Whispering a Prayer - how does it affect you?

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Does anyone else find this piece intensely moving?

I don't know what it is about it - but each time I hear I this piece (and especially when I hear/see Steve play it live) - it just makes me collapse inside.

It's like I've almost heard it before - a long, long, long time ago. I get feelings of longing for home, for friends I've not seen for a long time, that sort of thing...

Does anyone else get that feeling?
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i always have tears in my eyes! aspecially at the end of the song.
its a song with big vibes.

patricia :wink:
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When I first heard "Whispering a Prayer" I was thinking "what a slow and boring song".
But today I think it is a nice melody but still a little slow :wink:
There are MANY other Steve Vai songs I like much better.
So for me it just a sweet melody... maybe if I am very ill one day
and got fever I will like it much because it is verrrrrry slow.

For many years back I was ill and got fever.
I was lying on a sofa and the tv was on.
And they played some country music, i remember I just loved it.
I cant remeber I have ever listened to country music since then.
So for me some music styles are better for special moments :wink:
Comment added: I WAS REALLY REALLY ILL. The fever was VERY high
so my brain must had got soft. I had these crazy fever dreams, and in
this crazy moment the country music was very relaxing and felt
very calming. There was something very natural and honest with
the music.

But seriously "Whispering a Prayer" is ok. Just a little slooooow for me.
"Windows To The Soul" is much better, my option.
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id say that whispering a prayer sounds sort of like a church hymnal thing.... especially the main melody .. dont u think? or it sounds very original to me, since i grew up hearing my mom singing church hymnals all the time
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It has all these spectacular moments. The sound, control, everthing.
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When I first heard the song I didnt care for it much. But when I saw it performed live last year I was moved beyond words.
Its truly beautiful.

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yes, i must confess that the first time i heard the song i didnt think too highly of it....it did seem a bit boring however, since i listened to the song many times since AIAUW i began to appreciate it and then when i saw him perform it on the astoria DVD i fell completely in love with it.

at first i couldnt quite get how this piece of music was somewhat a representation of Irelands cultural music(i was initialy expecting something like a lighter shade of green) however, now i can hear exactly what he set out to achieve(and he did so very well)

when i play along to the song now, i usually light an incense stick or something fragrant, to highten the mood associated with initial part of the song. In find that i get rather touched by this song each time i hear it.

It truely is a wonderful piece of music
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When I first heard WaP I wished that Steve hadn't used the trem bar to dip the notes quite so much-it distracted me from the melody. However I love WaP now.

Despite WaP's obvious beauty, I think 'Boston Rain Melody' is a far more moving piece.
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Well I think Whispering A Prayer is one of Steve's best songs. I just love it.
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i had the chance to see this song performed live before
the album alive in ultra zone actually came out
it moved me from the first to the last note, i had goosebumps
and i remember i went to my house and the melody stayed in my
head, next day i tried to play it on my guitar, just fooling around
with hte main melody, and wishing that, some day he (steve) put that song in an album, half year later it happened !!!!!
this song it moves lots of sensations inside me, fron nostalgic mood to thankfullness mood. no doubt , IMHO the most moving vai song.

i will nevr get tired to listen to it
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I just saw Steve Vai in Phoenix on Tuesday..... He performed Whispering A Prayer and it moved me more than when I heard it before.
I've seen him at the G3 and watched the Astoria DVD and for some reason, the previous performances do not compare to Tuesday's show. Maybe it's because I've grown to appreciate the song even more. It's a wonderful piece, one of Steve's best pieces of work. He just puts all his emotions into his playing... he pushes the threshold father than any guitarist I've heard before. I just enjoy it more and more. I never broke down in tears before while watching it at the G3 or on the Astoria DVD, but on Tuesday I did. :oops: I hardly cry or tear up! I thought I was too manly to cry, but I guess I'm still capable of doing so.
Whispering A Prayer is one of the greatest guitar pieces of all time. Hands down.

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The first time I heard Whispering a prayer it stopped me dead in my tracks. First, the unearthly control Mr. Vai has over the instrument never ceases to amaze me. And it may be the most touching melody I've ever heard, you can hear every nuance so well it brings so many emotions flooding in. my2cents -Spooty
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this song gives a different side of vai's playing, the emotionative side i think. it was a really emotional song. makes me high almost everytime i listen to it! :D
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The only version that moves me is the "Alive in an ultra world" version, sends shivers up my spine, hower the live version on the vai DVD is spectacular, its great to see i played live and the extended ending is awesome!! But yes it does move me much, very nostalgic and great to listen to in the summer with a light cool breeze on your face...ahhhh
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one of those rare songs that i liked the very 1st time i heard it.I like the ultra world version much better than the live dvd.to me it seems sweeter on ultra world and more of a rock version on the live dvd.just a sweet song altogether 8)
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