you see a Vai show if that's the last thing you ever do. Enough said.

Now to Joe. Before I write this don't get me wrong or take anything out of context. I know he is a phenomenal guitar player. I know he was Vai's teacher. BUUUTT I saw Joe a few years ago In AZ also. He just didn't connect with the crowd there. I feel tonight he really didn't either. Vai and Malmsteen were there for one thing, to please the crowd. Joe kinda sat in the background sometimes. Didn't really seem to into it. The bassist and guitar player were in the front the whole night. That's just my perception. Like I said don't get me wrong he can play and play very good. Just didn't connect like Vai. Of course it is a biased opinion. And it is Steves web site. All in all great gutiar playing just not as exciting. Again these are all my opinions. But who doesn't like Summer Song?

Now to closing. Now this was awesome. Ya Yngwie bounced around allot and was up in front of the stage allot. Didn't see the the other guys have that much energy. I think Yngwie is a great performer and a excelent addition to the G3 line up. Voodoo was great and much respect to Yngwie. Little wing was excellent Vai was unstoppable and really did enjoy Joe on this one. Keep on Rockin Blew the roof off the place.

Why did it have to end? I could've stayed there for days, weeks, months listening to all three. We are blessed to have such gifted guitar players we can see live. Not since Hendrix or Ray Vaugh has anyone come close. Well here you have it. Getting closer. Great line up, great show, great everything. I would have payed 3 times as much to see this show. Didn't have great seats. Nose bleeds but still could see. Besides even in front row who could keep up with those fingers? Next G3 I would love to see Zakk Wylde (personal opinon). This line up though will be very, VERY hard to beat. Steve, Joe, Yngwie THANK YOU. Thank you for a night I will never forget. Thank you for putting your hearts and souls into playing for us. We really appreciate it and will never take it for granite.

PS: Steve feel free to PM me anytime, love to chat (I wish) :D
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Words cannot describe this experience for me right now.

I'll try later. Look for an edit of this post :) .
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Oh sweet mother of god.

I have never witnessed anything like that before. It was THE most impressive show I have ever seen and will ever see. Steve's set was FANTASTIC. I didn't expect to hear "The Reaper" so it was pretty badass. He's in the prime of his career right now if you ask me, and the way he integrates everyone in the band is out of this world.

Yngwie was better than I expected, actually! I've heard weird things about him, but his show was friggin excellent.

Joe needed a bit of Warm up time I thought, but after the first song, everything just clicked. I mean, those arpeggios on "Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing"? Fugheddaboudit, right?

Afterwords, I went to the "Meet and Greet". I must say, I did an AMAZING job of becoming a jackass and totally humiliating myself in front of my hero, Steve. I was TERRIFIED!!!!!
I gave him a CD of myself, and I think he thought I was plugging my music. I was just trying to thank him for all he's done for me and millions of other people. I wish I could have told him that, but all I could say was "OH GOD, OH MAN"!!!!!!!

He was really cool to me and my father though, and he smells really nice! :lol:

I also asked Joe Satriani for a kiss because there was no other way to personalize my autograph. I hope he didn't see me as some psychotic gay fanatic! :lol:

Anyways, it was great, and I just wanted to thank MOD777 for those aftershow passes. It was unreal!
Anyways, fantastic!
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Oh my !

Quickly: Vai's & his band produced the tightest set, best spot performance was Yngwie blazing on the acoustic guitar and most jaw dropping moment was Yngwie playing excerpts of Van Halen's Eruption … with his teeth.

Now the long review:

Yngwie (does this guy have 6 fingers ?)

Let me say this: when I want to listen to music, I buy a CD. When I pay to go to a concert, I want to be entertained. So why complain about stage antics ? I have actually liked it a lot. Now obviously, if you want to have 100% timing and hit every notes perfectly you do like Satriani (which he did) and keep your eyes on the fret virtually all the time and don't move … that is an option. Vai didn't hit perfect either last night but he was entertaining too … and so was his band.

I have never seen anybody play acoustic guitar like that before. No effects, just the guitar and a magician with fingers worth gold … pure ecstasy.

For those that read the Guitar World artice on G3, Vai was quoted saying that Yngwie (live performance) was condemned to be Yngwie and I wondered where he was from with that but think I found it yesterday. A few people have shred faster than him on albums but miserably fell short of having a career because they could not play live what the recorded (probably after 253 takes anyway). Out of the 5,000 people that attended yesterday, half the crown was eagerly waiting for him to collapse to finally be able to say "I told you so". But he didn't. Worst that that: he probably swallowed a 6-pack between his set and the jam, came back on stage and didn't miss a single note through the 3 songs blazing at a speed that the other two can't match. Let the guy be what he is for god's sake … did anyone critique Paganini, Chopin or Litz for their speed of execution. At any rate I frequently read that he doesn't look especially to play at fast speeds …. His goal was always to use his guitar as a violin and it just turns out like that

Yngwie is not as esoteric as Vai on guitar and conversely Vai is not as agile at high speed. So be it. Let's collectively get over with it and enjoy !

