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#1 Post by bahati1977 » Thu Sep 13, 2012 2:33 am

Hi folks,

I've just joined the forum, and I was wondering if anyone can please tell me how to get the sound that Steve Vai uses in his collaboration with Italian artist Eros Ramazotti in the song "Dove Ce Musica".
There must be some delay going on...

To the admin; if this question is unappropriate, please don't ban be, I'm new. Just tell me so, and I won't ask such ones anymore.
Thank you.

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Re: Sound

#2 Post by Jeries » Thu Sep 13, 2012 7:09 pm

i never heard that til i just looked it up

the main guitar tone is two things...

1- it is (in time) stereo delay, its a typical ping pong delay- set to the tempo of the recording

meanwhile everything is being delayed/repeated...

the dry signal has another effect

2- a digitech whammy pedal...

the first line has no whammy then its used (and the whammy is on the dry signal because the exact whammy done is being delayed)

so if i were setting up a guitar rig it would be

guitar>whammy>stereo delay

based on the crunch and feel of the slightly palmed notes i'd bet my life it was a Carvin Legacy amp used on the recording

the effects could have came from a multi fx unit (g force/gsystem/axe fx)
and so could the whammy (but it was likely just a whammy pedal)

the solo has some wah

the album was released late 2007

i bet the effects came from a gforce or gsystem and the whammy was used via a digitech whammy pedal into a carvin legacy

never heard the song before
interested effects- cool tone. really like what vai did with it

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