your practice time schedule/ what lengths do some ppl go to?

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you'll all find this funny
15 minutes of scales
45 mins of fun
15 mins of tapping/sweeps
45 mins of fun
15 mins of whammy/noise
45 mins of fun

i do this ever SECOND day so i can still work/play/and relax alone ;P
I think that's a good approach.

A small little bit of regimented practice at a time is good.

Remembering to keep it fun and goof around on yer geetar,
playing with a sense of humor......priceless.

Write a punk song in 10 minutes JUST FOR FUN!!!!

This stuff is supposed to be fun.

I would add one thing to your approach though,play while you watch tv!
You can sit on your couch without any amplification and just work on your legato up and down strings or work on alternate picking arpeggios.Everytime you hear a jingle or theme song try to play it. :)
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My practice routine is very organized and structured.
I do 2 hours every monday, wed, thurs, doing a variety of stuff from this list: ... stcount=11
i do warm-up exercises for 30 mins, and then i pick 3 things from that list, and i practice it for 30 mins.
Having that huge list means that i practice something different every day. The way i pick exercises is by collecting exercises and putting them into a big powertab, categorized into specific techniques. For example, for legato, I have a powertab with all these satriani licks in it. For 3 note per string stuff, I have a powertab filled with Children of Bodom solos (I find that CoB solos are more approachable for people at my level, because they're straight sextuplets instead of more advanced stuff that ventures off into different groupings), and so on.

Then I catalog in an excel sheet how many times i practiced those techniques, what date i did em on, and what i achieved ( like how many bpm did i get up to when i last practiced 4 note per string chromatic exercises), so i can keep track on what techniques i haven't practiced and i can set goals for the next time i practice (like achieve a higher target bpm)
I think this method works me 'cause i have limited time....i don't have 3-5 hours everyday like other people do.
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I started practicing on a steady basis only a few months ago. I work technical support from a home office. I have a small mixer, Pod, and DVD/CP player next to my desk. When no calls are coming in, I practice. Occasionally on the weekends I will get a few hours here and there. I suppose that I spend about 2 hours a night cumulative. That's not nearly the amount I want to practice. I've noticed that the better I get, the more I want to try this or that out. Consequently, my practice times are gradually increasing. I wish that I were as organized as some of you. Maybe when I grow up, I'll do better (I'm 48).
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