Excellent keyboard solo, very good bass solo and so-so drum solo. The Marshall sounds a bit outdated versus the other two's gear.

Vai (is this a guitar producing this sound ?)

To me Steve Vai is like those Olympic athletes performing 10 different sports in ten days (can't remember the exact name of the sport). The winner of this sport is not necessarily the one that shines in 3-4 event but rather the one with the least weakness. An that is what Vai is to guitar. He is not as fast as Yngwie, not as esoteric and inventive as Jeff Beck, not as mellow as Santana (and the list goes on) … but he is excelling in every single aspect of guitar playing. That is to say that I still have to find something he can't do well. Some other guitarists might have been able to replace Yngwie in Alcatrazz and some others might have been able to replace Van Halen with David Lee Roth but I think nobody else than Steve could have replaced both because nobody is as polyvalent.

I initially feared the worst when Steve started on the three-neck (Didn't like it at all) and I thought he would be having a very bad night (it seemed however that most people around me liked it). That was probably me because the rest of the set was excellent in term of showmanship, creativity and coordination. Who wouldn't was to have these guys in you band (Billy and Tony). The little duet with Tony was excellent. People have raved so much about the 4-way trade off that I had higher expecations.

Joe (the quiet master)

Funnily enough I came to the show with high expectations for Steve and Yngwie (which they met) and low expectations for Satriani with the end results that he is the one came through as a nice surprise. While some people dismiss Yngwie's prowess as being macho, some others criticize Joe for his pop (read gay) oriented music. Here again, what is wrong with that ??? Since when writing beautifut music that is easier to digest (albeit highly technical) a weakness ? I have read elsewhere that Joe had some weak performance. Well I personally he came very good yesterday. He definitely has the best tone of all three performers

Jam (climaxxxx)

While Voodoo Chile got a lot of praise, I had mixed feelings toward it. Don't get me wrong the song WAS good but I felt all three guitarists stick too closely to their style while soloing and didn't get enough under Jimmy's skin. At any rate it takes a lot of gut to do an Hendrix song live. And then …. Little Wing. Wow ! the part where Vai plays the melody while Yngwie plays arpeggios as background texture … I almost wet my pants ! I hope they started doing that duet in time for the DVD shot in Denver. Rocking in a Free world was an excellent showcase for the solos, especially the harmonic parts towards the end. The vision of these three guitar monuments will stay with me until I die.


I don't think they will be able to find an other line-up for the G3 that will match this one.

Van Halen ? After Yngwie played parts of Eruption with his teeths ! I'd turn red … but then the old dude might have a few tricks in his bag (although I don't think he'd play Far Beyond the Sun with his teeths)

I have just witnessed three of the best guitar players that ever walked this earth jam together and this memory will stay with me for all of my life.

I thank Steve and Joe for their open mind. They have tried for a long time to get Yngwie on the G3 tour and the wait was worth the effort. I think that for one time Steve was challenged to have a guitar god of equal reputation on the same bill and it is not stranger to the fact that he presently plays the best guitar of his career. You have a lot of gut and deserve to be given the credit to pull it all together.

Now … the bad.

I guess that by now my critique revealed that I am a fan of all three guitarists

I have visited all three guitarist's website forums for reviews and must admit that it's here that I have found the most accounts of narrow-minded reviews of Yngwie and disregard to Joe's performance (gasp! Don't shoot me … please). Let me make a point here: both Steve and Yngwie (and Joe to a lesser extent) write extremely complex guitar lines and it is very tough to get a proper appreciation of the music the first time you listen it. To that extent, until someone seriously sits down and listen repeatedly to songs, Steve and Yngwie are subject to the same kind of critique: some uneducated listener might think that Vai is doing whammy-bar masturbation (without understanding properly the complex nuance given to notes and the difficulty to perform such technique) while others that Yngwie is plainly doings the same runs (not understanding that the change of feel between what scale / mode the notes are being played in and its complex interaction with the keyboard lines).

Sir Winston Churchill once that you can judge how great a men is but the number of his ennemies. Well Yngwie seems to be very great then ...

Guys … give the music a chance and let it grow on you! Life is better with three guitar heros to listen to than just one.

