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Big Bad Bill wrote:Well Beck was entertaining last night. He pretty much played the same set as the Ronnie Scott sessions/DVD/Blu-Ray with a few additions such as 'The Pump' that people may know from the film 'Risky Business' and was my first intro to El Becko. The band were tight, his whammy bar technique flawless and despite saying very little he did have a a pleasant, friendly stage presence. My only criticism was his tone: it was thin and had little sustain, almost choking on the frets, compared to his DVD tone which is very fluid and similar to Eric Johnston's. So the lyrical-style he has didn't really come across. He needs a high output humbucker in an Ibanez in my opinion :wink:
Pretty much agree with the above apart from the tone, I wasn't wearing ear plugs (no ringing in the ears after so it was a quiet gig) and thought his tone was fine.
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