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Santi Rigolizio
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#16 Post by Santi Rigolizio » Mon Jul 23, 2007 4:23 am

Hi guys, what can I say about yesterday? I can’t really find the words to describe the EVO experience and the concert because it’s such a personal thing and I believe everyone gets something unique from it. I’ll try anyway.

I was outside the Hammersmith Apollo waiting and talking to other guys when I saw Steve Vai walking down the street. I said to the guys who were with me: Hey look at Steve Vai, he’s coming here. It really was him… After all the formal things, name and pass for the Evo experience, we all walked in and sat down on the floor upstairs.

After a while Steve came. He was in front of me and he was telling us his stories. He said that he loves the Evo experience because people are familiar with his music and ask questions related to what he does. On the other hand, he doesn’t like interviews because he gets asked the same questions every time… and it’s been that way for 26 years…

I think everyone knows how much Steve loves his music and his fans. He answered everything we asked. I have to say that listening to him talking it gave me new strength for my music and my desire to play music. I guess when you fight all the time to get what you want, you get a bit discouraged, but then you see someone like Steve Vai you find new energies. Thanks Steve for answering my questions.

Steve also signed a photo of me and him that it was taken a few years ago. He liked the photo and we took a new one. Then we went to the sound check. Steve had a new piece that he wrote at the gym in the morning. They were learning it. It sounded really good.

The concert: I think the set list was the same of other concerts. Everyone in that band is a tremendous musician… amazing. Jeremy Colson is a Wild Animal on drums and Dave Weiner has improved a lot. He is the second guitarist now and he kicks ass! Ann Marie is beautiful and dangerous… a really gifted player… Marc is a smoking gun and Alex’s got the groove and you can feel it when he plays.

Steve…. Is Steve and we can only appreciate him not only as a guitar player but also as a composer. Last night more then before his songs sounded like compositions. The set list includes songs from all the albums… and Steve gives everything he has inside.
After Whispering a Prayer, he got a standing ovation! I think we clapped and screamed for at least 2 minutes…. Steve was very touched by that. He even said: Come on, It wasn’t that good… But instead it was.

I believe that, as Steve said during the EVO experience, Steve’s fans love what he does because he doesn’t compromise and he does what he loves. Each one of us is touched in a different way but ultimately, we get together to celebrate the music. I think this is why Steve loves touring. This is what He gets from the fans.


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#17 Post by phoenixrock » Mon Jul 23, 2007 4:24 am

Boy oh Boy !!! What a night at the Hammersmith Odeon (How dare they change the name to the Carling Apollo).

I'm an old wrinkly who has spent many a happy time at this venue but last night had to be the icing on the cake. Stevie Vai - you the man !!!!!

Favourite moments had to be Whisperin on a prayer and For the Love of God and as for the standing ovation I was as overcome and speechless as Steve and the rest of the guys !!!

I'm sure everyone who witnessed this stunning event will agree the place really rocked last night.

Anne Marie - love you to bits, saw you with the Tull a while ago - keep up the great work.

No doubt Seraphim will have his own slant on this but I would rate last night as : :lol: :lol: :guitar :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :peace :headbang :guitar :mrgreen: :peace :guitar :lol:

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#18 Post by harvestthesouls » Mon Jul 23, 2007 4:58 am

lol it was funny when the show ended and the breed were chuckin their picks, sticks, etc, and Bryan tried to convince alex to throw his bow, lol i think bryan kinda wanted to but luvd his bow. My mate caught a drum stick! - THANKS TO THE GUY WHO DIDNT WANT IT!!!

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#19 Post by leigh01 » Mon Jul 23, 2007 4:59 am

It was just amazing, whispering a prayer just sounded absolutly amazing,
It was one hell of a day too much to write so sweet and simply put,
Oh BTW The whole sound was amazing, not too loud but still beautifully felt, and those violins just make everything so much bolder and more powerful, plus we got to hear a melody steve got the idea from in a gym, which sounded pretty sweet when he started playing it with his band, can't wait to hopefully hear the end result sometime.
Ah what a great show, has now got to be one of the best days of my life,
Thank you mikey and steve for giving all us the chance of the amazing evo experiance it was just breath taking.

Has anyone got photo's to share of this show yet?
If I have any decent ones i'll post so people can treasure the memory some more.

