REVIEWS: G3'03 - 18 October, 2003: LOS ANGELES, CA

Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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If you attended this show, we'd love to read your reviews!

We have long bus rides and need fun things to read!


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I get the feeling Steve is reading these as well... Would be Nice to hear from him. You told me he would be posting more once the tour started, but I havent seen any posts.

Would be cool to hear Steve tell us how he thinks the tour is going,what he "REALLY" thinks of yngwie etc..

I'll be at the Nashville show on the 27th...CAN'T WAIT!!!
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I just came back from G3 like 5 minutes ago. This was my first show I've been to with Vai in it. Ynwie, Joe, and Steve are a deadly combination. I really have nothing to compare it to but I enjoyed it.
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It was great! We just got home. Yngwie...stuck in the 80's. Steve... OMG! Joe... OMG!
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Stuck in the 80's, sure, but owns nonetheless. There is no written rule that your music/style has to change for it to be good. Anyways, this show was much better than last Saturday at Humphrey's. Steve's sound was much better, and his performance tonight was way better than last Saturday, and even that was awesome! The tour is becoming a well oiled machine now it seems. The jam was great, Billy was hilarious to see interacting with Yngwie. Steve and Yngwie got in sort of a "duel" ( in between songs ) for a second that ended with Yngwie playing the woody woodpecker intro, and Steve doing that "laughing" sequence similar to the one in Yankee Rose back at Yngwie. It was great. Yngwie and Steve's sets were the same, but Joe changed a few songs. Steve's "Whispering a Prayer" performance was phenomenal tonight. I'm so glad I got to see this tour twice, it was a real treat. I also spotted Yngwie's old singer Mark Boals in the audience and went up to say hi :P
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The show totally kicked ass!!!! I am a Vai fan now after hearing that song that was dedicated to his wife....anyone know what song that was? I believe that Vai and Yngwie owned the entire show.....I wasn't so impressed with Satch till he did the two handed tapping sequence...that rocked! The woody wood pecker bit was funny! I wanna see these guys again!!!! Especially Vai and Yngwie!!

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I forgot to mention: DVD was MIA :/ Guess I'm ordering from Amazon! The song was Whispering a Prayer, Blown. It is on the "Alive in an Ultra World" double CD.

Buy here: ... 208&sfid=2

or here: ... c&n=507846
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wow!!!!! i dont wanna go to sleep, this has been the best night ever it was my first concer ever, my first time seeing this 3 guys, 3 guys who i admire and respect and are a big infuence to my life on music and as a person.
i was the guy with the flag from el salvador and the images and word tshirt
this guys were amazing
im falling sleep so heres the setlist
-evils eye
-improvisation i think??
trilogy suite opus 5
-red house
-improvisation with each members solo
-black star
-far beyond the sun

steves setlist the same as usual great show and a final standing ovation

satchs setlist was pretty amazing with almost all my favorite song...damn i wish he had played belly dancer or oriental melody but i think people dont know them
-satch boogie
-the extremist
-cristal planet
-starry night
-flying in a blue dream
-The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing
-always with me always with you
-summer song

encore rockion on the free world, little wing, voodo child, la gringe
then i got passes for the vip room i met: derek sherinian, jeremy colson, satchs guitar player, david weiner, billy sheehan, tony macalpine , mr steve vai what a nice little boy he was so nice he signed my cds , my flag from el salvador and he took some pictures with me :lol: , i was shocked with all the musicians around, there was a guy who seems so familiar with john petrucci that i was freaked out .
The only bad thing i couldnt meet joe satriani and malmsteen they were talking with a handicapded guy which was so cool!! i mean everybody talked with that guy they were so natural , i was so happy to see my heroes doing things thay nobody thinks musicians do!!
the best part> crying when steve was playin whispering a prayer and when joe played starry night. the funniest part...yngwie playing with his pedals effects and running thru the whole set while satch and vai were playing on the encore and billy pushed him to joiend satch and vai.Mikey thanks for the passes. i met steven a guy from a magazine and guy who recognized from the vai forum his wife was so nice and his childrentoo and a mexican guy who loves yngwie!
now i must return to el salvador but believe me guys this night was so great!! and you guys all the bands you have a place on my heart for 2 reasons:
the show and for being so nice persons
take care and have fun on the road
best regards
pd: i have a lot of pictures but im so tired hope to send it this sunday around night!!
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Can somebody tell me steve's setlist for this show because i dont know what "the same as usual" is. Thanks.
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ME, here is Steve's setlist for this tour, as posted by Mikey:

