HI! i'm activated!

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HI! i'm activated!

#1 Post by LightSoul94 » Sun Oct 16, 2011 3:18 am

Hi to evrybody! i'm italian so i can't speak english as i would, but i'll do the best for let me know.
i suppose that in a forum, when you are registered you must introduce:

I'm Gianluca and i'm born in naples, italy.
I've ever dream to have the honor to speak with my mith.
I play the electric guitar from 1 year and half, with 2 years at the arms of acustic guitar. my musical expirience start 4 years ago with the pianoforte with a master. but i didn't like it. so i spent to the acustic guitar. i've start to play the carlos santana's song, and i belived that that strument was the MY strument. but this did not last long.
2 years after i've hear by chance "get the hell out of here (live from youtube)" and from that moment I fell in love with electric guitar.
it took me 4 months to find lessons in Italian on the Web, but in the end it made. onluy the tapping isn't clear. i don't understand if is a question of strong or of effects. i haven't a pedal. I have barely an economic amplifier. i've a cruzer by crafter. it's a economic guitar... but i need to study... so i'll wait a lucky for buy a ibanez jem with a v-amp 2 and curse a best amplifer.
steve vai is a great! i would learn from his songs... but... learn through its forum it's a honor for me.

i belive that i'll be well here^^
for the moment i'm studing the blues, but i fall back on the rock progressive of steve vai.

only a question... but steve vai listen his forum?? (I think of yes but I would like a confirmation)

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Re: HI! i'm activated!

#2 Post by RAI » Mon Oct 17, 2011 5:29 am


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Re: HI! i'm activated!

#3 Post by pauldlr » Mon Oct 17, 2011 8:15 am

Indeed welcome, tho you might find it a little quiet round here at the moment!

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