Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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Did you attend this show at the Tennis Stadium in Santiago?

Please post your review of the show here. Steve and the band love reading your reviews.

Please do not post in this thread if you did not attend the show.

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Well, more than a show review, I'll try to tell you shortly about our great overall experience with the Vai crew yesterday (nov 10th), especially with the great Mikey!

Quick background: My girlfriend is Fancy Music's (local Ibanez distributor) Marketing Manager, and I, as a total Ibanez freak and kind of english speaker, always help her regarding events with international artists, most of them Ibanez endorsees.

Ibanez arranged a small autograph session with Steve, so we got to pick him and Mikey up from the hotel, get him to the session, and finally, return them to the show's venue. Mikey was really kind from the very first moment we met, and as I said to him, the image of a cool guy I had from his "internet persona" is absolutely true!

It was funny, because I'm a hardcore Vai fan, but I felt I had to be "professional" in my role, and not do the "I'm not worthy" thing. So, there I was, in a REALLY small van right next to Mikey, Steve and a gig bag containing EVO AND FLO, trying to keep my place and not be starstruck...I really don't know if I succeeded LOL!!!!

While Steve was meeting the fans (btw 40 people got to go to this session, from about 2000 entries on an internet contest!), Mikey and I talked a little, and well...I couldn't help but ask him to go to the show's venue to take some pictures. Not only he agreed, but he actually let us watch the soundcheck and gave us some gifts (I won't say what, because I guess everyone will start asking him for gifts LOL). At first I felt really uncomfortable, because I thought we were bothering them and simply wasn't our place to be, but everyone was really warm (the whole band and tour manager included), so we finally stayed.

As for the show, I'll let the detailed song by song review to someone else, but here's some quick comments:

- Vai was really on fire, there was a lot of people, a great clear - slightly cold night, and an overall awesome vibe between the band and the crowd
- Jeremy, Dave and Philip, always amazing! I LOVE Jeremy's energy, that's what a rock drummer should be all about!
- Ann Marie and Alex, just incredible. Ann Marie sounds as sweet as she looks, a true find for the Vai camp!
- The band played some of my favorite songs that haven't been done live very much, such as Die To Live and All About Eve
- Ann Marie's intro melody on "For the Love of God"...WOW

I'm sorry for the short show review, I'm sure more detailed ones and pictures will soon apear.


Warmest regards from your friends in Chile,

Carolina and Max
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I was there, at the Court Central, and the show was unbelievable, the best show that I ever seen, the sound, the show, the stage, the lights, were just amazing, thanks Steve for come here to Chile, and let us enjoy your awesome music! Dave, was great, Philip, great bass player!, Alex, wow!, Jeremy, great energy, funny, and awesome, Ann, beautiful, and that intro to for the love of god, was the best intro for the song, the most beautiful intro, i loved it! Steve was, obviously, the god of the stage!

I'll never forget this concert!

Again, thanks Steve!
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Is was my first concert with steve vai...and was amazing! Steve besides play great is really funny :lol: and the happy dance was pretty cool :D I love when steve say Boom Shika-Boom Shika ba-ka-tu-ka xD

I hope see you again Steve!
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hey there...

first of all let say that the show of last night was the best concert that i never seen in my whole life... :D

Steve and the band were on fire... every one of the musicians were awesome, Ann Mary (that smile…) and Alex really steal the show with they solos… and Jeremy… oh my god!!! That man its the original Rock Drummer!!!!, also Dave and Philip, what a amazing band…

here's the set list:

01. Now We Run (some guitar cable problems)
02. OOOO
03. Building The Church
04. Tender Surrender (just beatifull)
05. Band Intro (with the happy dance... what a show)
06. Firewall
07. The Crying Machine
08. Dave Weiner Guitar Solo
09. I'm Becoming/Die To Live (some guitar problems)
10. Freak Show Excess (amazing... )
11. Violin Solo
12. All About Eve
13. The Beast
14.Devil's Food
15. Drum Solo
16. The Audience Is Listening (awsome!!!)
17. The Murder
18. Whispering A Prayer (makes me wanna cry... over and over)
19. Taurus Bulba
20. Liberty/Answers
21. For The Love Of God (the best ballad in the world...)

I hope that I will have the change to them again next time Steve comeback to Chile…

the sound it was amazing... so clear and so damn loud... Steve plays every song so perfect... i was in heaven... especially on freak show excess… let me put it this way:
Steve: and the name of the song is…

I (the only one who yell it): Freak Show Excess!!!!!!!!

Steve: What?! (looking at me surprised)

I: Freak Show Excess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That was just magic… I only hope that next time I can buy the evo experience… but for the time being… that moment make my day…

Thank you Steve for making the last night a memory that I will never forget… god bless you and your band… you are the best musician in the world… and it was such a honor to see you live once again…

Warm regards
Juan Ignacio…

PD: sorry for my English…
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woooooow the show was amazing :headbang
the best show that I see in my life
congratulations Steve ... always we wait for you in Chile !!

