Some guitar lessons... creative shredding!

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Some guitar lessons... creative shredding!

#1 Post by Lelio » Fri Apr 30, 2010 4:21 am

Perhaps this belongs in the self-promotion thread (where I've posted a lot of solo stuff over the years) but there seems to be a pretty big interest in odd-rhythm/melody concepts on this forum, hopefully there'll be some interest in this kind of stuff here..

I've done a three-part series on "unpredictability"; one each for creative approaches to legato/tapping, sweep picking and finally alternate picking. There's some fairly obtuse stuff there but hopefully there's fairly simple clarifications for any of the harder parts. I'm confidant that most people could take something away from these:

Part 1: Legato/tapping

Part 2: Sweep picking with odd note groupings/ear catching notes!v=PHC9jak ... re=related

Part 3: Alternate picking in quintuplets/septuplets!v=xnjEIbS ... re=related

These are certainly lessons, not strict self-promotion, but if this is considered off-topic I won't be offended.

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