Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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Have you seen this show in Helsinki, Finland?

Steve and the band loves reading your reviews. Please post them here!


Captain Relief
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Wow, this band is TIGHT and they played some incredible stuff for us tonight! Songs like Freak Show Excess were just unbelievable!

I hope The Breed still enjoys playing some of these songs? You guys must have trained REALLY hard?

This band is probably the most wicked and talented band touring on this planet at the moment!

But... On the other hand... I think the show contains a bit too much soloing just for...soloing... We heard a separate stand-alone solo from each band member. I know some people like these solos, but I personally find 95% of these boring in the end. Of course the guys in the band are among the most talented players on Earth, but I'd enjoy even more if I'd hear them "showing off" with the band supporting them.

I've also missed Steve's lyrical songs in each concert I've seen by him. He really did VERY nice job singing Rescue Me Or Bury Me and My Guitar Wants To Kill Yer Momma. I'd LOVE to hear more of similar stuff in the future!

In overal, it was a very enjoyable gig!

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Woooh... amazing gig. I have been waiting this moment about 7 years and now I finally saw Steve Vai's own gig. I saw Steve with Fripp and Satriani but this show was from another planet. It was so rock, so groove and so beautiful at the same time. Now i really understand what means when you say "guitar sings". I also loved Eric Sardinas and he's tone but Steve's sound was so smooth and creamy.

It was great to hear all the most beautiful songs like "For The Love of God" , "Whispering a Prayer" and "Lotus Feet" and couple good heavysongs like "Building The Church" and "Midway Creatures" and one of the happiest song "The Boy/Girl Song" It really made me happy :) ...
but I think that song needs that girl :)

Now I have to stop writing, I must do some work now but thank you
Steve, Tony, Billy, Dave, Jeremy and Eric for amazing show and hopefully you are coming back to Finland in future. Maybe next year :)

-Toni Salmi-
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Total points: 10+

I've waited my whole life to see my Idol's, Mr Vai's life performance and I can tell you, it was really worth. It was all that I expected. Individual performances were perfect and the band played in harmony. THE BREED is awesome group. I think this is the best one. The whole band is superior and BIG thanks goes to everyone in the band.

The acoustic section of the gig was AWESOME. All sitting right front of the audience, very intimate and sensitive moment.

Mr Vai is also gentleman and knows how to communicate with the audience. I've never been so taken by anyone on the stage. Those words and the focus to audience was something unique I haven't seen before.

Thank you Vai, we love you, your music and your performance !

Janne Pulkkinen
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Risto Malinen
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At first thanks for eric & the band and BIG thanks to STEVE for taking them with him again in Europe.

"That´s Steve Vai. What a nice little boy" Sorry that I "wasn´t neither sitting nor in the back of the room." In fact I was at the front row at Billy´s side of the stage with my wife and our 11 years old "POWER TWINS" Rainer and Lauri. Boys liked the show a lot, but I just wonder did we get a remainder that nobody´s should play "unplugged" because straight after you start playing acoustic set, Lauri fell asleep. But I think that it was because he woke up at 6:30 A.M. and came home from school and fysioterapeutics 25 minutes before we went to Nosturi. (Or at least I hope so).

Like someone said before THE BREED was a really tight unit. It was THE BAND not just STEVE VAI & the band, like I think it has been sometimes years before. And seeing Steve various times I think that the solos were quite short and intact for the songs. (At least in Steve´s scale) I think that if YOU have talent, why you should not show it. And BILLY , TONY , DAVE and JEREMY has it. I REALLY liked acoustic set. Thanks for BOY/GIRL SONG and RESCUE ME ...

But the main reason for me writing here is to impress my gratitude to all of you guys moving at our side of the stage. Thanks to DAVE for seeing numerous times how our boys enjoy the show. Thanks for STEVE for giving that plectrum to straight to Rainer´s hand to ensure that he will get it. Thanks to JEREMY because sraight after the show he came towards us and gave drumsticks to boys. These things aren´t maybe big to YOU, but I can ensure that they ment lot to our boys (and also to their father)

PS. X-Thanks to Billy for noticing "EVIL TWINS" (if you remember) so good. "Billy winked eye for me" said Lauri proudly. Shame I didn´t get those autographs, but better luck next time. At least I got signed "COSMIC TROUBADOUR" so now I can give that "ordinary" version to a friend of mine. Hope to see YOU ALL (not just Billy) soon again in HELLSINKI.

And if someone of YOU likes to send a comment I think Billy´s got my E-mail address.

Always YOURS Risto Malinen & the family
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I didn't want to write this last night because I got a little bit intoxicated and wanted to see if I still felt like this today.

And boy, I sure do.

