Flex-able scores?

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Altered Dominant
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Flex-able scores?

#1 Post by Altered Dominant » Sat Mar 16, 2013 9:29 pm

Hello, new member here!

I owned an LP edition of Flex-Able (drawing of Steve with a "jelly" guitar on the cover) that carried an insert. I believe this insert was an ad for scores from the album. Can anyone confirm this? If so, is it still possible to get these scores somehow? I know about the Flex-Able Leftovers book, but I am really interested in the original Flex-Able songs. I have lost the original LP record, but Flex-Able is one of those albums that I never tire of listening to.

Little Green Trivia: how many of you knew that the backwards speech in LGM when played "forwards" becomes this message:

"We were sent here by God"


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