Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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Did you attend this show at Webster Theatre? Please post your comments and reviews here. :headbang

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What a great show. I finally got to see Steve play Call It Sleep. Thank you Steve if you didn't hear me at the show. Everybody was on tonight. J can play those drums! Billy was awesome. Tony rocked tonight. Dave gets better every time I see him. Steve was great as always. A great show all around!
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As always, Steve and the guys didn't disappoint. Tony was brought to the forefront much more than during G3'03, which was very welcome. I have been a fan of his since '96-'97 and have wanted to see him get his due again. I am glad that an enormously loud and loving crowd was there to impress Tony's mom. I don't think that I have to say anything about Steve's performance as he is always that awe inspiring. Billy, Jeremy, and Dave all were having a good time (quit touching Jeremy's drum set!) and added to the show with their enormous skills.

Only two minor flaws to the night. First was the technical issues in the early songs (causing some sour notes in "Building the Church" and adding some Yai-Yais to another song). The other was the omission of "Freak Show Excess" from the set list, a song that I wanted to see performed live after my first listen. Other than that, it was a perfect show. The acoustic set was a nice change of pace and a great way to bring in some of the Flex-Able songs.

Does anyone know anything about the Hi-Def video camera that was being used in the security area in front of the stage for the bulk of the show? I would love to have a copy of that footage!

Anyway, thanks again Steve and The Breed for giving me another exhausting night. Don't forget our outpouring of love the next time you schedule a tour. :)
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I found out on Thursday that I had the day off today, so I rented a car and drove up from NYC last minute. The Webster Theatre was packed tonight!

What a great show! Thomas handed me Part 3 of the setlist before I left. A few of us waited by the bus for the band to come out. I got my 7VWH, Sound Designer magazine and the setlist to hopefully have signed.

Jeremy Colson signed the setlist first, then Tony MacAlpine. Tony's family was there and still he took time to talk to all of us. By the way, his lead sound was awesome tonight, comparable to Steve's lead sound! I can't stand his tone on the Astoria and Crossroads DVDs, but tonight he sounded amazingly warm and bright. Tony is just an outstanding human being, not to mention a phenomenal musician.

When Steve came out, he said to us that we had waited a long time in the cold. Then he signed my 7VWH on the back of the headstock "Steve Vai," in large, silver letters. I gave him a small, metal Buddha that my friend got in Thailand for good luck and he said it was cool and thanked me. When I asked him to sign the Sound Designer magazine, he said he hadn't seen it yet and was surprised to hear that it was a Japanese article about him. We took a picture with my EVO as well. I think he was getting cold, so I felt bad that I asked him for that last picture! Sorry Steve! :oops:

Great night! I could not have hoped for any better, even in November 2003 after the G3 when I wrote this:

"Awesome line-up and great charisma among the musicians there! Their show had the feel of a real band with new material of their own. I hope he keeps this band and they work on their sound mix a little. It could really be something special."

The sound mix was great tonight. Not too loud as others have complained. It was just right and my God.... this band is inhuman! Steve has such great rapport with Tony and Billy. Billy was teasing Dave a bit trying to get him to shred more! Really amusing! Steve's acoustic set involved all the musicians.... they play so well together. It was really enjoyable to see.

Two shows tomorrow night in NYC!
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Amazing show tonight (last night!). Everyone performed very well, I was very excited to hear whispering a prayer, and the acoustic section was very nice addition!

There was so much energy in the audiance, everyone it seems was going crazy, and I loved it! The sound was great too, you goto a concert you expect it to be loud. Except for Sardinas, I had a hard time hearing his guitar. Was it intentional that he shut off his guitar during his playing those few times?

@Hiketsu: were you the one running down the side street with an ibanez hardshell case?
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yes it did almost seem as though the sound guy was asleep or something, i noticed several times both tony and steve motioning for volume changes, on top of Eric Sardinas' guitar being completely off. i don't think that was intentional. i'm also wondering if Eric dropping his slide in the last song was intenional too. other than those minor problems it was an excellent show! the crowd was deafening with all the love for steve. i couldn't have hoped for a better night. i also think that it was better with tony being moved up into the forefront more instead of just running through steves lines with him, it gives him a chance to show how good he is! steves lines are crazy but they are tailored for his style, tony getting his own parts showcased his style better. i also think dave is getting much better, planning on picking up his solo CD in the near future. (would've picked it up there but i only brought so much money). all in all spectacular show, i especially liked the inclusion of "I'm the Hell Outta Here" that song always gets me charged. also loved the inclusion of "My guitar wants to kill your mama" although am i the only one who could barely hear Eric during that song?
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Davros wrote: the omission of "Freak Show Excess" from the set list

Does anyone know anything about the Hi-Def video camera that was being used in the security area in front of the stage for the bulk of the show? I would love to have a copy of that footage!
I was at the Baltimore show and attended the EVO experience, Steve talked about Freak Show Excess, and how they wanted to perform it on the tour. He said they may do it later in the year. He explained that it is more of a composition than a song, and would probably take somewhere around 3 weeks of rehearsals for him & the band to get it tight enough for live performance.