1. Triple Neck
2. I Know You're Here
3. The Reaper
4. Juice
5. Whispering a Prayer
6. Get The Hell Outta Here
7. For The Love Of God

The Greek Theater show last night was outstanding! Steve's set flew by; felt like he'd only been on about 10 minutes! The triple neck solo at the start was very cool, and the new song it led into was great. Looking forward to hearing that on a new CD, or on the G3 DVD! The set was really rockin' and well paced. I was really surprised when I first saw the setlist, at the lack of more well-known songs, but after seeing the show, I get it now. The Reaper, Juice, Get The Hell Outta Here, all were absolutely rocking, with the "crossing of the guitar necks" bit in Outta Here definitely a big highlight, getting lots of cheers & folks standing up. Whispering a Prayer was utterly beautiful, and ended with Steve giving his guitar neck a kiss! FTLOG got a huge cheer when he went into it, possibly because it might have been the only recognizable song to some of the folks!

The sound problems people reported before seem to have been worked out, although, if you're sitting on the right side in the first few rows, you may only hear Dave Weiner, who's stage volume was very loud! We were front row of Sec A on that side, which is just after the pit, and we were hearing Dave's guitar from the stage, and Steve's from the PA. Any closer, and the PA wouldn't have reached us. Billy was also pretty darn loud, too!

As for the other guy's sets: Yngwie is Yngwie. A master player, no doubt, but the problem I have with him is that he has been doing the same thing for so long, and his stuff is very one-dimensional. Ok, I know, he went from a classical orchestrated thing, to Hendrix's Red House, but still, it all has the same feel to it. Whereas Steve (especially!) and Satch create a lot of different moods compositionally, and their guitar playing complements those moods. Yngwie just comes out & shreds non-stop, and frankly, after about 10 minutes of it, I'd heard enough.

For a joke, my g/f & I counted how many times he swung the guitar around his neck, and got 9 times during his set, and up to at least 15 during the jam, and lost count! :D

Joe's set was great, one of the most enjoyable times I've seen him (out of about 8 or 9 times). Great song selection, solid band, and he seemed to be really enjoying the nice Southern CA night.

Nothing really more to add about the jam, except Yngwie should have kept his coat on, which hid his beer gut! :wink:

Steve Z
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As usual G3 proves to be an inspiring show, with Vai totally stealing the show! I swear it was the fastest hour of my life! I love the fact that Steve played some of the instrumental tracks from EL&S, especially Get the Hell Out of Here.

What a great opening to Whispering a Prayer when he said "This is dedicated to my wife, who is closer to me then my own heart beat." That song always brings me to tears when I hear it live.

Seeing Yngwie was awesome, he's definately got his own style and is a good showman.....and what else can you say about Joe but "He's the master", and the best at what he does.

Steve is my favorite though, so much feel and so much love.

This guy offered me a backstage pass at the merch booth but I didn't have 40 bux on me and I didn't know if it was legit. Plus, I didn't want to leave my buddy Dave hanging alone so I didn't take it.

Great night and if Steve reads this....thank you from the bottom of my heart, your playing is so elegant and inspiring to the masses who love you!
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I was so impressed by Mr Vai! to me, he made joe and yngwie look like amateurs last night. he was fantastic. I'm a huge Yngwie Fan (moreso than a Vai fan) but man, Vai kicked ass last night. the triple neck was awesome! :D

I loved the energy that yngwie brought to the stage, but to be totally honest, i got kinda bored :oops: (even though he's my fave)

Satch was great too! he had on a cool jacket, and a cool red guitar ;) lol

I was kinda distracted by all the nice booties walking around though. that was sweeeeeeet! :twisted:

Man, i wish i could see this show again. i'm getting the dvd and cd foshow! 8)
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My second G3 show, my wife's first... what a blast!!