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#20 Post by mo786 » Mon Jul 23, 2007 5:58 am

harvestthesouls wrote:Hey, mo786 i also went to see metallica 8th july, two great very different performances, im curious which performance reached out to you the most? for me the energy and crowd response in metallica was more alive than ive ever felt, but yesterday was alot more emotional and the sound quality (the way it was amplified) was beyond phenomenal!!!!!!!!!!

me (left) my friend cat (right) and stevie in the middle!!!!
Yea I pretty much agree with you - I have been to quite a few bands where the acts can really get the crowd going like The Memory Remains at Metallica so it wasn't THAT unique.

Whispering and FTLOG were very emotional and quite intense last night.

Saying that the highlight for me out of both of those shows was ONE at Metallica, I was standing right at the front for the fireworks, lol

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#21 Post by Yorksha_Pud » Mon Jul 23, 2007 6:15 am

What a show! :shock: :D

I thought Zack was great, he's certainly the strangest support act I've ever witnessed! What is he on?? The guys got serious balls to do what he does tho, coming out by himself like that. The James Bond theme rocked!

This is the 3rd time I've seen Steve and it has to be the best yet, mainly cos the last 2 times i was sat quite far back, this time i was 3rd row, right of centre, and really felt part of the whole thing. The sound was perfect, with each instrument really clear in the mix. Now We Run was a great song to open with, oh, and how good is 'Oooo' live??? The whole set was just perfect. I loved I'm Becoming and All About Eve, they were just sublime.

I loved the addition of the violins, they were just amazing, I've never seen the violin played like that before. Dave was great as usual. Jeremy is just a beast of a drummer, loved his new toy. Brian is a great soild bass player, great tone.

The highlight HAS to be WAP with the standing ovation at the end, it just seemed to last forever! Steve: "C'mon, it wasn't THAT good was it??" Yes Steve, it really was!

FTLOG was, as always, IMMENSE. I managed to shake Steve's hand at the end!

All in all it was one amazing show, I'll never forget it, thanks Steve!

Heres some pics.

mo786 wrote: Vai seems liek a nice guy - you could tell he was touched after the standing ovation he got for Whispering. (2 concerts now in 2 weeks where the acts were amazed by the audience - last one being Metallica. Maybe its just me :wink: )
hey, i was there as well man, the chanting at the end of The Memory Remains was pretty special eh??

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#22 Post by Bkkkk » Mon Jul 23, 2007 6:32 am

Holy mother of all that is rocking and shredding!!

All I have to say is that Dave, Anne Marrie, Alex, Jeremy, Brian, Zack and especially Steve love what they do and it really does show. The setlist was amazing, there were so many songs I wanted them to play but then we'd be there all night, though I dont think anyone would have complained about that. :wink:

Im a fan of Dave Weiner and I was really anxious to hear him play Shove the Sun Aside, he did a great job, small oopsie with the silly pedals but no worries.

Like everyone else said the violins are an amazing addition and a breath of fresh air into the more established Vai songs.

On the technical side that sound was great, the chairs comfertable and besides one jerk heckling the crowd was very good, its a shame it was a sitting gig though, I so badly wanted to rock out during "The Audience is Listening" :twisted:

My only tiny dissapointment was that I was sitting a bit far away but its not a big deal, next time ill book the tickets as soon as they come out.

Oh and the fact that I got stuck in Waterloo for 5 hours waiting for a train home, no matter it was all worth it.

If the Steve and the band read this; You guys are great and have touched every single person in the audience last night, I know I felt moved during whispering a prayer and the entire acoustic section. ROCK ON!

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#23 Post by Seraphim » Mon Jul 23, 2007 6:42 am

Hello there :P

What a amazing show! The audience was really incredible, the sound was perfect, at least in the point when I was. The set list is similar than the other shows that I have saw, but have always some diferent parts from show to show!!!


Once again thnaks for Steve for provide these intense moments!!!

Thanks Mikey for everything!!!!

Also was nice to see you people from there!!! I have pass a great time once again.

Pictures will come soon, Hey, Disaxter, or sure I call you... nevermind :wink: a sido muy bueno te ter conocido :P and I have pictures of you :D

A word to the fine musicians: Not only you are great musician but also you are great person!!! Thanks for the warm feelings

Noy here goes my slant :lol:

:mrgreen: Seraphim :mrgreen:

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#24 Post by disaxster » Mon Jul 23, 2007 6:48 am

Seraphim wrote:
Pictures will come soon, Hey, Disaxter, or sure I call you... nevermind :wink: a sido muy bueno te ter conocido :P and I have pictures of you :D
Muito obrigada para las fotografias (thanks for the pics, according to my SpanItalian), Gracias.
You can use my other name, Maria, as everybody knows it already but at your own risks :lol:

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Hammersmith ODEON gig - Wow!