As for the Hi def camera..The guy with the camera was Mikey. We can only hope a DVD will come out of this tour after all is said and done.

Peace & Love,

Mickie V.
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[quote="efess"] Was it intentional that he shut off his guitar during his playing those few times?


I was front and center at the Baltimore show, and yes Eric purposely turned the volume all the way down on his guitar. I thought it was very cool, as the crowd was completely silent (i guess everyone was trying to here what he was playing) because i was up front, I could see & here what he was doing, I thought it was very cool.
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As a tremendous Vai fan, I made what turned out to be the mistake of trying to bring my 5'3" fiancee to the show. Don't get me wrong, she was totally into it, but the venue was absolutely horrible, unless you're 6'0" or more. We moved to a couple of different spots, and I could usually get a "decent" view (not a "good" one, mind you), but when I ducked down to her vantage point, all I could see were the backs of head.

It's a disappointment that such a great act gets put in such a crummy venue. Steve, we'll look for you at a place with seats next time around.

You're the best, but at least SOME of your fans definitely didn't get their money's worth last night. We're so used to getting MORE than our money's worth, that it was a bit of a shock and a disappointment. Looking forward to seeing you somewhere else besides the Webster soon!

Good luck on the tour. You sound great!
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You know, there seemed to be a few disgruntled members of the audience -- I heard variations on "Webster sucks!" being chanted being Eric's and Steve's sets, and then again on the way out to my car.

It's a club. A flat floor, with a stage up front. What do you expect from a club? Sure, some clubs have balconies, and a true theater even has comfy chairs and a slanting floor. But ultimatly, most clubs are just what the Webster is -- a stage and a floor.

Sometimes you get lucky and find a pocket of short people, sometimes Andre the Giant parks his butt in front of you, and sometimes you play the role of Andre for some poor schmo behind you. So it gos. Can't see? Move! Yeah, there were a lot of people packed in there, but you could move around.

While ranting about the venue... I've been to the Webster for a couple of shows, and the sound has always been sort of crummy. Loud, but lacking in definition, so every thing just sounds like a distorted mass. That's how I felt about Eric's set -- I could sort of make out the higher notes he was hitting, but the rhythm and lower notes were indistingusihable.

Thankfully, Steve's set sounded much better -- although by then I had moved fromt the back near the bars to a spot just left of the soundboard. The playing by all members of the band was fantastic too! Steve's playing has become much more melodic than when I first heard him live some 10 years or so ago. Steve's stage presence is phenomenal as well -- he's so much fun to watch!

It'd be great if anyone captured the show on tape...
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Im utterly blown away..... It was an amazingly emotional night.... I got there at 2:30 and we waiting for the EVO experience to start....

I anyone remembers me i was the kid who was in the front of the evo experience, and i was handing out ear plugs to a bunch of people? anyway steve was an amazing person.. he answered my question with like a 10 minute repsonse which was soo great and the whole time looking at me and geniunely caring... I dont think anyone left for the whole soundcheck it was great!

I wont comment on the songs cause they were all amazing, but during the whole show steve made eye contact with me and even winked at me!! and during whispering a prayer he pointed to me and i pointed back haha it was really touching and I bet he knew how much of an impact he was making on me.. When he all cheered for him to come back for encore he was almost in tears... I almost was in tears haha it was amazing and he is definately top 5 most genuine people you will ever meet in your whole life... enough of that! haha I ended up getting one of steves pics (apart from the two i got for the evo package (i went with me dad, he was the short one who made all those stupid jokes haha) so i got two of everything... I got both of the evo passes signed by steve and eric sardinas who i forgot to mention was the man! I cought one of jeremy's drumsticks too...

Here are some pictures:

poco rit
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Parker_Fly wrote:Im utterly blown away..... It was an amazingly emotional night....
Very cool post Parker_Fly. Thanks for sharing your experience and pictures. Makes me want to sell a gallon of blood or do whatever it takes to see another one of these shows.
Val Nanovsky
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Great photos, Parker_Fly! Could you post some more :?:

...Also, there were two kids with digital cameras in front of me (about 15-20 feet from the stage), they must have taken pictures of the whole show - I would be glad to see some those too!

To be honest, I couldn't resist taking my camera with me, but when I was buying my tickets someone told me cameras were not permitted, and since this was my first time at Webster Theater, I did not want to risk anything. Next time I'll know :wink:

...Well, I really don't know where to start... I am absolutely mesmerized!

This is my second Vai gig. The first one was about five years ago, in Sofia, Bulgaria, where I am originally from. That one was probably the show of my life.

Having said that, I was truly hoping to hear Freak Show Excess and/or Incantation, but I understand how difficult they may be to play live. I am a true fan of the music of my country and absolutely agree with everything Steve says about it.