To continue along the lines of my fellow countrymen, last night's gig in Helsinki was something out of this world. Despite the risk of sounding like a weeping dweeb or a complete moron, I must say that Mr. Vai justifies the existence of the human race. Or at least he makes believing so a hell of a lot easier!

I'm going to go on a sentimental rampage here and not comment on Mr. Vai's technical prowess but instead on the feelings his music made me feel last night. Ever since Steve's last visit here in 2000 (the gig after which I stopped playing the guitar), I've been waiting for him to return. And yesterday he did.

Having been a huge fan since Passion & Warfare came out, I walked into the arena with mixed feelings. I was going to see Steve play but at the same time...he was also eventually going to stop playing and I would have to leave. When Steve came out on stage, however, I couldn't feel anything but sheer joy!

I really do wish Mr. Vai could at least once get inside the head of a fan during a concert, to really experience what his music means to feel what the listener feels when Steve plays his first note smirking the way only Steve Vai knows how to.

Having had a lot of grief in my life lately, I was so surprised to notice I was smiling like a damn fool throughout the entire concert. Now, if someone can do that with his music, he is a unique and special individual! Oh yes, he has a name too. It's Steve Vai. And that is what makes Vai so special: he communicates, he doesn't just play. He talks to us through his guitar, with his fingers, through the expressions on his face, through his clothing and a word, through everything he does and is. That's why you're getting SO much more than just a rock concert when you walk into a Steve Vai show.

You're really getting a theater or opera of sorts. Performed live, each and every song is layered with so much emotion that it almost becomes overwhelming and you start to feel like you're a part of something bigger...and that is a f**king great feeling! When Steve preludes the next song by saying "Eric just said his guitar wants to kill your mama.." you know you're just feeling it..the whole place is vibrating and at that moment you and everybody else in the arena is the king of the world. The show is like a collection of different emotions and theatrics, all within the frame of a rock concert.

You know you're experiencing something unique..something that doesn't happen every day. And you want to hold on to it because you know it's going to end eventually. That's why I felt a huge sensation of longing when the show was over. Mine and Steve's lives touched briefly last night..we had a dynamic relationship, it ended and I went home and Vai to another country. I felt so hollow last night..what a mixed feeling. The concert had me smiling, feeling sooo great but the end had me feeling so empty. So betrayed, like something had been taken away from me (At this point you must think I'm mad...heck, I probably am!). But I loved that feeling because I knew I had experienced something beautiful..not just anything is ever going to make feel that way but Mr. Vai's magic did and continues to do so.

Last night made me feel hopeful. If there is someone who has become so one with his instrument of choice, so great, so fantastic, then there's hope for the rest of us.

All right, I think I've rambled enough already. Before I go, I just want to take this opportunity and thank Mr. Steve Vai from the bottom of my heart: You really do make a difference in people's hearts.

PS. All you guys in Tallinn..get ready for a show you'll never forget.
Green Dolphin
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keke-einari wrote:I didn't want to write this last night because I got a little bit intoxicated and wanted to see if I still felt like this today.

PS. All you guys in Tallinn..get ready for a show you'll never forget.

Wow, great review and I can't agree more. I'm still dazed and confused after sundays gig in Oslo. And I'm still smiling....I can still feel the anticipation from the audience...and goosebump factor...I noticed when TMac tinkled the ivories on the intro to Whispering A Prayer. I've heard this song live 3 times now, and it keeps getting better. :-) Sheer magic!!!

Lake of desire
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What can I say that hasn't already been said? I guess I'll just say what comes to mind.

An extremely enjoyable show, all in all. At the beginning I thought that Steve was a bit TOO loud in the mix it but that thought vanished as the show progressed.

The set list was awesome! I really enjoyed every song and especially he fact they played The Cryin' Machine (Wohoo!).

The one thing I didn't like was when the whole friggin' venue was filled with smoke during erm... don't remember which song it was (how embaracing :oops: ), but it was when Steve came on stage wearing his futuristic get-up. That really sucked (!) 'cause for the next couple of songs (and Billy's solo, thank you very much, Mr. lighting director!) you couldn't see a thing from where I was, which was up on the gallery. I'm glad I was able to hear those songs, though. Yay!

Well, I thinks that's about everything I wanted to add to the discussion.

A big thank you to The Breed for the concert. See you next time!!!!!

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Well. That was the second time when I saw mr. Vai live on stage. First time last summer in G3, and second time yesterday, and the yesterday was out of this world! The Breed was unbelievable and so was Steve.

I really enjoined wathcing how Steve had so much emotion in his playing. All those face expressions and few good jokes :) . He really is a great performer and a guitarist. That's the reason why he is one of my favorite guitarists.

