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General music discussion

Posted: Sat Jul 02, 2016 1:53 pm
by Louise Dilks1
    I played piano when I was eleven and I can still play Fur Elise by Beethoven without the music. When I was eleven I played classical music on the clarinet and played in a wind band. I started playing electric guitar when I was sixteen but couldn't get into a heavy metal band and was bullied so I quit. I am playing guitar, piano and clarinet again. I am looking forward to playing clarinet in a wind band again. I am going to play Phantom of the Opera by Iron Maiden again. I got a ticket to see Steve Vai but was sick so I didn't go. I will go and see Steve Vai on his next tour. I have seen Iron Maiden and Slayer. I play a cheap electric guitar I bought from a second hand shop but it works. I have a small Marshall amplifier given to me by a friend. I am also getting a piano, guitar and clarinet teacher when I move back to Matlock, Derbyshire near where I was born. Does Steve Vai do guitar master classes in the UK? I am also hoping to move to Canada near family. I have been to France, Spain and Germany. Can Steve Vai play classical music or any other instruments? I have seen the Philomonic orchestra. I am going to see the Halle orchestra again.I went to see Megadeth and Black Sabbath with a standing ticket at the front of the stage at Download Festival this year. They were amazing! I also went to see Alice Cooper again with a standing ticket at the front of the stage at the O2 in London this year. Did anyone else go to Download Festival?I have seen Iron Maiden with a standing ticket at the front of the stage. They were amazing! Iron Maiden are the best! I would like to play Iron Maiden covers in a band.I would also like to do Nightwish covers in a band.I have a guitar teacher who treats me with respect and he is going to teach me to play like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. I am still playing classical music on piano and clarinet.There is a jazz band in The Bell Inn pub in Nottingham city centre in the United Kingdom where I am at the moment. :headbang :guitar