REVIEWS: 23 MAY 2006 - Zappa plays Zappa PRAGUE, CZECH REP.

Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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Did you attend this show at the Sazka Arena in Prague, Czech Replublikc?

Please post your reviews here!

Jeroen :)
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Great, Great show!!!!
Dweezil and the band have really come close to perfection in recreating not only the music but the atmosphere that always went along with Frank's shows..
The sound was great and just about at the right volume, so as someone pointed out earlier, YOU CAN ACTUALLY HEAR THE NOTES!
The band was amazing, all extremely good musicians...I knew Dweezil could play, but, well, he pulled off stuff on the guitar most players dare not dream of...then there was Terry Bozzio, we all know he's one of the best, but to play those ridiculous parts while singing lead vocals is something else, he played like a madman, he has more energy in his 50's than people half his age.
Napoleon was an animal on stage, you could tell he loves his work, but the entire band was very upbeat and having fun, which is great to see.
When Steve came on stage he was recieved with a great round of applause and immediately launched into playing some wicked guitar parts...he was really on fire!! The solo section in ZW was Steve at his best, he had an amazing sound through his Legace amps..Terry Bozzio was sitting on the side of the stage laughing at how ridiculous the solo was...I don't know how Steve's guitar could stay in tune after that!
As with the other shows I saw Mikey documenting a lot of the show, I wish we could see this somewhere in the future on a dvd, at least Steve's solo, it was wild!
Anyways, this is a great 3hour+ show that you won't regret coming to even if you aren't familiar with Franks music...GO SEE IT!!!
Dan Friml
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Awesome show! Awesome Steve's appearance!
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Absolutely unbelievable. I was really surprised how good the sound prezidentman said - you could hear all the notes from all the instruments. Dweezil played some great songs there..he didn't forget to play my favorites.
Terry Bozzio was great as usual, his first song [i dn't know the name, sorry :-)] was great. And that drum solo....unbelieveable.
Steve's appearance was...incredible..after the years of waiting i finally saw him live and i will never forget it. It was really great, best solo i've ever seen.
I hope he will return some day to Prague..
Bravo !
edit 1>> oh, and i saw mikey [or at least i think it was mikey] taking some shots, i hope we will see them..and he had a wonderful Vai t-shirt....i want it too ! :-)
edit 2>> and the show was yesterday - 23. May, not 22. [title]
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