:shock: :shock: :shock: :(
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This was the first G3 concert i attended and i really enjoyed the performances each guitarist gave. Each have a unique tone, different attack...., i find that was easier to hear when all 3 were jamming at the end. Honestly i find an hour for each guitarist not enough for all the other great material they have written. I found it fun that Yngwie(fkn fast guy) just threw his guitar at the roadie or tech guy and then towards the end Matt(on bass) was blocking him from going on the side stage :wink: I was impressed by Vai's and Satch's drummer, matt's and Billy's bass playing. First time i see Macalpine playing, i was sorta disappointed that he did not do too much but still a great performance(wonder if will ever do a solo tour). Overall it was a great night, blown away by the performances of each guitarist..

edit- just wanted to add i find the cover songs of Jimi excellent, would be cool if all three just create a song with all three of them contributing... just an opinion...

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Yan, just want to say that's the best review i've read so far, pure class describing of all three players.
And i most certainly agree with you opinions on taking the show for what it is, and respect each of the guitarist for the type of music they play.
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That is the best review on the website!! I totally agree with all your Yngwie comments. I personally think he is amazing, as well as Joe and Steve. This is definitely the greatest line up imaginable. Rock on guys!
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One thing I liked is they say bonsoir, merci or little words in french. I would like more in french but guys do their best.
What I don'y like about the show: The poor vocal sound! And sometimes the poor sound when they play loud or toghetter.

I saw twice Yngwie before this show, the Fire and Ice tour (with the great Jens Johansson on keyboard) and the Odyssey tour, and his best on-stage performance was for sure the Fire and Ice tour at Théatre St-Denis! This guys at this time was flying around the stage like an airplaine (he's surely taking cocaine).
I am not impressed by Malmsteen's performance yesterday. He's lost his drive with his weight gaining! HEHEHE.

First time I saw Vai live...I'm impressed by his skills and his stage presence but i am not a big fan of his music; too much like Frank Zappa's style..I prefer the classic style of Yngwie or the bluesy style of Satch.

JOE SATRIANI IS THE BEST OF ALL 3! For many reasons: Maybe he don't have the stage presence of the other two but his songwriting and entertaining song's are at a much higher level than Vai's. I am dissapointed by the absence of Stuart Hamm...IMHO he's greater than Sheehan an more versatile bass player with his Jazzy style tapping. If you want a good DVD live performance, just go buy Satch's Live at San Francisco. GREAT!

The Setlist of Satriani was not the best he could take...Always with me and Flying in a Blue Dream could be removed easily to make room for some like Devil's Slide, Ceremony, or songs with more the way, The mystical potato head groove thing was great, summer song and all the other too. 75$/ticket, 12$/parking 8.75$/beerX4 plus 40$/t-shirt...very expensive but worth the price... :D
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AlexSlayer wrote:it was also cool to see these guys play in an arena, it seems like most of the other cities are in theatres. it was just half of the stadium used, still big though.
Not even the half...just about 5000 peoples are there last night but Le Centre Bell can have up close to 21000 seats!

Do you know this is the Arena who sells the most tickets worldwile? :D Vive Montréal! Vive le Québec! :lol:
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I would like to point out that when attending a G3 show, you most probably are a big guitar fan already: you don't get there by accident and think to yourself "damn, those guys really know how to play guitar!"... You should know that already.

So in reply to what Yan had to say about people (like me) who didn't like every single thing about the show I say this: It's not because these guys are great (and they all are) that they are beyond a personnal critique. We all KNOW they are the best of the bests, and maybe that's why there's so much high expectations. What's that mentality that a true fan or real "connaisseur" can't ever say a bad word about an artist? Also, any artist who respects himself will like a review that includes what was liked and what wasn't liked. Endless admiration and praises might do well on gratification at some point in your career, or might do well for eternity for a perfect egotist, but in the end you wanna have pointers as to what people think you could do to offer something even better.

I hadn't read others' reviews before I posted mine, and so I'll come back on the Malmsteen performance. Like I said, he is my favorite guitarist. Why? Because for me he writes the most complex, fastest yet coherent melodies ever. Some of my friends, and many other people it seems, think he's a show off and don't like that... I just don't give a damn about all that, I actually appreciate it, as long as the music is played as it should be. Now... I felt that during his set, Malmsteen fooled around at the EXPENSE of the music, and that's what I found disapointing. But I love the guy, love all the musicians that were on stage yesterday and do think this was a reunion of genuises. masters, gods, whatever word best decribes them for you :) [/quote]
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I will say more later, but I just got back to New Brunswick from Montreal a few minutes ago. I will say I was there when the guy asked Joe for a kiss. That was funny, Joe didn't go for it though. More tomorrow.
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RickAllen wrote:I will say more later, but I just got back to New Brunswick from Montreal a few minutes ago. I will say I was there when the guy asked Joe for a kiss. That was funny, Joe didn't go for it though. More tomorrow.
What is your seat number? I'm at 114FF seat 10. Some guys back of me where from New Brunswick I think...
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