REVIEWS: G3'03 - 11 October, 2003: SAN DIEGO, CA

Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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Vai stole the whole damn show. Satriani and Malmsteen came no where near him. Anyone get the set list? I think he's doing the same songs everywhere.

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Who's doing the same songs? From what I hear, Vai is taking this whole tour.
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I enjoyed Yngwie's set, it was alot of fun. But VAI owns.

If only they could get a good mix going. I have never seen a crowd near riot because they couldn't hear Vai's guitar. The sound guy finally got the message and turned Steve up...almost TOO MUCH. Ugh. No keys, kick drum, & Billy's solo was lost.

My mom could mix better, to be honest. :roll:
Melodic Dreamer
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lol no wonder Steve is taking this show.. This is a Vai site where all the Vai fans go. I say all the Yngwie fans are thinking that Yngwie is taking the show and the same for the Satch fans.
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setlist please!!!!!!!!!!!!
it seems like no one cares about yngwie
no body has post his setlist ...and satch is doing the same setlist right??
cool im going to have a great show on the greek theater 8)
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vai is doing:

Triple neck
I know you're here
For the Love of God
Whispering a Prayer
Reaper Rap
Get the hell out of here

maybe one more, dunno
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i think steve should pursue his character in Crossroad when he plays with yngwie.
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Melodic Dreamer wrote:lol no wonder Steve is taking this show.. This is a Vai site where all the Vai fans go. I say all the Yngwie fans are thinking that Yngwie is taking the show and the same for the Satch fans.
While there's probably a pro-Vai slant here, it seems that the feeling holds true on Satch's site as well. There aren't as many reviews posted there yet, but there are a few that give the show to Steve. And having seen Steve several times I don't find it very difficult to believe. :)
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Hey Melodic.... check out the message boards over at, they are all raving about Steve Vai staeling the show, Not satriani....

I can't wait!!! Final show in Boston, think being the last show they'll do anything out of the ordinary??
Satch Boogie
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I hope so!!! Ill be in the 2nd row, I really hope its a good, special, LONG show. I do want to here some specific songs, such as for the love of god and juice. And I need Yngwie to play Trilogy Suite. What has Yngwie been playing anyway?
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I want some classics from all three.
And im sure they will all deliver thoose.
Besides the classic instrumentals i would want Yngwie to play some stuff from Attack.
I especially would want the tune In The Name Of God, his playing on that tune is fuckin out of this world good.
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San Diego was a fantastic show all around (a few sound problems aside). My first time to Humphrey's by the Bay and what a cool setting! Yngwie took the stage promptly at 6:30. Although his stage antics may seem funny to some, he is one of the most intimadating guitar players alive. I don't think he messed up a single note during his performance and that trademark vibrato is just spot-on EVERY time. Next was Vai. Sheer perfection and always an exciting performer to watch. Once the sound was corrected a couple of songs in, everything was fine. It was nice hearing some rare Vai tunes in the setlist, although we weren't treated to "Bangkok" (probably due to time constraints). Satch seemed very energized during his performance. I've seen him a number of times, but last night he definitely played with an intensity I've never witnessed before. For you gearheads, he is playing heavily modded Peavey XXX heads into matching cabs this tour. I also noticed he's playing two prototype colors (a cool red sparkle and an ice-blue) on the JS1000's. The jam consisted of "Keep on Rockin' in the Free World", "Little Wing", Voodoo Child (Slight Return)", and "La Grange" (w/vocals courtesy of Billy Sheehan. Also, may I say a huge public THANK YOU to Mikey for the after-show passes. What a way to top off the evening getting to meet these 3 modern masters. It was a night to remember!
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I was there last night. Yngwie seems to be improvising a lot of his set. He did play:

Evil Eye
Trilogy Suite
Baroque and Roll
Far Beyond the Sun
( he played one of the Concerto Suite songs, forgot which one, but he played the whole thing with samples in the background for the classical instrument parts, obviously )
Spasebo Blues which he sung on

The songs listed above are not in order. He started Black Star then abruptly cut it off to do Far Beyond the Sun. Seems he is having a bit of trouble deciding what he wants to play due to the limited G3 set time, I think he is used to his own solo tour 2.5 hour shows.

This was easily the best G3 ever. The jam at the end was AWESOME with Yngwie in it, he shared the stage well, and no, he did not play Harmonic Minor licks during his solos for the jams. He was a little more loaded then he usually is, his wife April had to guide him around during the meet and greet afterwards. THANKS FOR PASSES MIKEY!

All that said, Steve Vai owned this show hands down. His set was incredible. I have seen all the G3's that have come to pass, and Vai gets better every time. I can't even describe it. The only bad thing was we all missed the WHOLE SONG Juice because you could only hear Billy's bass! ( which sounds great, but Steve was WAAAAY down in the mix. ) Not just for Juice either, all songs leading up to Juice. So during the whole badass Juice solo all you could do was watch Steve's hands and imagine how it sounded. The fans were standing on chairs yelling and screaming at the sound guy, at the very end of Juice he fixed it. It was funny, Steve, in the midst of playing, yelled "You can't hear me?" almost in disbelief at a fan who was in front of the stage with his hand cupped around his ear trying to let Steve know the problem. Tony was virtually non existent in the mix as well, even during his solos. Dave was WAAAAY too loud, and I was center stage. Keep in mind, these complaints are all for the sound guy, not the band. They totally owned. Wait till you see Billy, Tony, Steve, and Dave fretting each others notes all at once! The DVD needs to be the WHOLE SHOW, multiple discs from start to finish! Fans WILL PAY for that Mikey!

Joe's set was normal Joe. Great playing, but nothing new or different.

The meet and greet was stressful, because I had my Malmsteen strat and Jem 7VWH with me and wanted to get em signed before the Humphreys people kicked us all out. :P ( They were being real asses last night ). I got them both signed so I am happy now :P I'll post pics I took of meet and greet when I get them developed.

Awesome show, most fun experience I have had ever at a concert. I had a room at Humphreys with a STAGE VIEW too, imagine that. At the last minute the hotel clerk upgraded me to a junior suite, totally awesome.


Steve did a real emotional song I can't name, I have heard it but don't know if I have it on the CD's I have of him. It has real slow, beautiful intro that he plays, with bar in hand doing subtle nuances with each note. The intro repeats as the "main theme" throughout the song. What is it?
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whispering a prayer :)
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Hey steeda,

How did you bring your guitars in? Did you bring them into the concert or go and get them afterwords?

And what about the merchandise? What are they selling?

You're so lucky to get the passes and it sounds like everyone is having a great time. It's too bad Yngwie is always drunk.

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