First of all the Greek Theatre, possibly the most perfect venue for a rockin' G3 show. Weather was perfect, the ushers and vendors were SO cool! Steve was so cool to acknowledge the magic that place had.

I guess I'll run through the guys in order...

Yngwie. Comic relief perhaps? Yeah, he's probably the fastest gun on the block, but damn, what a trip! My wife and I at one point were laughing more than listening... he was like the David Lee Roth of shred, swinging his guitar around and flinging it and drop kicking and showering the orchestra section with picks... Like folks at previous shows have said, that poor guitar tech of his worked harder than Yngwie did!

Then Mr. Vai came around, complimenting everything about the Greek and how he was so thrilled to be there! His triple neck song.... OMG!!! Someones got to have that on tape! That was the most amazing thing I've ever seen on guitar, bar none! I cannot wait for his new CD to have that for my car... The rest of Steve's set was so tight with the perfect band and the most incredible vibe I've seen -ever. My wife was going gaga at Steve, I was going nuts at the incredible songs and jams he was laying down. This was a guy who has had a great run in his career, and he's still fresh as ever and ready to carry on! Also I hope Billy Sheehan sticks with Steve for awhile, that guy was a close second fave of the night, so in tune and locked in with the guys in the Steve Vai band...

Then Joe came on and brought the fever pitch of the show down more than a few notches... he was very straight forward and a blistering musician, but wasn't having as much fun with the audience as Steve had. His notes were spot on most of the time... (his guitar was bit too hot duing the intro of Summer Song) but you could hear each somg verbatim on the Live in SF CD/DVD. I felt kinda let down, since Steve had new stuff to eagerly show the crowd, but Joe had none.

Immediately after Joe the rest of the guys came out to do the G3 set. In the beginning it seemed to be great, then Yngwie was cutting the other two off at every opportunity while Joe and Steve were off to the side commenting. Even though it may have been frustrating for Joe, Steve was having a ball, and I even saw him say to Joe "he is SO fast!" about Yngwie. La Grange was a blast with Billy singing and poking fun at Yngwie by haphazardly tossing around his bass in a "schmaltz" duel.

In all- what a show! Its Sunday afternoon and I'm still buzzing from the whole thing!

To Duncan, your generosity and warmth made our night. Fate notwithstanding, it was a pleasure and an honor to meet your family and receive the best gift of the night from you. We're framing those tickets and leaving with the knowledge that that was the best night my wife and I have had "out without the kids". If you do in fact read and post on this board, I'd love to get your e-mail, I'm at AOL.

That's all for now, back to real life and work tomorrow!

Warmest regards-
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I also saw the show last night at the Greek . And it was my first time seeing any of these guitarist. The show was AMAZING .... Yngwie was
a real showman , but sadly i found his music to be a little boring . Except
for Far Beyond the Sun , which i have always thought is his best song.
But as for Steve Vai he was everything i had expected live , a brilliant player ... such tasteful emtotion , incredible skill , and seemed real excited to be at the Greek theatre . I thought the song he played dedicated to his wife was Great ... and i can't leave out For the Love of God :) imo his best song of his career. Just when i thought the show couldn't be any better .. Joe came on stage and took it up even higher .
He like Vai is one of the most talented tasteful players in the world .
I loved about everything he played especially i think the 3rd or 4th song he played but the name escapes me . And of course loved hearing Flying in a Blue dream , and Summer song live . I only wished he had played Surfing with the Alien . And the final G3 jam was incredible i especially thought Little Wing was great to hear Steve sing , and play to along with the other 2 guys . The show was beyond my expectations .. I have been to about only 8 concerts in my life so far . But this show was without a doubt one of the most special . Long live Steve , and Joe .
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Just wanted to thank Steve & Co. for a wonderful show -
a truly exceptional performance.

It was a blast.

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