#25 Post by YeOldeMonkster » Mon Jul 23, 2007 7:00 am

This was like a religious experience for my pal Jezza and me - I just cannot believe how great this gig was. Zack Wiesinger was terrific - what is wrong with some of you - didn't you get it? His playing was awsome and he managed to do this whilst putting on a full on madcap comedy routine - he was also incredibly nice to talk to. As for Steve and the band, I don't think that words could express the roller coaster that the show was. It was simply a stunning aural treat that left us emotionally drained albeit with huge grins plastered to our faces. Every member of the band was incredible and the pace of the show was perfect - the only downer was that some bloke in front of us kept getting up to get more beer at the most ridiculous times - at least wait for the interval between songs mate! After the gig we waited to meet Steve and the band. We waited for ages and Steve appeared after many fans had given up leaving only 8 or 9 of us. In a most incredible twist of fate I found myself walking along with Steve with no one else anywhere near and I tried to tell him how much his music has meant to me over the last 23 years - I probably came across as a bumbling idiot but Steve was incredibly kind and gracious. Thank you Steve for an amazing night. :D

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#26 Post by harvestthesouls » Mon Jul 23, 2007 7:03 am

yeah it sure was man, if it didnt alredy, hetfield made it feel special, "this is why we do what we do!" will never forget these two nights, btw Yorksha_Pud where were u sitting, the angle of your photos looks like u were sittin quite close to where i was

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#27 Post by forgottenglory » Mon Jul 23, 2007 8:26 am

Great pix Yorksha_Pud! Thanks for sharing

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#28 Post by Alistair » Mon Jul 23, 2007 8:35 am

Excellent pics Yorksha!!

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#29 Post by Matt-the-twat » Mon Jul 23, 2007 8:42 am

Absolutely fantastic show, however, if I was forced to change anything, it would be that Steve played 'The Attitude Song' and 'Bad Horsie', was really looking forward to hearing them. Other than that, truly fantastic! I really wasn't expecting to hear 'The Audience Is Listening' and it sounded great.

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#30 Post by Bees » Mon Jul 23, 2007 8:56 am

disaxster wrote:One nice lady told Steve she saw him at that venue together with Frank back in the old days, when it was called Odeon and they both agreed on the fact that changing the name didn't make much sense to anybody, as the people will always remember it as the Hammersmith Odeon!
Thanks disaxter - that was me! :D

What a special day that was. The EVO experience was fantastic - Steve passing round that precious guitar so we could all fondle/tinker with it and take pics was something quite unexpected. Steve was entertaining, informative, accommodating and generally completely un-starry. I had to re-check video of the Crossroads duel today just to make sure I couldn't detect a giggle after his recounting of shooting the scene. Got stuff signed, had pics taken and joined the soundcheck. Took all photos on film except for one, since there were threats of ejection from venue for taking pics during the show. Thought I'd save one for the final bow when it wouldn't matter if I was ejected.

I wont go through the show piece by piece as they were all brilliant - couldn't pick an extra-highlight from all the blazing highlights! The band members were all brilliant. The only sour note came during the last 10 minutes when the Hammersmith staff member decided to enforce the no cameras rule (flouted openly in her sight throughout) and started pushing along the stage edge - standing on my bags containing my camera, merch purchases and uneaten food and getting right in the way of my view (although I wasn't offending) so much that I actually missed taking my ONE photo of the final bow and in fact missed most of the band leaving the stage - I used my saved up last pic on a long shot of Steve leaving the stage. She was a mean woman to spoil what was until then an absolutely PERFECT experience.

Cheered up when chatting to Dave, Bryan and Alex in the foyer afterwards. Thanks to Bryan (say Hi to Mike for us - sorry no more Taylor Guitar gigs at Kew!) and Alex for signing my ticket, and to Dave for signing CD to me and hubby - even though he mis-spelled hubby's name - didn't notice till today! Post pics on your site of that Triumph when you get it Dave!

Couldn't wait around to see if Jeremy/Anne Marie/Steve came out the stage door as we had a long trip home and a date with the alarm clock at 4.30am.

All in all it was a fantastic day/evening - just glad it was on Sunday - a couple of days earlier and we might have been like some posters - unable to get to the gig. That must have been as painful as when we missed seeing FZ at Brighton in 1988, delayed in Grenoble airport until after the gig had ended.

Thanks for posting great pics of last night. For the sake of nostalgia, here's one from the FIRST time we saw Steve. To Steve and the band, thanks for coming - hope you all come back again soon.


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