Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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Did you attend this show in Tilburg, Netherlands?

Steve and the band would love to read your reviews.

Please post them here!

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Okay, here we go!

I just got home from the show. It was really amazing! I never attended a rock guitar show before so this was a whole new experience for me.

It's hard at this time of day (2:45am) to write a good review. And besides that I do not really have the tecnical guitar knowledge to do so. But I can say this: the sound was good. I stood next to the soundboard and the sound was good. Not too loud (ok, it was loud but not too loud) and no one was overruling or something like that. I even had a good view to the stage from that point. Some thing I thought I never would have halfway down a venue. I'm only 5'2 so.... ;) It is really astonishing to ee the interaction, the expressions on especially Steve's face. The way he communicates with the audience not only with words but with facial expression as well. I liked the light (except when they shine into the crowd) and the smoke effects. I'd really love to take some good pics of that someday. Picture addict as I am :roll:

There was no check at the entry of the venue at all. Nothing, noppes nada. That was weird in these days. I could have brought anything into the venue. No search, not even looking into one's bags. No questions asked at all. It made me feel not too save for a moment but of course you forget that when Steve is playing the roof off!

I wanna thank Steve, Dave, Jeremy, Tony and Billy for this great show. It was new to me and it was more than I expected it to be, I cannot really decribe that..... Of course many thanks to Mikey too. Without him lots of thing wouldn't be possible around the shows. What he does is more than just "doing a job" You're great.

And last but not least thanks to Jeroen! I'll talk to you for the specs :roll:

After writing almost a book now it's tme to hit my pillow and crunch the alarmclock in the moring. :D

Sis 8)

Oh en Jemgirl, het was gezellig om zo met elkaar van de show te genieten. Bedankt!
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In one word: awesome. They really played their butts off tonight, and I'm impressed by the display of sheer stamina I've witnessed. From what I've seen in the past years I must say that the band has really grown into an even tighter group (things just keep getting better). Dave Weiner definitely isn't a young pup anymore (impressive new party piece) and Jeremy really has a stage presence other drummers can only wish for.
The venue was good with good sound and effective ventilation and I think the great vibe carried out through the back as well. It was great to hear some gems from the past live, and some of the newer songs sound even better on stage. FTLOG gets cheesier every year so for the next tour I'll expect a polka version! (it was very tight at the right places, though :wink: )
When I get up tomorrow my voice will be dead. But it's a good thing I actually got tired of cheering (not that I stopped, I like getting loud).
Now it's about 3:15 AM so I'm going to sleep.
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Texter wrote:Dave Weiner definitely isn't a young pup anymore (impressive new party piece) and Jeremy...
What's this about a new 'party piece'?

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The show was really amazing!
Me and my friend were there at about 1 P.M.
Waited outside the venue till the gig started.
And we were the first ones....
We got to meet Vai! he was walking through the city with his wife,
and he was so kind to shake our hands and give us autographs....amazing!
And we also got to meet Tony and Jeremy,
really nice guys!
I was standing right up front in the 2nd row, right in the middle in front of steve,
and the sound was really good, better without earplugs.
It might have been louder for people who were standing more to the back.
Every song was played with such passion, amazing.
Steve even cried in Lotus feet! and couldn't really stop until the end of the show!
He was really emotional! wich is great I think.
Because I just see his guitars as a tool to process his emotions, feelings and thoughts.
So I noticed in the show that he was really happy and glad to be here!
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Gheee, did I forget to mention the acoustic set? OMG I was (and still am) really tired! I really forgot it.

The acoustic set is amazing. It's a relaxing moment and I really got goose flesh. I'm a person who loves the acoustic songs more than the really loud songs. (Eh, why do I love Aching Hunger??) and this was really the best part of the show for me. Sisters brought tears int my eyes. (Ghee, do I sound exaggerated?) The way it was played, so pure.

The acoustic set is a great intermezzo between all the other songs. It gives you a moment to think and let it all really get to you. Like: WTF is going on in here?