* the band is awesome :

Jeremy ...very powerful
Dave ....always perfect
Philip .....amazing
Alex ...incredible
Ann Marie ....sweet ,beautiful :oops: a excellent violinist
Steve...simply a GOD for me

*my English is bad :?
see ya next time!!


peace and love
and good happiness stuff :D
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Good pics.


The show was marvelous, the sound was amazing and the band is incredible.

Steve is so funny, with his dances and jokes. (Sorry about my english)

Thanks Steve for gives us the opportunity to listen you.

P.S: jejeje watch my video with Vai's sunglasses
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i was in the show, to 25 m of distance...

I only have that say it was wonderfull, magic. Thank you so much steve for coming to our country and play in 2 cities.

I cried in some songs, all the show very emotive and so funny, jaja...

The band are monsters of music, i havent words for say everythung that i feell...

Only one more thanks for coming Steve, and we see you in a next time, Chile is your house, and you are in our souls.

PD: Where are more pics???? And my english is so bad, jaja

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It's so good reading these reviews, like re living the European leg.
Thanks, and the photo's Caprile, are exellent. :D
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An incredible day full of Steve, these pics speak instead of me ... 605nq4.jpg ... 522zp9.jpg

from the show ... 787kg2.jpg ... 756gx4.jpg
and setlist

God bless all of you and Steve... your legacy is written down in these words and in our hearts forever
At the end of the show i cried like a baby for all i've lived in this day
Thank God for your priceless talent

Hope to be there when you come back again
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invito a todos los que quieran a visitar mi blog, hoy VAI esta en argentina y al llegar escribire lo vivido!
nos vemos en
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I don't have words :)

This was my first Vai solo show and was like an religious experience, I only saw Steve in 2004 when he came together G3 and I was in the last seat of the place... I only saw little figures :lol: but now I was in the second row and I could saw every detail and of course enjoy every note :)

I'm not expert in guitars but if i'm not wrong Steve appeared with Jem20th with the green lights and WOW everyone (includes me) started to shout :o
The show was amazing I laughed a lot with the jokes and interaction with us was fantastic!
I loved every part of the show!

Steve thanks for your music!!! The show was A M A Z I N G!!! with every note made my hair stand on end, you're mi idol! I'm not guitar player ( I try to play...) but I love and enjoy your music that made beautiful feelings on me.

Jeremy is a guy with a lot energy I love the moment when he appeared with his little drums and all that "evil" stuff :lol: :lol:

Dave was great , he have a great talent , love his solo section :)

I never saw Philip live and he is an amazing bass player! Love him!

Alex wow! that electric violin :shock: I was shocked he is greaaat! he made me laugh a lot with his jokes :lol:

I saw Ann Marie when she came with Jethro Tull in April in Santiago, and I knew it she is an amazing violinist , she rocks! all men fallen in love with her :lol:

I hope we could have a next concert in Chile and we don't have to wait so long. Steve this is your home ! :D Was great that you came to Viña del Mar and not only Santiago I couldn't go to Viña, but I know that all fans from there are happy now!

I was in autographs session but I couldn't say you in words all my gratitudes to you , I hope you can read this and understand my english.

Mikey I saw you too but I didn't bother you , thanks for all the information for us , you rocks!

See you in a next time!! and maybe in a Evo experience :P
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3 days has passed after the great show in Santiago, but I can't take out of my memory the sounds, the band, the laugh, the overwhelming songs. It was so incredible, I'd doubt it was real.

Starting with a phrase from "Under it All", you and your band appeared in stage. Your axe screamed in pure bliss, starting Now We Run. It was in this moment I knew this show will be unique.

The songs continued, I was astonished. I took photos like a madman... except in "Freak Show Excess", "Answers", "Tender Surrender", "Whispering a Prayer" and "For the love of God", where I preferred to listen and see your show. The first two made me feel like I were a 8 year old boy, full of energy and happiness; the last three were so overwhelming, I cannot deny that you and your band made me drop a tear.

I cannot say nothing but thanks to your band. Jeremy made me laugh insanely; Alex DePue was astonishing with his mad skills in electric violin; Ann Mary Calhoun was the beautiful spot, not only physically (OMG, she's so beautiful *O*) but her violin skills made us feel like in heaven; Dave Weiner made a perfect complement for the band and Phillip Bynoe added the Funky side of the night.

And, of course, thanks Steve. Nothing but thanks for that beautiful night in the Court Central when you and your band made us dream with your songs. Thanks for the faces, gestures and jokes. Thanks for everything.

A fan :)

Pd: sorry for my lack of English. I hope this post is, at least, understandable.
Pd2: I hope there is a next chance to see you playing again. I hope that in that moment I have the money to afford the Evo Experience
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I went to Steve's presentation on the G3 2004, and I was so amazed that I couldn't miss this show. It was INCREDIBLE, the music, the sound, all was so perfect, including Steve's fingers :wink:

The Band was great. I saw Anne Marie with Jethro Tull too, she's an excelent violinist, also was Alex, and Dave, Jeremy, and Philip, and of course Steve's dance :P

For me is impossible to afford the EVO ticket, but the next time I'll be on the concert, that's for sure.

We'll be waiting for you and your band!, You're most welcome!

Greetings from Chile!
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