REVIEWS: 5 JUNE 2006 - Zappa plays Zappa PARIS, FRANCE

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#16 Post by srv_zebest » Fri Jun 09, 2006 2:19 am

(sorry for the post who has none interest, but I wanted to post this somewhere..sorry sorry sorry.. :roll: )
Hi Steve!
even if my favorit guitarist is stevie ray vaughan, I LOOOVE the technicality of your game, the melodys who are so beautiful!! When I hear you, it's so magik! even if I'm surely your bigest fan, I respect yourself enormously!! For my part, I live in paris, I'm a little guitarist of 16, not very good, not very bad, but i'd like, one day, why not, to be able to compete with you (hahahaha, It's simply impossible..). So I venere you, oh my god! and I wish you'll come soon in paris (I was caught there too late..)..sorry for my bad english and good continuation .

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#17 Post by Y&K » Fri Jun 09, 2006 7:24 am

I could have a really fantastic time at the ZPZ concert in Paris.
All the musicians were excellent and the mood of concert was very happy.
I fond the Dweezil’s synchronizing guitar play with Franc Zappa’s image very gentle. He is livig in our spirit...
And Steve Vai’s music… it’s magic! I’m looking forward to assisting his next concert.

Thank you Zappas and the excellent musicians who played with.
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#18 Post by ibanson » Fri Jun 09, 2006 10:29 am

What's a live show !!! WONDERFUL !!!

I love the zappa's music, and for me it's the first time I meet steve in person, I would thank you steve, for all you make for us ! THANK YOU SO MUCH and hope to see you soon again !

Steve signs my ZPZ pictures creation !

My ZPZ work signed by steve :)

Steve and I 8)

Some members of the team !

My personal message to steve.

Another composition made for the occasion :wink:
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#19 Post by francktira » Fri Jun 09, 2006 10:36 am

Thank you still and always STEVE for your perfection!!! Your kindness
and your humanity!!!
All notes of music, that you us offer are a treat!
All the team of (in France) thanks you for having
to grant a little your time to us!! :D

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#20 Post by tominus » Mon Jun 12, 2006 11:57 am

:guitar Hello everybody, I'm French and I saw the Concert, on June 5th, and it was just exceptional !
I realy like Zappa's music (what I ear since I born ! :D ) And I was really impressed of the performance, especially Steve's solo, in the song Zomby Woo (i'm not sure of the name ! ).
Anyway, I rarely had seen Steve Vai like that, I think he was like a martian, because I don't everytime understand what he is doing, but I love his style !!

I'm a real fan of Steve's music, and how he plays the guitar; I also saw him in Clermont Ferrand in France , it was one of my best time !

But this concert in Paris was exellent, all players were execellent, even if that's true that Dweezil didn't moved a lot on stage,
but they were all wonderful, and it gaves such a happy atmosphere, and I think that the real fan of Frank Z. would have realy enjoyed this show,
through Napoleon Murphin Brock, Tery Bozzio, and them all !!

Come back in France Steve ! :headbang

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