The show started with something I didn't quite expect - a long wait outside the building. I wouldn't mind hanging out with the rest of the crowd and chatting, but it was kind of chilly, in the end it made me pretty nervous.

Eric Sardinas absolutely nailed it! The first time I saw him in BG I was blown away by the energy and showmanship this guy had. I got the Black Pearls CD, and it ROCKS! I think he is a very talented artist who deserves much wider attention. As far as his sound is concerned, it just might be the poor mix and the acoustics of the place which made his guitar sound a bit muddy in the beginning of the concert,. And yes, I am positive the volume changes were quite intentional :wink:

As someone else already suggested Steve's sound was much thicker and warmer. I was surprised by the amount of sustain he had, even when he wasn't using the Fernandes Sustainer. Again, the whole mix was a bit muddy, especially in the beginning and the end when Eric joined once again.

Did you notice the guitars in the beginning - both Steve and Billy showed up with mirror guitars. Wow! A great new look! Billy, the next step for you will be to mirror the pants, bro! :wink:

The acoustic set was a great new idea. It had its own very strong vibe, and this is just me, but I have always liked when Steve tells stories. Yesteday I missed that one about Voodoo Acid though :cry: Also, I would have really been happy to hear Boston Rain Melody - I read in other threads that it was originally included in the set. Shy Boy was also something I expected.... May be next time :roll:

I was really blown away by Jeremy. An awesome drummer! Truly impressive! Steve has always been so generous and supporting to musicians few people have heard of, what a noble and down-to-earth person he is (even though many say he is from another planet)!

The chemistry between all members of the band was also something I was impressed with. Did you see the way they were communicating with each other and were even laughing at Steve when he turned on that accidental Yay-Yay :wink:

A nice surprise were My guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama (with Eric) and the beginning of For the Love of God, which were a bit changed from the way Steve traditionally plays them on stage.

All in all, a great concert. There are sooo many other things I would love to share, but I've got to go... I loved every single part of the gig, along with the inevitalble tiny glitches, which actually proved that indeed some "aliens" are humans. I am truly looking forward to the next time I'll see Steve and the band.

By the way, this may be a bit outdated, I just noticed it, if you haven't heard/seen it, go to

The interview with Steve is awesome. You will also find interesting materials about Satch, Richie Kotzen, Marty Friedman, Steve Morse, and many more there.

Finally, does anyone know if there is any chance to see John Petrucci and G3 in the States - his solo CD is an absolute blast, can't wait to hear those songs live!

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This was my first Vai show and I was absolutely blown away. I can die happy now :lol: . Overall, the show was just incredible. I don't what people are talking about by saying that they didn't get their money's worth. Seriously, a 2 hour show with an incredible performance and great crowd reaction...what more could you ask for for 20 dollars? And yes...Steve actually made eye contact with me too...I almost burst into tears of joy I was so dumbstruck. This guy, the guy who wrote all those incredible songs I listen to and who is such an experienced performer...he actually looked at me. And yes, I thought it was very touching when he came out for his encore. He really was almost in tears, and everybody was cheering non-stop and...everything was just perfect. I have his DVD's and when I first saw him come out last night, I thought, "wow, this is actually putting a human face and personality to his recorded shows..." but then about halfway through, I had to almost pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. He was really touched, we were really touched, and it was the best show I've seen in my life. It made me really happy :) .

BUT...yes, there is always a but...I hated how the security was. Seriously, I thought that Steve might come out later in the night and greet people and sign stuff regardless of whether you had a meet and greet pass or not. So people were waiting outside with stuff to sign and one guy had his JEM7VWH, but then the security guys came out and were giving us all kinds of crap for just being there. I thought that's what you were supposed to do. That's the way it works at concerts, but nooo...they had to make it hard on everyone and thus I have an unsigned tour program. So the Webster theatre really disappointed me. But you can't really do anything about that. I didn't get to talk to Steve, but if I could say anything to him, it would be something like, "thank you, you're one of the most inspirational people in my life and I thank you for everything that you do."

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Parker, I was right behind you dude! I was the kid with the big head and black sweater next to the other guy with a black jacket and glasses. If that was your dad, tell him I'm sorry for accidently hitting his ass a couple times =/.

The show was awesome. Eric Sardinas put on F-ING AWESOME show! When he jumped off stage and into the crowd, I went "HOLY ****!!!!" Then he played his guitar with the bear bottle as a slide...Fricken awesome. Vai had a great set. I don't really have much to offer which hasn't been already said so meh =/

Before the show some guys and I met Vai for a bit. He was coming out of his tour bus and tried to rush into the venue. We barely got to talk to him. He signed some autographs and that was it...

After the show, I did a bad thing. I ran backstage..heh heh. I went behind the curtain and handed one of the techs some shoes -_-. I met Dave Weiner for five seconds or so before security pulled me away. I was utterly starstruck. I couldn't even manage a "Hi" without a huge smile stuck in my face and my body trembling. Well actually, the whole time I was backstage, I was trembling and smiling. Truly a great experience.
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