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bottom line, if your looking for ways to build your knowledge and your chops..........REH videos are a world of lessons

why doesnt steve do one??

too elusive and mysterious to give a lesson on tape ;-p

thus say the solo albums

but he would make a great out

check out paul gilberts intense rock series, its amazing..........just dont become too good =)
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i agree :
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I'm sure at some point Steve will do an instructional DVD or CDROM that puts all others to shame.
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I love the REH series. I own the Yngwie Malmsteen one, and soon i want the Paul Gilbert Series, and the John Petrucci one. I learned a lot from Yngwie, but i'd much prefer to learn from Steve! It would be like getting a private lesson from the Man Himself! :twisted:
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Steve should do a REH vid. I own Petrucci's Rock Discipline and it's amazing, but the fact is that I think Steve is a really busy alien and may need time to prepare it and record it. And because of Steve's huge technique, it may be a 2 days video.

It would be actually really hard to resume all of Steve's playing in a couple of hours. I don't know if you guys have think about it, but Steve is always busy, in tour, Grammys, recording, editing a DVD, he owns a record company ,let's not forget about that, and a lot of stuff we (fans) may not see.

But anyway, it would be cool to have Steve's vid avaible, but let's not expect it soon, because after the record, it comes the tour, and who knows maybe a DVD or a CD, or maybe nothing of that, and then if steve get 1 or 2 undisturbed months, we may get out clinic.

By now, let's dream on...
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Yeah, I'd like to think Steve would make one but it seems like he has his whole life planned out already or something, not to mention I am sure as soon as the next album comes out he is going to be on tour for another year or two...
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If he only knew how much us Vai Nuts would pay for something like that!
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I read once in an interview that both Steve and Joe don't want to do avideos like that, because they think that they are of little value. (I disagree).
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MatJB wrote:I read once in an interview that both Steve and Joe don't want to do avideos like that, because they think that they are of little value. (I disagree).
Who cares about value, I think it would be very entertaining.
I think Steve and Joe should do one together. Three volumes, one where Joe teaches how/what he taught Steve and his other students, one where Steve teaches what he learned on his own, and the third with Steve and Joe comping/soloing back to back over different drum machine loops for 30 minutes with 90 minutes at the end explaining what was going on during the interaction. I would also like to see an interview with Joe clarifying what he learned from each of his different students Charlie Hunter, Alex Skolnick, Danny Gill, Steve Vai, Kirk Hammet, Jeff Tyson, Larry Lalonde, and the others. Joe could also explain what he thinks it was about each of his students that made them such individuals and so successful. I've met lots of teachers with many students who were virtuosos, but I've never seen any teacher with so many virtuoso students who all sound unique. This kind of instruction would be very valuable to someone like me.
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