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PostPosted: Mon Aug 26, 2013 12:30 am 
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Everything is a remix, i.e. Vittorio Camardese played tapping on TV on an spanish guitar in 1965 and Van Halen was known as the inventor. Einstein was a thief in patents office and is known as clever. Inventions come from older ideas with new improvements. The main thing is the % you change the original. To increase it you need lucky and worktime spent. Celebrities famous rich ruling the world based on unknown real inventors. My invention came from the music theory different schools whom aren't agree to each other and took me 3 years of 5 hours a day work to develop it. I don't know how to share it without being copied for free since teachers would earn money using my invention so i've been keeping my secret since i finished it in 1998. I deserve half the money of every music teacher that will use it, does anyone knows how to protect from internet free sharing? I am sure without any faith that if I publish people will throw to garbage their music theory sites and books and nowadays I just can let it as heritage to be published in centuries if world changes and deserves my sharing, because music is used in commercial and I am sure my SOLUTION will generate unheard music with control. Of course people plays music without me the same as people lived the earth when they thought it was flat shaped. In the human world with only one community knowledgement as especialized ants, the contribution of inventors that generates useful things should be respected. I've known a man that knew an inventor whom was in jail by the companies that stoled him and sued him. He in Spain invented a lot of industry machines and won each year of a decade the awards of madrid inventions using friends as actors. It is hard to become rich as bill gates. I don't think my mobile company gives part of my bill to the Bell family, I don't think the money I pay at home electricity goes to Tesla, Edison or the ones they stole. I wonder what would happened if inventors kept their secrets, we would stay in candles? would the same ideas be invented in the future? not all of them. I've been searching often on internet about harmony and nobody has done what I discovered. I am sorry for not sharing because 10% of good people deserves it sometimes. I said.

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