Maybe I post another 10 mini-reviews, it keeps going through my head...... :roll:

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"And now you sound like prince - Vai* Oh My God..
I,ve seen one of the aching hungers shows seeing steve vai
with his Full band, is beyond words ..Thats was the most
amazing LOUDEST show I ever witnessed..Every song is played is
played with such perfection, passion.. Its an art ..

And then there was the acoustic set ..Also played very tastefull
and with humor.. Well Steve Vai does know his way around an
acoustic guitar ...You get to experience that a acoustic can be
a bit LOUD as well ..

And then back to Evo or Flo again ..The show resumed with well knownn
classic as well as new songs from real illusions ..And those R.I songs
sound even more Awesome live ..Yess thats awesome with a capitol A.

I had to miss the supporting act..But got in just in time for Vai.
his set lasted 3 Hours ..But it went by so fast ..But we the audience
got a lucky .the show got recorderd.. :D :D :D .So we gonna
hopefully see / hear about this show again

Those induvidual solo's by the band members where The Greatest.

"I hope you get a kick out if it - Vai".. Well I sure did ..Fantastic show man
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Can someone post a setlist?
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OH Yeahh ..
steve vai said that october marks his 25 years of touring
Happy anniversary and Congratulations Steve!..

An accomplishment well deserved ..
I raise my glass and drink to another decade..or 2? ..
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Ahh, what a day :)

I've got a few pics for you to enjoy.

So first up was the Evo Experience. This is truely a uniqe thing. A Q&A of a little over one hour, filled with interesting questions and answers, cool stories etc, in a very private setting. Co de Kloet stopped by for a little to get us warmed up for december plans at NPS, which will be totally awesome.

(The Q&A at the bar of the venue)

Of course Evo herself was present as well.
(me on the right, checking out the fretwork)


After that, more than one hour of soundcheck. Got some pics from that:



It's very cool to see all that's involved in getting one show done!

Then the show started with Eric Sardinas. Amzing to watch, the way he plays on that dobro. Especially when bottles of beer get involved! It was a great set.

And then Steve hit the stage. First off, excelent sound. Not too loud and everything was clear. Great setlist. Highlights were Building the Church, Glorius, K'm Pee Du Wee, Freak Show, Whispering, Lotus Feet and I am Becomming, that last one being a short, sweet little thing that is just insanely awesome. It gets me everytime.

The accoustic set is briliant. A nice change of pace in the middle of the show, with some of my favorite pieces like Call it Sleep, Sisters, Rescue me & bury me.

Tony's keyboard solo was unbelievably cool! Dave's solo track was awesome too, I especially liked the accousic part.

Some more pics from 'My guitar wants to kill your momma":



Eye contact. I'm always wondering if he's looking at me or my neighbour :lol:


There was this security dude standing right in front of me, rigid like a signpost and with this 'Watcha looking at??" look on his face. He clearly wasn't having a good time. Kinda strange to be in a crowd that is energetic and rocking out, with such a grumpy soul in front of you, but I thought it was kinda funny so I snapped a pic of him too :) (and Billy & T-mac, who played each others instruments)


Can't wait for the show in Hardenberg!

PS: Tilburg is a nice place, but the sheer quantity of street organs located at one square, trying to outdo each other (and all slightly out of tune to each other) is certainly an 'interesting' audio experience ;)
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what can i say?fantastic review jeroen!!!.
oke here i go.........
first....eric sardinas....what a wonderful performance!!!!!
energy energy...fantastic.the way he play`s guitar.
i really enjoy`d eric sardinas.and what nice person he is.
i spoke to him on my way home.
finally........STEVE VAI ON STAGE!!!!!!
i`m still impressed........what a show and sound!!!
the accoustic set was very refreshing...and STEVE..what a wonderful singer you are!!!!!
the whole show was.....breathtaking absolutly.
it was very nice to have sisterinlaw arround me.(erg gezellig hoor sis!!!)
the sound was perfect!!
meanwhile i`m writing this,i still have some goosebums!!!


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Awesome review Jeroen!
Nice pics, very nice pics!

It was great, counting down for Hardenberg.

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Okay, I finally posted my pics too :)
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i'am going to the show in Hardenberg
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What about a complete setlist (pretty please with sugar on top)?
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