The songs were also really good. Song like Audience is Listening and My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama kickes ass, and ballads like FTLOG and Whispering a Prayer too. Songs from the new album were fabulous and the acoustic songs really beautiful.

But there was one thing I would like critisize. There were too many long solos. Everyone from the band played a longer solo. Of course it is a pleasure to listen good playing performed by good musicians, but during the bass solo I really started to think is this realy necessary

BTV What was the problem with Mojo? I heard Steve saying something like "It seems to bee missing a jack..."
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WOW! i have got to stop reading these reveiws in gettin too exited! roll on the 21st of october! its gonna be my first time seeing Steve i cant wait! It sounds like its gonna be the best thing ill ever see!

Deb'z xxx
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Yeah. Steve was awesome! But I had to be stading for like 5 hours so it was way too painful.

Here's a crappy pic I took :)
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Thank you for visiting Finland! I wouldn’t believe I will see you here after G3 (after 16 months). That was the first time I ever saw you live. Yesterday was the second time.
About Tuesday night… One word: Jackpot all in all.
Evo Experience included only three of us visitors but it was really special.
Steve, thank you for sharing Evo, I’ve read her story and other stuff so many times and felt your love for her through your music and writings about her. It was unbelievable to hold her, don’t know if I ever realize that really happened. You guys involved Experience, you know who you are. We’ll keep in touch, ok? That big poster is back it’s place behind glass frame. It was cool already but now it looks even more cooler…Huge thanks Steve for signing all the stuff I brought with me. It was really nice to talk with you and listen you answering other questions. Mikey, thank you so much for guiding us.
It was a whole new experience for me to follow soundcheck. Steve really knows how things should sound and how to make it work. Very professional, what else can be expected. The band seemed to have fun during setting that acoustic part through. Same kind of communication was seen during the whole show. The whole band and other people involved were so kind and in very good mood and relaxed. I guess soundcheck was successful. The sound was good to me at least, front of Billy. I was a little surprised about that ‘cause I was prepared to see better than hear but I got both properly…great..
Those guys behind the scenes – thank you too. I guess you are working long hours.
Hope you can sort it out whatever was wrong with Mojo.
Both bands are full of real gentlemen. Eric is so cool and down-to-earth when he talks to fans. His band was so great. And The Breed – well, everyone saw they were giving all from their heart and soul. And those drumsticks and picks they gave the special places into audience, they meant a lot.
Some highlights: when Steve stood watching the audience all over with so happy face…all comments during the show he said…real showman…sincerely said thank yous to audience in the end…some liked better when he played slower songs…facial expressions...
This was like a club gig, intimate, close contact with the audience (who were listening and watching very carefully and living through every note and moment).
That light rig with lasers, it looked MUCH better live, especially that close where I was, than on Live At The Astoria DVD or whatsoever. I will never forget that sight and sound of guitar and lights. Other things: Steves’ facial expressions, playing with his tongue, playing with one hand, keeping guitar singing with a single one touch, acoustic set was so great, it was nice to hear Steve to sing, Jeremy was like a machine, it was great to witness that communication between him and Steve.
Whispering A Prayer. Tears run down my face from the very beginning it started. So beautiful song and when Steve feels it through while playing…lack of words, soul touching. My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama was awesome. Freak Show Excess…thank you all, it was so great heard performed live…sitar...other songs from RI:R also opened really differently to me after hearing and seeing them live, been listening the cd all day…good old Reaper…For The Love Of God…hey, you know, all of them. Really appreciate your show.
Thank you Steve for your time afterwards too. You are so good to your fans. And next time you visit here, make sure you do at least two shows, one isn’t enough. Thanks for this one anyway very much! You and your band gave us so much soul food, we want more…or is it just me who feels like that? I don’t think so.
25 years – Congratulations Steve!!! May you have many successful years ahead!!!

Respect, love, peace, health and successful rest of the tour for you all!

Forever grateful,
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keke-einari, you're so damn right. You stole my words! :lol: Even though I wasn't in Finland, but saw Steve and the Breed in Malmö, I can't imagine that he put up a better show, because you can't beat the best :shock:
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I'm sure you spoke for almost everyone out there who went to the concerts, keke-einari, I underline every word you said, and you're not mad, you're not the only one who felt that kind of hollowness after the concert was over!
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holiestofholes wrote:WOW! i have got to stop reading these reveiws in gettin too exited! roll on the 21st of october! its gonna be my first time seeing Steve i cant wait! It sounds like its gonna be the best thing ill ever see!

Deb'z xxx

i no what u mean! im in here everyday checkin the reviews cant wait for notts on 23rd oct

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