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#46 Post by Shade » Sun Apr 20, 2008 8:01 pm

I'm taking AP music theory at my high school and I'm running into the same problems a lot of people seem to be having.

All of the things they teach us there are just what not to do in four part harmony music.

I don't plan on ever writing four part harmonies. And if I did. I would do whatever I wanted to make it sound good Lol.

Well, as college decision time approaches, I looked around in the area for a college with a good music program. Well, every single one of the curriculum's required me to take courses that would be more of the same "rules". Just re-taught and possibly even more aggravating. Also, the ONLY application for electric guitar is in a jazz ensemble. And bass, well, once again, jazz...fine for me to play around in but I refuse to be stuck playing it for four more years as I've barely surviving my High school's jazz band on bass un-scathed just this one year.

After a lot of thinking and a lot of college visits I realized that to major or minor in music, I would have to spend a huge amount of effort and time learning an instrument or style I didn't want to learn as a main focus, in order to take classes I didn't want to take. So basically it seemed increasingly like a big waste of time/money/effort.

This made me really sad because I love music and playing the guitar. I feel playing guitar/bass is a gift and I would be foolish to forget about it. And even if I didn't do music in college, I'd still do it on my own time no matter what. But still, I felt dis-illusioned because I was like, "Is there really not a single college that has a modern music technology/performance curriculum?"

But one day while I was waiting to meet with a professor, I dropped a magazine onto the bench I was sitting on, but on the corner of the page that was exposed I saw an article about Berklee. So I was like, "Hey Steve Vai went there." So I picked it up and I found out that they offered online courses in electric guitar/music technology.

Upon arriving home and researching their site, it felt like a dream come true. I could go on to whatever college here and major/minor in something of my choice, while taking an online course at Berklee with electric guitar as the instrument of choice.

Music has always been an enjoyment and a passion for me. I don't see myself doing it as a career, but I can't "not" do it. And it seems like these online courses that Berklee offers are a perfect opportunity for me to learn what I want without all the excess slop of the traditionalist colleges around here.
Jeries wrote: also online berklee degrees are worthless and useless and a waste of money... wikipedia or has better and free information
I'd like to know more about why it isn't good and I would greatly appreciate other's opinions on their online programs, thanks.

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